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Author Topic: Vancouver city councillor & New Brunswick professor feud over ‘white apologies'

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Vancouver city councillor and New Brunswick professor locked in feud over ‘white apologies’

VANCOUVER — Kerry Jang is a University of British Columbia psychiatry professor and a Vancouver city councillor. He had never heard of University of New Brunswick sociology professor Ricardo Duchesne until last June. That’s when, he says, Prof. Duchesne sent an email to him and other council colleagues of Asian descent.

Prof. Duchesne directed them to an essay he’d written in reaction to proposed reconciliation efforts under review at the time by Vancouver council; these related to the treatment of Chinese immigrants in the city between the years 1886 and 1947.

Prof. Duchesne wrote derisively of the proposed measures. His essay, titled Chinese Head Tax, White Apologies, and ‘Inclusive Redress,’ declared that redress efforts — including possible financial compensation to ancestors and classroom education — have “the goal of taking Canada away from the Europeans and transforming the nation into a multicultural and multiracial society.”

He also speculated that “The Europeans [would not only have to] apologize but admit that their history is a sordid tale of genocide, and then hand over the lands in which this ‘sordid exclusion’ was played out to those who were excluded.”