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Author Topic: Mixed race, freak twins had "racist" remark at them from talk show host

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SUNRISE co-host Samantha Armytage says she is “mortified” at being accused of making a racist comment during an interview. 
“I would be mortified if anyone thought I would say or think anything racist,” Armytage said in a statement to News Corp Australia.

“It’s not in my nature. To anyone who I might have offended, I’m sorry.”

Armytage, 38, was accused of making a “racist” comment during an interview with British twins Lucy and Mary Alymer who look nothing alike.

“The Aylmer twins come from a mixed race family in the UK,” Armytage said on Sunrise.

“Maria has taken after her half-Jamaican mum with dark skin, brown eyes and curly, dark hair but Lucy got her dad’s fair skin — good on her — along with straight red hair and blue eyes.”


Viewers took exception to Armytage’s “good on her” comment, calling it “racist, “inappropriate” and “offensive”.

It has even prompted an online petition — signed by more than 2000 people and addressed to Sunrise executive producer Michael Pell — calling for Armytage to apologise.


“The ‘good on her’ comment was inappropriate, extremely offensive and very racist,” the petition on said.

“This comment segregates sisters by favoritism base on skin colour and give the impression that Lucy is better or luckier for being fair skinned or as if Samantha can relate more to her solely because she is fair skinned which is by definition, racist.”



Sunrise executive producer Michael Pell said Armytage’s comments during the interview had been taken out of context.

“We are making this statement to avoid further misunderstanding about Sam’s comment on Sunrise,” Pell said in a statement to News Corp Australia.

“Sam has always admitted that her own fair complexion was a disadvantage in the Australian environment.

“We apologise if anyone misunderstood or if they were offended.”

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