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Author Topic: Did You Know ...?

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Did You Know ...?
« on: 12 August 2017 at 04:53 »
Understanding the etymology of language can often give us an insight into the true meaning behind any particular subject ...


The word History came into English in the 14th century via French and Latin from the Greek historia, meaning to learn or know by inquiring.

Holocaust History Debunked

In all (formerly) White Nations, it is to varying degrees forbidden by custom and by law to attempt to separate Holocaust Fact from Holocaust Fiction. In short, to inquire about the Holocaust is to commit a crime punishable by everything from social ostracism to court imposed fines and imprisonment.

Consider that Jewish Supremacist groups across the White World are forcing schools to include Holocaust History into their curriculum. Inquiry beyond authorised sources/accepted doctrine is forbidden - as is the questioning of accepted doctrine. The Holocaust is written doctrine that without the benefit of enquiry is based entirely on faith alone. With so-called Witnesses of the Holocaust being debunked the world over, where is there proof other than faith?

Therefore, when placed together, the words Holocaust History are an oxymoron.

How does this effect Creators?
It merely gives us a little bit more ammunition ...

Do Creators believe in Holocaust History?
No. We know Jews died in WWII, but so did many other people.
We ask why there's a need to inflate the numbers of Jewish dead and add fantastic stories of gas chambers, shrunken Jewish heads, lampshades made from Jewish skin and soap made from Jewish fat?

Do Creators believe in Holocaust Faith?
We believe there is a Holocaust Faith, just as there is a Christian Faith ... but we Creators do not condone tolerance of other people's beliefs if they are an affront to our intelligence.
End of subject.

With thanks to Brother C.J. for the suggestion.
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