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Author Topic: Another Anonymous Critique of Creativity

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Another Anonymous Critique of Creativity
« on: 15 April 2012 at 11:44 »
Ave Brothers and Sisters,

As part of my daily research as both a Minister and the current HP of the Alliance, I came accross an essay entitled A CRITIQUE OF BEN KLASSEN’S CREATIVITY IDEOLOGY AND ITS RELATION TO OTHER RELIGIONS. As is my responsibility, I downloaded the essay and I gave it a quick read through.

My first question for the text was, "who wrote this and why have I only found it now?" It is signed as Anonymous and from what I have been able to find, was first made available online early last year. Perhaps others have found, read and commented on this essay before me but as a fairly dilligent Creator scholar, it made me wonder of the quality of an article that had been largely ignored by racialist circles since it's release. My first thoughts were not far off the mark, as I will explain further.

The essay is a bit confusing in its directed audience, seemingly aimed at warning current White Racial Loyalists of the dangers of Creativity, yet beginning with an entire section giving a primer of the most basic tenets of racialist doctrine - namely racial loyalty and independence of Jewish influence. It pains me that the author couldn't put their name to the document, it would be a pleasure to forward a copy of Essay Writing for Dummies to assist them in the future. I'm being slightly facetious but the essay is hardly a critique worth taking seriously.

The key and perhaps only visible point made by the author against Creativity is it's "atheism" and lack of "spirituality." The author also mentions our "authoritarian" political views, suggesting them as a danger to the racialist movement, despite discussing National Socialism in a favourable fashion. Needless to say, the author makes a significant error in attacking Creativity on our "atheism," as our lack of belief in God/spookcraft is like criticising a dog on it's lack of wings. Atheism is so far from the true substance and importance of Creativity that it's ridiculous to focus on it. Creativity is a religion, it's validity as such is beyond dispute and I will not give another critic any credence by proving them wrong once again. Creativity is a religion that puts the Universe, the world and it's every metaphysical trait in it's correct perspective - onbased on evidence found in science, history and all other means of substantative research. That gives us the overwhelming advantage over the religious creeds that qualify their beliefs in the existence of a God or the divinity of a prophet, whilst we can provide every source that we use to substantiate our worldview, the theistic religions rely entirely on that concept of "faith" many of us find so puzzling.

As for the concept of a spirit, Klassen criticised the word as having little to no meaning and expressed the difficulty he found in finding a Christian Minister capable of defining the word to him. In my own opinion, the spirit is nothing more than the non-physical part of a person - it is our innate personality and character that separates us from other individuals, other races and of course, other species. There is nothing divine, or Godly in the existence of a spirit, nor does one need to believe in spooks in the sky or any "other world" to believe in a spirit. Similarly, one does not need a God or Jewish bible to have spirituality. I know that myself and many other Creators have a spiritual connection to Creativity and believe that the White Race is inherently connected through a common history, culture and genetic profile - all of which together, form the Racial Soul.

Once we take these simplistic arguments against Creativity and put them in their true light, we see how little those that would criticise us have to work with. Ever since our early inception, the same old arguments have been made and rehashed by not only the liberals and anti-Whites but by assorted pro-White groups, including the Christian Identity and Wotanists. Their arguments are always shortsighted, almost always confused by ignorant assumptions and hubris and unfortunately, many of our critics find it difficult to accept that they are mistaken - even when given overwhelming evidence to prove that Creativity is indeed, the only true path for White racial salvation.

The last response I want to make to the essay at hand is it's suggestion that Creators would mistreat, persecute and suppress White people that were not Creators, when we do take power. Needless to say, we oppose the Abrahamic religions strongly and will endeavour to minimalise their influence in our society. Obviously, every Christian or Odinist that comes over to Creativity will be a victory for us. Of course, we will not allow Christian churches to hold an inordinate amount of influence in our society, nor will Odinism be able to influence policy over a Creator society. This does not mean, however, in any way that Christians, Odinists, Hindu or Buddhist Whites will be put to death for believing in an idiotic and blind religion. No more than Creators that do not practice Festum Album or Salubrious Living would be of any less value in our future society. Creators do not put Creativity first, unlike the Christians who will admit God comes before Race. Creators put the best interests of the White Race before all other issues and every good White person, regardless of their personal opinions, will be accepted in our future society.

Admittedly, I have only very loosely followed the content of the essay I am responding to, for the simple reasons that I'd like my audience to read the critique for themselves and that the essay itself is so dreadfully written and without legitimate value that it is hardly worth commenting on at all. Indeed, this essay against Creativity, like so many others, devotes time to speculating that Ben Klassen had Jewish heritage - are our critics really so devoid of material to throw at us that they must bring up the lowest lie of all, born from one of the lowest of characters within our movement; Harold Covington?

My final statement on this matter is a suggestion that Creators do read this essay, don't let my scathing attack on it put you off reading it for yourself. I am not sure if Covington is the author of this piece or not but I would not be surprised. The lack of intellectual value and the fear mongering directed toward theistic White Racial Loyalists is certainly his style. If anybody can substantiate the authorship of this essay, please let me know, I would much love to forward some essay writing guides to help them in their next attempt at slowing our march forward to total White victory!


Reverend Scott Harrison.

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Re: Another Anonymous Critique of Creativity
« Reply #1 on: 29 April 2012 at 22:27 »
These puny attempts to attack Creativity show that we are succeeding. Their silly doctrines of running away, fleeing reality and common sense. Hiding in the hills of the North West like so many terrorist Taliban, praying to gods that aren't there for help are pathetic. These people have no future.
Like Nietsche said "man is an embarrassment to the Superman just as the chimpanzee is an embarassment to the human" these Christians are an embarrassment to the White Race that is to come.
The thing with Creativity is that it is not an invented Religion. It is the laws of Nature. Ben Klassen did not make it up..he observed Reality for the first time in human History. One cannot go against the laws of Nature.

Formerly with the Premier Church of Creativity under Ben Klassen, PM.


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