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Author Topic: christianity:Theft of Faith

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christianity:Theft of Faith
« on: 30 November 2010 at 01:40 »
Something I wrote a few years ago~

Since the first beings on the planet were able to string thoughts together they inevitably searched for answers to the questions they were unable to answer.  Due to the fact that the answers were outside of their grasp or understanding, storms, love, life and death all were given faces. Simple enough. If we desire a great harvest this year, we had better make an offering to the being that can provide it. Makes sense.

As time marched on, simple explanations started to evolve into moralistic tales. Life lessons if you will. The common sense of the primitive mind amazingly still resonates to this day. These lessons that our early forefathers taught were Universal, and every culture hit upon the same lesson, and often in an extremely similar tale.

When dissecting Christianity, you must realize that its inception lies thousands of years before the political movement. Thousands of years before the historical Jesus taught his lessons. The story of the Christ has been told possibly hundreds of times, in every culture, down to every detail. Even his famous “Sermon on the Mount,” may be credited to Buddha. His Golden Rule seems to be “borrowed” from Confucius, who taught the same lesson 500 years before.

The idea of an immaculate conception and subsequent virgin birth, was spread through the ancient world. Two, extremely interesting cases are that of Krishna and Mithra. These examples are astounding, as they tell the story of Christ nearly verbatim.

The Hindu diety Krishna, was born approximately 1,000 years before Jesus. Note: 1,000 years before: the result of an immaculate conception, visited by shepherds, and fearing prophecy, the reigning King sought to destroy him. The parallels between the Krishna and the Christ do not stop there. Indeed, they appear to have led the same life!  The message was the same, the acts were the same. In some traditions, even the death may have been the same. Krishna washed his disciples feet. Jesus washed his disciples feet. Krishna raised the dead…… you get the picture. Krishna is known as the “Savior of men.”

The Persian God Mithra is even more interesting. Mithra had the obligatory virgin birth, which occurred on December 25th. As the cult of Mithra spread through the ancient world, so did the celebration of his birth, eventually making the date a much loved festival day in Rome, Sol Invictus. Images of the young diety coddled in the lap of his virgin mother were very common, as they were in ancient Egypt. Just change the names.

The Trinity, that glorious innovative ideaology Christendom claims to be the inventor of, is a lie. They claim to be a monotheistic religion. Its not. When his weak hide was nailed to the cross, he looked to his sky Daddy..... was he talking to himself ? No, he proved that the entire concept of the trinity was a lie. Not only a lie, but stolen. The concept was actually given life in Egypt and India. The similiarities between Horus and Isis and Jesus and Mary cannot be avoided. They are one in the same. Every image appears to be the work of an ancient cut and paste. Isis is seen holding her darling infant. The image of Mary standing upon a crescent moon is also characteristic of Isis. Indeed much of the ancient effigies are models for Christian statuary.

We now have two previous, ancient examples of an immaculate conception and the divine Mother and child. One of which provides a birth date of December 25th. There are indeed many other versions of the same story, including that of the Buddha.  Before analyzing the connection between Buddhism and Christianity, I would first like to concentrate on the events of Jesus’ life shortly after his birth.

Knowing the prophecy of the birth of the King of the Jews, King Herod ordered all children to be put to death. His way of keeping himself from being usurped. Not an original idea though, Herod. He must have familiarized himself with how others solved the same problem, or, more likely his authors were.

According to the Christian myth, Mary whisked her infant away in the night, ending their journey IN Egypt. Horus was carried OUT of Egypt and placed in a marsh (the opposite of Moses being found in a marsh). Krishna was smuggled away at night. Even the King of the Greek Gods, Zeus had to be hidden away in childhood. Divine children hidden from those fearing their eventual power was a common theme.

Now, I step out of the realm of fact and, admittingly insert a theory. The story of Jesus basically pauses  there. It’s as if he evaporated and reappeared at the age of 30, ready to save the world. At least that’s what the bible has to offer. I believe that there is substantial evidence that he was actually traveling, eventually making it to the Far East. There are oral traditions which acknowledge his visiting India. I believe that the entire key to his ministry and indeed, the Religion he founded lies in his journey and his learning and mastering the ways of the Buddha.

The message of Buddha and Christ are indeed one in the same. This is not an example of the perpetual “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” We know which came first, and how these Eastern philosophies manifested themselves in the Holy Land 2,000 years ago. Jesus carried the message and claimed authorship.

Siddhartha Gautama, the first Buddha “Enlightened One,” was born of a virgin. He, like Jesus started his mission at the age of 30. He bathed in Narajana, Jesus in the River Jordan. Both promised salvation to all. Both had traitors involved in their legend. Both claimed Kingdoms not of this world and as stated previously, both delivered their message from a hill or “mound.”

I would say that just those basic similarities are fairly telling. Obviously, the facts of Jesus’ life were altered to offer the same spiritual life of the Buddha. The only question being, “Who invented the tale?” Was it Jesus himself? Did he manipulate the life of the Buddha to manifest belief in his own divinity? Did his apostles/ disciples alter History in order to manipulate the World? We will probably never have a concrete answer to this. It is most assuredly a combination of both. The creators of the new testament certainly would have heard the legend of the Buddha and they obviously knew the prophetic guidelines of the Judaic Messiah. Throwing the two in a blender, on puree, painted a nice picture. Just add a dash of some good Pagan teachings for seasoning, and you have quite a cocktail.

As the web was weaved, the folklorist authors of the new testament did, however, miss the mark. In a big way.  The one Universal truth that everyone does agree on, is that Jesus was Jewish. Christianity has tried to package him as the fabled Messiah, “Annointed One.” The Jews didn’t buy it. They had many reasons not to, but, two huge reasons are larger than the pillars of Olympus. The Jewish Messiah was not divine. He was a man. Not divine. In his lifetime, he would rebuild the Temple of Solomon. In his lifetime, NOT upon his “second coming.”

The King of the Jews couldn’t sell himself to his own people. Even the place of his birth was concocted to attempt to appear Messianic. There were several Bethlehems in the ancient lands. Which one was he born in? Neither the gospels of Mark and John even mention Bethlehem, only referring to Nazareth. Naturally, he was placed in the Bethlehem of Galilee, to coincide with prophecy. The one thing that I can be certain of, is that he most likely wasn’t born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

We all know how Jesus’ story ends. However, in the rememberance of the central event of their religion, early church authorities were lazy. At least they changed the name of the December 25th holiday. Easter was left as Easter. The Pagan festival honoring the Goddess’ Eostre and Ostara. The defining moment of their faith was left with its traditional Pagan name. Interesting. Praise for Eostre still venerated to this day. Whenever a Christian wishes “Happy Easter,” do they know what they are saying? It doesn’t matter, Eostre knows.

My text is only meant as a series of bullet points, a brief overview of a wide subject. There are many more examples: Zoroaster’s temptation, Apollo’s disciples were fisherman, Revelations is Ragnarok. Another interesting analysis would be the political, not spiritual, motives involved in the early growth of the church.

As Christianity was pieced together, borrowing from established faiths, I will give them the credit for the one thing that they didn’t steal- religious bigotry……. Their contribution. Thanks.

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Re: christianity:Theft of Faith
« Reply #1 on: 25 December 2010 at 15:04 »
Very interesting--I  didn't know alot of the info there--tell me if I'm wrong but isn't there very little in the hisorical writings about Jesus written shortly after his time alive on earth except for the Gospels?

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Re: christianity:Theft of Faith
« Reply #2 on: 25 December 2010 at 15:10 »
Very little? There is nothing.

Some historians like to gloss over facts and compare JEWsus historically to Caesar and Augustus, but there is no proof of existence for the nailed kike. I could say more but what would it be other than an extension of the jew is a fake.


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Re: christianity:Theft of Faith
« Reply #3 on: 25 December 2010 at 21:45 »
e Trinity, that glorious innovative ideaology Christendom claims to be the inventor of, is a lie
The trinity is a joke. The jewish god tells "eye for an eye" while king of the jews says "turn the other cheek" ... yet they are the same person ! This contradiction is enough to turn any sane man into a schizophrenic. On the cross he asks himself why hast thou forsaken me ... bad acid trip

Knowing the prophecy of the birth of the King of the Jews, King Herod ordered all children to be put to death
As far as I know Herod was dead when the king of the jews was supposedly born

I believe that there is substantial evidence that he was actually traveling, eventually making it to the Far East
Is there evidence he ever existed, or was he simply a pagan idea hijacked by the new religion of fear

Siddhartha Gautama, the first Buddha “Enlightened One,” was born of a virgin
How are any of these gods born of a virgin ? It takes a ghost having sex, while sexless, with a mortal !

I would say that just those basic similarities are fairly telling. Obviously, the facts of Jesus’ life were altered to offer the same spiritual life of the Buddha. The only question being, “Who invented the tale?” Was it Jesus himself?
The pagans did, thats where religion comes from. Although the christian religion think they are special they still cling to the pagan ideas like a christmas tree, gifts, easter eggs, 25 December, etc .... all pagan in tradition. They never invented anything new, simply hijacked paganism, gave it a twist and forced it down the throats of Whites

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Re: christianity:Theft of Faith
« Reply #4 on: 26 December 2010 at 17:33 »
Is there evidence he ever existed, or was he simply a pagan idea hijacked by the new religion of fear?

It's the Creator's position that the burden is on the believer to prove his personal savior Jesus ever existed in the first place, NOT on the skeptic. Why would we ever argue against such a false premise that's not grounded in reality?

PM Klassen recommended an eye-opening old book for Creators: The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors, Christianity before Christ, by Kersey Graves. It's available at Amazon for $20:

Here's an even-handed Amazon review of the book:

The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors
By Tinker "Bella" (MA)
This book was written in 1875 and has extensive lists of pagan Gods that have similar themes as Christianity and precepts that match it as well. At the end of the book it has a review of the book's main themes that is very helpful as the book has 433 pages. I made it to page 410 thinking that most of the book was throughly researched although the resources were in the text itself and not all that clear in some instances points were made using science and logic but when I got to page 410 things took a drastic change seems the author believed that Jesus was a spiritual medium not a deity on the basis he knew people who were mediums. Seems science was only needed to prove Jesus wasn't a deity but seeing was believing for mediums no science needed.
So for you readers out there like me who are strictly rationalists and lean strongly toward science and resources that may be a bit off putting. I'm not so sure you need to throw out the baby with the bath water in this case but it does make one pause as I said it was 1875 so maybe some slack for the author is in order.

Check out this other recent Amazon review:

Great book ! June 11, 2010
By Ben Klassen (colquitt, georgia United States) - See all my reviews

This review is from: The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors: Christianity Before Christ (Hardcover)
I wish I had read this book a long time ago , highly recommended !

Amazon reviews are an interesting source. Look at "Ben Klassen's" other reviews here:

According to his Amazon profile "Ben" lives in Colquitt, Georgia. If he's not already in our Alliance, he should be. The Creator that brings him into our fold gets bonus points for excellence in activism.[/size]
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