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Author Topic: Racial Vilification of a New Zealander: "Fat stupid Australian"

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Neighbour found guilty of racially abusing New Zealand-born woman by calling her a 'stupid fat Australian'... and the woman she offended

Chelsea O'Reilly said her Czech-born neighbour, Petra Mills, insulted her

Mills, 31, threatened to kill her neighbour's dog and blew raspberries at her, Miss O'Reilly claimed

A woman was found guilty of racially abusing her New Zealand-born neighbour by calling her a 'stupid fat Australian'.

Chelsea O’Reilly, who has dual British/New Zealand citizenship, said she was offended and insulted by Czech-born Petra Mills's drunken rant on their street in Macclesfield.

Miss O’Reilly was giving a statement to police after a domestic incident between Mills and her husband when her neighbour stormed over to her house and began screaming at her.

Mills was fined £110 for racially aggravated public disorder and £200 for assaulting a police officer, who she kicked during her arrest.


Chairman of the bench Brian Donohue said: 'You were in an emotional and inebriated state.

'The word Australian was used. It was racially aggravated and the main reason it was used was in hostility.' [more ...]


Calling her a "fat stupid Australian" is a crime but threatening to kill her dog is not? What a load of horse manure!

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