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Author Topic: Jews Taking Control of Your Suburbs

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Jews Taking Control of Your Suburbs
« on: 10 April 2015 at 02:19 »
Sydney, Australia

Orthodox Jews Treat Top Sydney Suburb Like Palestine, Start Marking Boundaries

Hamish Patton| Daily Stormer | April 9, 2015

Sydney has a terrible kikeroach infestation.

The affluent Northern Sydney suburb of St Ives has been given an unsolicited Talmudic makeover by intrusive Orthodox Jews who have marked their territory by attaching plastic pipes to power poles.

Quote from: Private

People driving around St Ives may notice plastic pipes attached to power poles around the region.
The pipes were erected by the Northern Sydney Eruv Association to form an eruv — a 20km technical enclosure, which surrounds both private and public domains in St Ives.

This religious installation permits Orthodox Jews to carry or push everyday objects, like house keys and prams, within the enclosed space on holy days, such as Shabbat and Yom Kippur.

Rabbi Barak Cohen, of Masada College in St Ives, said eruvs were important parts of the Shabbat, or day of rest and worship, which runs from Friday night to Saturday night.

The plastic pipes mark a technical boundary for the walking lampshades, whose religion prevents them from schlepping any item whatsoever in public areas on holy days like Shabbat and Yom Kippur. But if they stick up plastic pipes on power poles then just like the Gaza Strip, it becomes Christ-Killer turf and the lazy German candles can carry whatever they like.

Moreover, the forbidden items consist of house keys, prams, and shopping bags. These are all normal things that no sane human being would possibly fear holding onto regardless of the hocus pocus that they follow.

However, it isn’t their territory to go around transforming into a second Palestine. St Ives’ Jews number around 3000 and constitute only 13% of its mainly white bread population. What’s more; the selfish Bagel-Dogs didn’t even bother obtaining permission from either council, or Ausgrid, who owns the power lines.

Apparently, the Northern Sydney Eruv association — an ad hoc body made up of Cliptips in silly hats and crook hairstyles — just hopped into the Shlomo mobile one day and went around doing it off their own bat.

Back in 2012, these Dead Sea Pedestrians applied to the Land and Environment Council to establish an eruv in St Ives, but were denied.

But a spokesman for Ausgrid proved what cowards they are when confronted by Jews and muttered sheepishly, “We recognise that there was some interest in the community about this matter, so we spoke to the association about the importance of them talking to the community about their plans.
“We’ve always been clear with the association and all other parties that attachments to Ausgrid poles must conform with our network standards.”

All of which amounts to a bunch of wind, since the gutless Goys aren’t going to do anything about it. Not so the outraged folks of the St Ives Progressive Association who don’t want their blue ribbon neighborhood turned into another filthy Bronx. They are demanding that Ku-ring-gai council intervene, arguing it’s not up to Ausgrid anyway.

Chairman Kevin Callinan told The Daily Telegraph, “It’s been up to council to approve it and they run for cover. If you read the roads act, it reads Ausgrid can do anything to provide energy and anything outside that is council.”

So far, the circumcised degenerates have established eruvs in Perth, Melbourne, and the iconic Sydney beachside suburb of Bondi from where they can perv on hot Shiksa babes sunbathing on the seashore.
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Re: Jews Taking Control of Your Suburbs
« Reply #1 on: 24 April 2015 at 19:13 »
imagine the stinking body Odor from the bear skin hat wearing kike, how can they wear these on bondi  beach.

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Re: Jews Taking Control of Your Suburbs
« Reply #2 on: 25 April 2015 at 04:34 »
Well they got ladders and put them up there, who is also going to get ladders and begin in their removal? Wonder what the Abbos think? The Abbos think it is their land the White man took, now the Kikes are claiming it for their own.
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