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2024-01-30, 22:01:22
RaHoWa!!! Good to be back! 🤚🏻


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Edit: WE BEAT 'EM! F.T.V!


2023-07-24, 01:07:37
White Rights Right Now!
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Another Win!
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Are you reading NER? You should be. It's Founding Day. ;D RaHoWa!!! Hail Ben Klassen!!!


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75 flyers out this month. This is the last week of February. Are you getting your flyers out? R!


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Put a flyer on or near a town sign. Take a pic & upload it to our Gallery.

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25 flyers a week is all it takes, my fellow Prospects. Show your dedication and march forth with pride. RaHoWa!!!


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2022-08-19, 22:07:58
Call out the Jewish menace daily.


2022-03-10, 09:28:45
March 10 RaHoWa Day
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The Church of Creativity thanks Sister Kerry's generous donation to PM Joe. RaHoWa!


2022-02-21, 06:44:59
Happy Holy Days! RaHoWa!


2022-02-21, 01:06:40
Feb 21 Founding Day
1st Publication of NER
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2022-02-20, 09:59:17
Feb 20 Klassen Day
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2022-02-07, 05:53:00
The Church of Creativity thanks Sister Kerry's generous donation to PM Joe. RaHoWa!


2022-01-20, 03:38:36
Happy Ray Day!


2022-01-18, 02:34:01
PM Joe just called and wishes everyone a

James Earl Ray Day



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Happy to help. :ok


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P.M. Joe thanks @Br.FelixRex for his latest donation. R! :ok


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Today is the Seventh
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Today is the Sixth Day
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Today is the Fifth Day
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Today is the Fourth Day
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Today is the Third Day
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We need more nigger free holidays! Happy Festum Album >:D


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Notice from PM Joe: The Zionist Swine are now rejecting mail with "Rahowa" included in it. Advises to use alt-:
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2021-09-28, 15:02:24
I agree with you Rev Cambeul. Fags must be killed using pneumatic cattle stunners and thrown into the trash compactors of garbage trucks before being thrown into the furnaces of waste-to-electricity power plants to be used as fuel for electric power generation and the production of ash fertilizer and fly ash concrete strengthener. RaHoWa! White Power!


2021-09-28, 15:00:09
It is great news to know that high testosterone badass Rev Joe Esposito is being released in 2023. He is a great asset to the White Power Movement! RaHoWa! White Power!


2021-09-07, 09:10:12
Kiddy fuckers are the worst kind of Faggotry. Gassing is too good for them. They need to be crucified.


2021-07-31, 07:34:02


2021-07-30, 06:37:18
R! Rev. Joe free in 23!


2021-07-29, 13:18:16
P.M. Joe sends @Br.FelixRex his thanks for his latest donation. RaHoWa!


2021-07-22, 14:20:08
Rev. Cambeul: in response to your comment about Zac Wylde opposing the idea that White Pride is equal to Black Pride. I believe that he is a fucking fag that should be gassed.

Continues @ Link


2021-07-21, 07:24:47

National Socialist Network Members Punished for Self-Defence Against REDS

Started by Br.IanVonTurpie, Fri 27 Oct 2023

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Two leaders of Australian neo-Nazi movement have remained defiant, blaming 'gay-Jewish-Communist' lies, as they walked free from court over a violent encounter

Thomas Sewell, 30, and Jacob Hersant, 24, were spared jail in the County Court on Friday after pleading guilty to a charge of violent disorder each.

The two men, both dressed in navy suits, sat relaxed in the dock chatting casually before the hearing began as nine supporters entered the courtroom.

A group of masked men and woman throwing [now] banned Nazi salutes and carrying a banner reading 'Expose Jewish Power' have been captured on video terrifying other passengers on a Melbourne train.

The court was told Sewell, then-leader of the European Australian Movement, and Hersant, who headed the National Socialist Network, were gathering with members of the organisations at the Cathedral Range State Park northeast of Melbourne on May 8, 2021, for a 'camping weekend'.

About 10 to 15 members of the group confronted a separate group of six friends who were staying nearby and chose to hike Mount Sugarloaf.

The court was told the incident began when one of the hikers filmed the men, many of whom were wearing T-shirts emblazoned with the Celtic cross - a known white supremacy symbol - after seeing an 'Australia for the white man' sticker on a nearby tree.

The group, including Sewell and Hersant, began kicking and punching a vehicle as the hikers attempted to leave - smashing windows and taking their mobile phones.

One of the victims later recounted a Stanley knife being thrust through the windows as he was ordered to 'give us your phones and get out of the car.

They called triple-0 as they fled the area, telling police they were 'terrified by the violence' and feared being assaulted or killed.

Sentencing Sewell and Hersant, Judge Kellie Blair said while the offending was 'inherently serious', she agreed with their lawyers that it was spontaneous, not linked to their political views and the two men didn't instigate the 'pack mentality of violence'.

'The victims posed no danger or threat to your group,' she said.

'You were both active participants in the violent offending in that you both performed acts.'

Sewell, who had spent more than six months on remand after his arrest, was sentenced to one month and seven days jail recognised as time served.

Hersant, who had spent three days in custody, was sentenced to 200 hours of community service over the next 14 months.

'Good luck gentlemen,' Judge Blair said as she left the bench

Both Sewell and Hersant smiled and received congratulations from their supporters after Judge Blair left the courtroom.

Outside court both men remained defiant, with both yelling 'Heil Hitler' and Sewell claiming the victims had fabricated parts of the story and attacked them first.

'We've been attacked on two occasions and on both occasions we were defending ourselves,' Sewell said, referencing his 2021 attack on a Channel 9 security guard.

'If it happens a third time, unfortunately we'll have to do it again.

He claimed he, and two 18-year-old members, were run over during the exchange, which he blamed on 'gay-Jewish-Communists'.

'They're anti-fascists, so they've got a political motivation to make false accusations,' Sewell said.

'People feel like they can attack us, we've got views against the mainstream and therefore they can do whatever they want to us,' Hersant added.

'Those people learnt on the day differently ... it's a complete lie and it's in the interest of the state to allow these lies to just be believed.

Hickory dickory dock, go give the reds a clock! They fell down with busted crowns and Nazis wind up in the dock?!

* * * *

A neo-Nazi who appears to have performed a Nazi salute outside a Melbourne court has presented Victorian authorities with the first test of new legislation outlawing the anti-Semitic gesture.

Jacob Hersant stood in front of news cameras outside the Victorian County Court on Friday and said "heil Hitler" and raised his right arm about a 90-degree angle from his shoulder, before taking it down swiftly.

"Oh, nearly did it, it's illegal now isn't it," Mr Hersant said.

As he walked away with fellow far-right extremist Thomas Sewell, Hersant called out: "Australia for the white man, heil Hitler."

Victoria Police released a statement late Friday evening saying they had launched an investigation "following allegations a man performed the Nazi salute and said 'heil Hitler' outside a Melbourne court".

"Police will be taking a zero-tolerance approach to any breach on the prohibition on performing Nazi salutes or displaying Nazi symbols in public," Victoria Police said.

"We will locate and interview this person in relation to this behaviour."

The incident is the first time a Nazi salute has been reported to police since the new state legislation came into effect on October 21 outlawing the gesture.

* * * *

Same Lipshitz, different formerly all White Nation ... The Izan Salute?

French use Nazi-like salute with impunity

President Hollande indicates his government will do more to curb online displays of the anti-Semitic 'quenelle'

By CNAAN LIPHSHIZ | 25 December 2013

"It's an inverted Nazi salute," Roger Cukierman, president of the CRIF Jewish umbrella group, told the French media recently.

In France, displaying Nazi symbols is illegal if done to cause offense. But the quenelle, in which one places the left palm across the right shoulder, may not be prosecutable. It is just similar enough to the Nazi salute to make its meaning clear, but not so similar that the gesturer could be subject to criminal charges.

"The quenelle is too vague to be treated like a Nazi salute," Anne-Sophie Laguens, a former secretary of the conference of lawyers of the Paris bar association, wrote in a legal analysis published in September in the Le Nouvel Observateur weekly.

The quenelle's popularity has soared in France. Hundreds of quenelle photos can be found in anti-Semitic forums and on Facebook, with quenelles performed at Jewish sites and at Nazi concentration camps especially popular. But while civil servants may face disciplinary action over the quenelle, civilians may perform it with impunity.

Outside France, the quenelle is virtually unknown. This has allowed the users of anti-Semitic Internet forums to relish the irony of photographs of French tourists performing the quenelle while posing with an oblivious Israeli soldier and at the Western Wall.
The Price is Reich!

Find me on Stormfront as QueJumpingAfghan where I have been banned!
Formerly Based in the Northern Territory
Now in Adelaide, South Australia
The Whitest City in Australia
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More than thirty years ago, anti-Whites showed up at a CREATOR property after midnight. The antis then got out of their vehicle and started prowling around the area, and were overheard talking about where to place bombs, how much damage and how many deaths the bombs could cause.

While P.M. Ben Klassen remained at his home to protect his family, then Reverend Joe (now @P.M.JoeEsposito) and another Reverend armed themselves and confronted the invaders. Who promptly jumped into their vehicle and left, the other Reverend shot at the wheels in an attempt to stop them in order to hand them over to the local sheriff.

The local sheriff did arrive, and he arrested the other Reverend - who was sentenced to SEVEN YEARS PRISON for attacking innocent persons that had allegedly took a wrong turn and accidentally strayed onto the CREATOR property.

Reverend Joe was arrested some days later after a State Police raid, and was locked up for breach of parole - or something like that. The JOG will use any excuse.

We CREATORS learn from our lessons. Inexperienced NEWBIES with a chip on their shoulder and a vocal mistrust of anyone over 25 do not.

Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E.
Church Administrator, Creativity Alliance
Church of Creativity South Australia
Box 7051, West Lakes, SA, Australia, 5021

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Noli Nothis Permittere Le Terere
The only way to prevent 1984 is 2323
Joining the Creativity Alliance is Free

"In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated, and scorned.
When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."
Mark Twain.


We must effectively serve our movement and prevent our enemies the jews from arresting us.

Quote from: Br.IanVonTurpie on Fri 27 Oct 2023The Izan Salute?

"It's an inverted Nazi salute," Roger Cukierman, president of the CRIF Jewish umbrella group, told the French media recently.

Racial Holy War
Jewish Supremacist Quote: "The goal for which we have striven so concertedly for three thousand years is at last within our reach. I can safely promise you that our race will soon take it's rightful place in the world with every Jew a King and every Gentile a Slave." - Rabbi Rabinovitch, Budapest Conference of European Rabbi's - 12 January 1952. [More ...]


The lack of arrests at a white supremacist march in regional Victoria has been defended by the local mayor, despite him dubbing the group cowards.

The men, masked and dressed in black, marched down Sturt Street in Ballarat on Sunday chanting and holding a banner reading "Australia for the White Man"

1920's Medal

There were police cars behind and in front of them as they walked.

Videos and photos on social media pages show the men shouting and holding signs. There are also images of them posing for photographs outside the Ballarat police station.

The demonstration was unplanned and police say they are investigating reports a Nazi salute was performed.

A 15-year-old boy who was not attached to the group was spoken to by police. Charges are yet to be laid.

Ballarat Mayor Des Hudson condemned the balaclava-veiled group of 20 or 30 men, calling them out as hateful "cowards" for hiding their faces - {But he's OK with Muslims, Abos and Commies hiding their faces in his town). But he did not criticise police ushering them down the road, especially given the ad-hoc nature of the demonstration.

"Everyone was caught by surprise," he said.

"At the time, escorting them through and getting them out of town has probably been a fairly effective strategy, rather than taking them to task, which I probably think is what they were looking for."

Hudson earlier told the ABC he doubted the men were local to the area.

"This group, whether they have targeted Ballarat because of Spilt Milk [festival at the weekend] or the 169th anniversary of Eureka ... I doubt these people live in our community," he said.

"I had an email from a concerned member from our African community [who] said, 'How do I know? It could be my bank teller, it could be the person I buy coffee from ...'

"I would suggest Ballarat has had a visit from these people, and now they will target other areas."

Victoria in October outlawed Nazi gestures and symbols in public, with fines of more than $23,000 or 12 months in prison.

The change was triggered by the same group performing the salute outside Victorian parliament in March.

When the ban was first announced, Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation director David Slucki said it would do little to eradicate Nazism.

Sunday's march was entirely unsurprising and police could have used racial discrimination and incitement laws to arrest the group, Slucki said.

"Maybe a situation like this calls for arrests because it feels like that becomes protected speech," he said.

While alarmed as a member of the Jewish community, Slucki stressed the group were a "very tiny group of loudmouths".

"I also caution a little restraint that we don't look at these clowns and thinking that it's 1938 Germany," he said.

He questioned the feasibility of banning demonstrators from wearing facial coverings but flagged some members remained unidentified, potentially avoiding consequences from their employers.

"There's protests and then there's rallies that incite hatred and violence and a blanket ban on face coverings, I don't know how you enforce something like that when you're on the back end of a global pandemic," he said.

Police Association secretary Wayne Gatt said officers were limited in what they could do to counteract the protest.

"If it was up to us, it would be dead-set illegal," he told Nine's Today show
The Price is Reich!

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Formerly Based in the Northern Territory
Now in Adelaide, South Australia
The Whitest City in Australia
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Aboriginal domestic terrorists have combined with Palestinians in an attempt to seize control of Australian Parliament in Canberra, resulting in a parliamentary lock down. There are no reported arrests.

Meanwhile, Whites across Australia going about their business celebrating Australia Day have been threatened and physically attacked by police. Families that appeared to be too Patriotic while celebrating in parks and on beaches were ordered to pack up and go home. In Manly in Sydney, more than a hundred police with riot gear attacked a large number of White youths whom had gathered in order to have a good time, rather than participate in the government approved Anti-White Australia Rallies.

A group of White Patriots gathered to protect a statue in Sydney. The police moved them on after approximately seven minutes, with threats of arrest and imprisonment. Their names have been taken and added to the database as potential domestic terrorists.

While elsewhere in Sydney, a group of White Nationalists celebrating Australia day singing patriotic Australian songs had their train diverted and their leaders arrested for being Patriotic. Police have boasted that they confiscated Australian flags, which are now considered to be offensive weapons.

Police in Adelaide have in the past been known to set up Australia Day sting operations targeting White Patriots. It is as yet unknown if such operations have taken place this year.

NSW Premier Chris Minns has condemned a balaclava-clad neo-Nazi group who were kicked off a train in shocking Australia Day, scenes saying their actions do not represent how Australia Day should be celebrated

More than 70 members of extremist group the Nationalist Socialist Network were pulled off a train at North Sydney station after the hooded men got on at Artarmon station on Friday around 11.30am.

The group, led by Melbourne-based white supremacist leader Thomas Sewell, were seen wearing balaclavas and black sunglasses while others were seen brandishing Australian flags and one carried a riot shield.

They swarmed the platform as horrified passengers and families watched on before they boarded the last carriage of the train.

The train driver stopped the train at North Sydney station, four stops down the T1 North Sydney line just before midday when more than 20 police officers intercepted the train

All passengers were safely evacuated before officers detained the group of men on the train for three hours.

Six members of the group were arrested while 55 others were handed infringement notices for offensive behaviour on public transport.

Mr Minns slammed the group's actions and said it is not the way Australia Day is celebrated.

'Normal people don't celebrate Australia Day with a balaclava on,' he told The Daily Telegraph.'

'There is absolutely no tolerance for this behaviour.'

The group were understood to be attempting to stage a pro-white rally as thousands gathered across the CBD to take part in 'Invasion Day' protests. 

The group were later involved in a tense standoff with armed officers from the Public Order and Riot Squad after the group dressed in all-black clothing were led to St Peters Park near North Sydney station just before 3pm

Police read out a move-on order to the group before Sewell, a convicted criminal, went on a bizarre racist rant after he addressed the heavily armed officers about what the extremist group stood for.

'What we represent is white Australians that will not be brow beaten by homosexuals, and communists, and Jews...' he said.

'We stand tall as white Australians and celebrate our national day.'

Sewell, who was imprisoned for attacking a group of hikers in Victoria in 2021, told the newspaper that his white supremacist group should not have been arrested.

He said they were planning to stage a protest as they believed Australia Day was 'being destroyed' by 'anti-white communists'.

Sewell then went onto to insult police during his rant by telling them to go and get a 'trade' instead of being part of an oppressive state that he claimed was designed to 'serve anti-white [and] anti-Australian terrorists

:D  :ok

Investigations into yesterday's incident are ongoing and charges are expected to be laid.

Police will continue to have a strong presence over the long weekend as thousands braved close to 40 degree temperatures on Friday to mark the public holiday.

Millions of people across the nation celebrated, commemorated or protested on January 26, a day that marks the First Fleet arrival and raising of the Union Jack flag at Sydney Cove by Captain Arthur Phillip in 1788.

The Price is Reich!

Find me on Stormfront as QueJumpingAfghan where I have been banned!
Formerly Based in the Northern Territory
Now in Adelaide, South Australia
The Whitest City in Australia
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