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Adelaide SA: Muslim Slavs Attack - Claim Victim is a "Nazi"

Adelaide Black GangsAdelaide SA: Muslim Slavs Attack - Claim Victim is a "Nazi"Vintage Article on Abo Crooks

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Description: Adelaide, South Australia:

 - Two Albanian/Croatian/Slavic Muslim brothers attacked two White Australian men.
 - One of the brothers attacked one man with a knife.
 - The knife was taken from the attacker and one brother was stabbed.
 - The man with the knife was then hit with pepper spray and seriously beaten by the other brother.
 - The Islamic brothers later claimed their attack was justified, because the intended victim was a White Supremacist who did not like Jews.

The brother with the pepper spray has been arrested. Pepper spray is classed as an illegal weapon in Australia.

This is standard practice for Muslims in Australia: They believe that all violence can be justified if only they declare that the victim is a "Nazi", a "White Supremacist" and that they were defending Jewish people.
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Posted by: Br.IanVonTurpie Tue 26 Apr 2022


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