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Author Topic: UK: Former National Action Members Convicted for NA Membership & Private Jokes

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Miss Hitler beauty pageant contestant who called herself 'The Buchenwald Princess' and her Nazi former partner are found GUILTY of being members of banned far right terror group National Action

* Alice Cutter and Mark Jones have been convicted of being members of proscribed far-Right terror group National Action

* Vegan neo-Nazi Cutter exchanged hundreds of messages with other NA members - many of them racist and anti-Semitic - and attended gatherings

* Prosecutors accused 23-year-old Cutter of joking about gassing synagogues and using a Jewish person's head as a football

* She was a 'central spoke' for NA, and entered the pageant to drive recruitment

* Jones' association with violent politics began when he joined the BNP youth wing as a teenager with convicted terrorist Jack Renshaw

Excerpt: National Action: Labelled a 'racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic organisation' by then Home Secretary Amber Rudd when it was banned in December 2016.

Addressing the four convicts, Judge Paul Farrer said: 'You have all been convicted of a serious terrorist offence.'

Drawings, old knives and forks, and a British Flag were treated as evidence of Terrorism
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