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Know Thy Enemy
« on: 06 April 2010 at 18:53 »
To know thy enemy is a well worn and historic phrase and in our struggle is an essential element in combating those who seek nothing less than the total and complete eradication of our racial and cultural base. The approach of our enemies from the very outset is firstly to identify their “quarry”.  This will in fact be some small part of the greater mass of their agenda to destroy our racial and cultural life. They then invent, (lying if necessary) a justification for pursuing this quarry. This will almost certainly always involve hijacking one minority section of society such as queers or ethnics and then, taking offence on behalf of them.  Having falsely assumed the minorities invented grievance they then attempt to take the moral high ground which they do by running with whatever is in the best interests of the particular group they are purporting to represent. Their next step is to “persuade” us to accept their point of view by telling us that before we freely judge, decide or choose we must not be bigoted, racist or extreme and that we cannot discriminate, all of which of course are mechanisms designed to fence in our thought processes ! During this process of boxing in our thinking they increase the pressure by attempting to imbue us with a form of guilt which can only be offloaded by agreeing to go down an alternative road. The road of our enemies, the road that will lead us all to ruin! This guilt which they attempt to imbue in us is deliberately embellished and exaggerated to such a point that the unguarded are unable to resist.  Brow beaten into submission they come at last to agree or should I say submit to the view point of our enemies. The creation of race legislation is another psychological assault on us.  Here our enemies have deliberately exaggerated our concerns about coloured immigration by calling us race haters.  Their strategy here is to keep us on the defensive, too afraid to engage them effectively and which makes it virtually impossible for us to truly protect and defend what we love and hold dear. Such hatred laws are an assault on our freedoms to think freely, to feel freely and express ourselves freely. Such laws are evil and should therefore be extinguished along with the people who created them for it is they who are the enemies of our civilization. The final con trick in our enemies strategy is to refuse to engage us in debate and to refuse to share a platform with us. In this way they escape scrutiny and ultimate exposure. Clever stuff eh ! The word extremist for example like racist and anti Semitic are words and phrases that will always be used by our enemies no matter how much we mistakenly water down our language and principles. This vocabulary is an integral part of their verbal arsenal and will and indeed can never be given up. These words act as a sort of “psychological battering ram” which constantly forces and intimidates the unguarded in to giving away more and more and more ground in the war of words which we are forced to engage in. If we hold firm in what we say and hold true to what we believe we disable and effectively neuter this language in its aim to drive us further and further away from the truth.

Their control of the media enables them to distract us and “box in” our thinking with their trivia stories in the local and national newspapers and on TV whilst our countries racial and cultural life is incrementally and very “realistically” destroyed. Tony Blair has a heart problem, Tony Blair is drinking too much, Cherie Blair has a face lift, bla bla bla each of us feasting on not just this trivia but also deceived into this display of self indulgent waste of time by what may very well be invented news ! They know what we want to hear, they know what we want to think and feel and in their very own subtle way they provide us with these things and so down we go indulging in and distracted by their lies and fabrication, satisfying ourselves with the illusory and invented trivial misfortunes of those we would like to see dissolved while the real world in which we live is progressively and by stealth destroyed.  Notice also the hard line presentation and use of language in the news when there are incidents involving White males but notice the softer line taken and the use of more temperate language when dealing with news stories involving blacks and Muslims. What are we to do if all we are presented with and force fed by the Zionist controlled media is lies. Well we can begin by not buying those particular newspapers which are owned and controlled by our enemies and we can stop and stop our children from watching and listening to propaganda loaded television and radio programmes. Not so easy is stopping teachers who are presently forcing our children to attend mosques and “re-educating” them to call Black people Brown people ! 

In a sense we are not helped in all of this at having loosely become victims of our own success in establishing freedom of thought in the sense that we have ceased to think uniformly. We are consequentially much disadvantaged in the face of cohesive social masses such as Islam whose adherents are effectively born into and bound by a code of existence.  White society on the other hand whilst thinking freely has become unglued, scattered, divided and leaderless holding no unifying or cohesive beliefs. In essence it is ignorance that is destroying us. Ignorance of the fact that an unspoken war is being waged against us and that we are by stealth and deceit being eradicated. The solution therefore has to be in communicating this simple fact to the masses by whatever means at our disposal.  We must not be afraid we must understand.  We must understand that our enemies feed on the misery and despair which accompanies coloured immigration and thrive off the votes and thus the power which it brings them. Fear also has its part to play in our destruction for it is this that causes our inaction.  Ignorance and fear then must be overcome if we are to have any chance at all of saving our race and nation.  More generally our enemies can be proved to be the truly cruel amongst us. One only has to witness singular White children many times outnumbered in school classrooms by non-Whites to see the truth of that. The adverse psychological implications of this new and strange phenomena for White children has yet to be realized. Our children are of course also gradually being turned wretched by drug and alcohol abuse and morally disfigured through pornography which they are force fed via the enemy controlled media.  The process of maintaining our historical and cultural base of course involves a process of handing down knowledge from one generation to the next.  To destroy this link with our past and identity our enemies simply intervene to prevent this “baton” being handed on to the next generation! thus breaking the chain linking our children with their very rich and glorious past.  A job which involves little more than denying our children the truth in their so called history lessons. One can also bear witness to the failing multi racial experiment via the exodus at school closing time where one can see at first hand groups of Whites leaving school, “voluntarily” separated from similar groups of Asians and Blacks children – in a similar way the ethnic children are also being used as pawns in this twisted game! Our children are presently paying and will I believe continue to pay a terrible price for this unnatural, undemocratic, immoral and down right evil multi-racial experiment and it will be the likes of Tony Blair, Peter Hain, Jack Straw Michael Howard and Alan Yentob (head of BBC children’s programming!) amongst many others who will be held to account for these crimes against our children.   Strange is it not how the most vile and disgusting amongst us manage to hold as much  power as they do ?  Not so strange if you realize that they have largely attained their positions via a façade of lies and deceit. A façade which we can easily break down by exposing them personally for their own racial and ideological allegiances and by showing how they must discriminate in favour of their own kind, something denied us, in order to facilitate their own empowerment.  These conspirators and others like them are the people who have unlocked the gates and allowed the enemy in to destroy our race and our nation.  Attack, attack, attack is their approach which is why we are forced to play defensively. A case in point are the current race trials of former and present BNP leaders which are much akin to the Lancashire witchcraft trials of the 17th  Century where people were tried for politically expedient offences. These so called witches were accused of offences which we now scoff at. The aforementioned race trials I suspect will be viewed by historians in much the same way, in the sense that the late, great John Tyndall and others are being accused of doing nothing more than telling the truth and repeating in a “private meeting” much of what is already being said by tens of thousands if not millions of people up and down the country and even across the world in the privacy of their of their own homes and in their local hostelries! It cannot be repeated often enough that such trials and persecutions such as these are designed to achieve nothing more than publicly frighten and intimidate the greater mass of white society from even beginning to think about resisting the evil plan of our enemies to create a racially fractured society.  A plan which at its heart attempts to instil fear into those who would otherwise resist and engage their fraudulent and deviant agenda.  Whilst of course we must be aware of all of this we must never lose sight of the fundamentals one of which is that the Labour party enthuses over immigration because immigrants vote Labour and that the basis and root of Labour, Lib/Dem and Tory “caring” is power not morality selling out the white race as they go.   If you believe as I do that multi-racialism is evil in that it begins an inexorable process of racial destruction then the enforced multi racial society cannot be regarded as anything other than evil and those who promote it therefore cannot be judged guilty of anything less than genocide. It really is as simple as that.  Human society behaves no differently to any other that exists in creation and as we share between 95% and 99% of our DNA with most land based mammals we shouldn’t be at all surprised at these behavioural similarities. The red squirrel for example is small, refined and much more attractive to the eye than its adversary the grey which is physically much larger and aggressive and less attractive. The grey as most will know has driven out the red in most of the ancient forests which still remain in Britain. It is reasonable to assume therefore that this self same phenomenon is now happening to White societies all over Western Europe in the form of White flight. Whilst these points are worthy of note I do not believe we need to focus too heavily upon them. To win we don’t need to play the race card or the religion card for that matter as these cards play themselves by their very presence amongst us. No, what we must do is break down the façade of our enemies and we must do this effectively by circumventing their monopoly of control over the minds of our people. Party political success, which is a natural by product of successful street level activity, cannot be achieved in any other way. Without successful street level activity there is no party political success. In essence we must prove ourselves upon the field of battle before we can begin to win the hearts and minds of our people and persuade them to support us. Taking the “much easier” option of attempting to persuade people to support a party political brand name which does little more than hold meetings and raise money is in reality and by itself futile and has very little if any impact at all upon the propensity of the masses to support us. It also has to be accepted that our enemies cannot in reality be bargained with nor reasoned with. It has to be accepted that they feel no pity nor do they feel any remorse. They have an agenda which involves nothing less than the wholesale destruction and transformation of our racial and cultural life. There is no middle ground for our enemies. There can therefore in reality be no middle ground for us !