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Author Topic: The jewish KKK doesn't approve

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Re: The jewish KKK doesn't approve
« Reply #1 on: 19 July 2011 at 01:47 »
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I'm proud we are on that list; but do you notice the terminology of "fake group" is the same as one "fake group" that is not on that list? If you haven't guessed, it's Paddy O-I live alone in a boarding house for muds and survive on donations for beer money-'Sullivan and his registered TCM trademark. Anyway, the question we should be asking is why are all of the other groups on that list? The reason for that is because the rest of us are what we say we are; which is something that few Kluckers and none Downunder are honest about. As an example, I'll describe a few of the inconsequential groups:

Southern Cross Soldiers: A bunch of Whigger kids who do not understand what we are trying to do. They embrace the Jewish M(ud)TV culture we reject. Their goal is to support eachother as any youth oriented "culture" based gang would. They do not outright reject multiculturalism because they are a response to the rise of non-White gangs, and rather than remain the victim, they have embraced the hip hop gang culture and created their own group - a White group - within that culture, and they do not pretend to be anything else. They make extensive use of Facebook from which Alliance members and supporters have been banned. An internet forum only. What they have in common with SCS is that they are easily definable by the media because of internet activity. The media troll through their pages, gather info, then write horror stories about neo-Nazis under the bed, trying to destroy Australia's so-called multicultural society. The media does this in much the same way they once did with us, until they realised that we are serious White activists who will take the media to task for producing a bad report on the Alliance - that is why there is a ban on interviews with me personally and Alliance members in general within the Murdoch Newscorp media empire, and all articles must be reviewed by the Editor of the Adelaide Advertiser to ensure that they are not of propaganda value to the Alliance. Stormfront is different. It is an indefinable, intransigent group within Australia that change regularly - even daily - and as such, any use of Stormfront by the media, will have no long term value for Stormfront itself. Stormfront does not claim to be anything more than the internet forum it is.

Australian Protectionist Party: This one is different in that it at one time did pretend to be a pro-White political party, standing up for the average White Australian, and to some degree, still do make the same claims; although their true aims are now a visible part of party policy. They began as an offshoot of Australia First, and much like a parasite, it attempted to feed on and kill off its host by using AF policies as their own, along with personal jibes at leading AF members as sufficient reason to break away and attract AF membership to their own party. Since then, the cloak has been dropped and APP policy now fully embraces their overtly politically correct, pro-Christian, pro-Israel, pro-Zionist, but anti-Muslim agenda in line with modern British National Party policy. Again, they are not fake. They are what they claim to be.

The Real Fake Groups: Let's add a real definition to the term, rather than the cloudy attempt to pluck at the heart strings of honest but naive White Racial Loyalists that the Kluckers use.

A "Fake Group" is (1) something that professes to be what it is not - i.e. a false flag operation, or (2) does not exist in reality except for maybe one person claiming to be a million others.

The second definition in Australia clearly defines Paddy O'Sullivan and his ties to TCM and C18. While TCM are small overseas, they just do not exist in Australia except in the mind of Paddy and perhaps in the minds of his media sponsors. C18 are without question much larger overseas, but again, in Australia, it's just Paddy.

However, the first definition of a "Fake Group" perfectly describes the Ku Klux Klan (Kluckers) in Australia, who have a history of working hand in hand with the media in attempts to destroy One Nation (a legitimate old style popular Conservative Nationalist party formed in the 90's) and later Australia First (a legitimate White Nationalist party formed prior to One Nation) (they also used to send me the occasional email threat that the "Invisible Empire" is watching me or coming for me, but nothing the media could use). Unlike SCS and Stormfront, whom are honest about what they are and what they stand for, the Kluckers are not, and therefore are the perfect weapon for the Jewish media to wield in their war against White Racial Awareness. Just do a little research and you will find that the leading Australian Kluckers (and their allies) are the same well known people from the same circle of friends, that have been supplying information to the media and the government in Australia for the last twenty or more years. We know who they are, and I for one am proud that they publicly denounce us of the Alliance as nothing to do with their media and government sponsored false flag operation to undermine Australian White Racial Loyalists.

For further information see:

Paragraph #2 of

Pontifex Cambeul.
Noli Nothis Permittere Te Terere
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