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Author Topic: Each individual's full potential realized when he has an organization behind him

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There's some soap opera as well as Commander ASSWIPE scum in these posts I just found here: but the insider "movement" commentary by my old, trusted NA comrade "Hadding" is worth sharing here. He mentions Matt Hale.

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Originally Posted by Alex Linder:
The feds are going to attack, attempt to infiltrate and by all means undermine any organization that works for Whites. That doesn't mean the feds can't be thwarted, and the way to do it is what I have advocated - a white activist group oriented toward publicizing hush crimes. A handful of professionals with a a skeleton secretarial staff - and all the rest simply donate money and show up at rallies. Boom - basically nothing to infiltrate.

What you are saying is, orient an organization exclusively toward legal and peaceful activities and you won't have to worry greatly about the consequences of infiltration. As a matter of fact, since infiltration relies heavily on people who have been caught committing crimes, an organizational prohibition against that kind of activity will reduce the possibility of infiltration.

Somebody mentioned Shaun Walker. Walker beat up somebody in a bar. As far as I know other members of the NA were never dragged into the prosecution. There is no basis for turning Walker's case into an argument against organizing. It's an argument against getting into bar fights.

I think it can be argued that Bill White was largely the architect of his own misfortune as well. What's the point of publishing a juror's home address? Granted that it's perfectly legal, still there is no point except to be menacing. What's the point of making empty threats? It doesn't do any credit to the cause. But again, White's actions got only him into trouble. So what does it have to do with organizing? White went out of his way to be outrageous even when he wasn't in an organization.

I have some sympathy for Matt Hale. It's outrageous that a private, Jew-ridden organization is the gatekeeper for entry into the legal profession. Hale could have avoided that problem, not so much by avoiding organizations as by avoiding nationwide publicity so early in life. Regarding his incarceration, there is a lesson to be learned, which is, don't tolerate people advocating criminal activity within an ostensibly law-abiding organization.

Tom Metzger's opposition on principle to formal organizations makes sense for him, since he has been trying to encourage illegal activity. My understanding of Metzger's "leaderless resistance" is, Break the law but don't tell me. I doubt that this approach has had any significant success, because people left entirely to themselves tend to become self-indulgent. Man is, as Aristotle observed, a political animal; i.e. he needs to be part of a community. It is in an organization that each individual's full potential has the best chance to be realized. Realization of a potential for pro-White violence backed by an organization is probably going to have to wait until the government has lost all competence to maintain order. This was one aspect of what Dr. Pierce had in mind for the National Alliance, as I understand: strict legality for the present, with the option of organized violence in that future time when general chaos will reign.
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Wow! I met that Michael Burks character at a Council of Conservitive Citizens meeting in Louisville several years ago. A real dorky looking guy. He looked like a small gust of wind could blow him over. He kept talking to Tom Robb about not being able to find a girlfriend. He also used to post on stormfront under the name Kentucky Kludd and Michael Burks. Personally I took him for a loser with no friends who followed WN orginizations looking for acceptance. I also thought he was borderline insane and my gut feeling told me something just wasnt right about him. I never would of thought he was some kind of informer or agent! It makes me sick to think about it. I think I even gave him my phone number and address at the CCC meeting because we both live in the Louisville area. I guess the feds know all about me now LOL.

The lesson here is if someone doesnt seem quite right they probably arent.

Also, anyone in the Louisville area watch out for two skinheads named Josh Cowles and Matt Roberts. Two ex IKA members turned, or were the entire time, informants. Josh Cowles is a fat ugly * covered in tatoos. You cant miss him.
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