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Author Topic: Rorting the JOG? Just Claim You're an Abo

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Rorting the JOG? Just Claim You're an Abo
« on: 24 March 2012 at 10:06 »
Low or no interest business and home loans, cheap and instant housing, free medical, free dental, free medication, free legal representation, free education, extra cash from the JOG when working, encouraged to fly their own Black Racial flag, allowed to travel the world with an unofficial Abo passport, ... ad nauseam. As much as I hate the race-based hand-outs (poor Whites get nothing while rich Abos get everything), the following article has potential from our point of view.  :-\


Certificates to sort Aborigines from frauds

by: Caroline Overington | From: The Australian | March 24, 2012

AN Aboriginal group in Victoria is planning to issue certificates of Aboriginality with a five-year expiry date, after concerns were raised about people pretending to be Aboriginal.

The Dandenong and District Aborigines Co-operative, which issues the certificates to people who want to apply for Aboriginal housing or other programs, such as indigenous scholarships, will bring in the new system next year.

Chairwoman Margaret Gardiner said it "may seem strange, to have a certificate (of Aboriginality) that can expire, but it's a way to protect us".

"We've had people coming to us, saying 'I'm an Aboriginal' when they are not, and we have knocked a lot of them back, but what if somebody slips under the radar?" Dr Gardiner said.

"Now we will have a way to take it (the certificate) back."

The Dandenong co-operative is one of several indigenous organisations that are working to stamp out "fraudulent" claims to Aboriginality.

In an interview for The Weekend Australian Magazine today, Tasmanian Aboriginal activist Michael Mansell says that he has knocked back "thousands" of claims after the number of people in his state claiming to be Aboriginal became "just ridiculous".

Dr Gardiner's husband, Gary Murray, who investigates claims to Aboriginality, says: "It's fraud (for people to pretend) but you do get people doing it, just like some people defraud Centrelink."

Mr Murray says the number of genuine claims from pale-skinned people identifying as Aboriginal is also increasing, because "families that once tried to hide it now feel proud of it".

While it has long been understood by the federal government - and by the courts - that the colour of a person's skin has nothing to do with whether they are Aboriginal, Mr Murray says pale-skinned people often find it hard to get a certificate, particularly if they were not raised with knowledge of their ancestry.

Earlier this year, for example, he was asked to conduct an investigation on behalf of a 17-year-old girl who had not previously identified as Aboriginal but wanted to accept a Rotary scholarship for an indigenous student.

She told the co-operative that her family had long understood there was an Aboriginal ancestor somewhere in the family tree, and Mr Murray was able to prove it. But Dr Gardiner says: "We turn away plenty of people who come and say, 'I've got an ancestor, and now I want a cheap business loan', if we can't find proof."

At the other end of the spectrum is the case of Dallas Scott, whose appearance strongly suggests that he is Aboriginal, but who had his initial application for a certificate knocked back, despite him having "the kind of face that makes some people treat me like I'm no better than the * on their shoes, especially when I was younger".

Mr Scott has personal experience of how quickly skin colour can fade over generations. His partner, Kate Shipley, is white and when she became pregnant with twins, friends joked how funny it would be if one was born white, and the other black - and that is exactly what happened.

Mr Scott says the experience of having one black twin and one white twin had prompted him to start a website to "put colour back on the table" in the debate over what it means to be Aboriginal.
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Re: Rorting the JOG? Just Claim You're an Abo
« Reply #1 on: 24 March 2012 at 21:07 »
Another scam for the Abos - printing of paper for money. Even if they are charging their own kin, its still The White Man's money they are playing with.

And by the way, how easy is it to bribe an Abo to get one of these certificates ?

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Re: Rorting the JOG? Just Claim You're an Abo
« Reply #2 on: 30 August 2012 at 20:10 »
Living in a community full of abo scum I see this type of garbage daily. As some members are aware, 12 months ago my young bloke had a medical drama that took us away from home to hospital and several follow up appointments. It cost me a fortune, but if I was abo I could have walked into the local abo clinic and got free fuel, food and accom sorted.

Many a White man is trying to secure work in the mines (or anywhere for that matter). Here in Kempsey if youre an abo just go to key employment and join pathways to pilbara. Job in the mines assured for no effort. Want your kid to play footy but cant afford the fees and kit? Not to worry if you're black its all free.

The list goes on folks and it sickens me daily. We need to continue the fight to save our race. Hopefully one day we will be treated by JOG as the first class citizens we are!