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Author Topic: Dumb Red Journalist Hates White Australia - Give Her a Serve!

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He Called Me a Wog Bitch. This is My Reply.

Maria Billias | NT News | 23 October 2015

This week’s column is a public response to an email sent to me from Darwin resident Ian*.

Quote from: Private

I am fed up with looking at your smug face in the newspaper you ugly Greek hag. Did somebody tell you that your wog bitch opinion is important? F*ck off.

Ian, Darwin

Dear Ian,

Thanks for your email. I always appreciate fan mail.

I also make it a priority to respond to readers who have taken the time to send me a message, no matter how ideologically opposed our views may be.

But the thing is Ian, it appears you are fixated more on my dinkus (that’s that photo of me up on at the top of this page ... you know, the one that has apparently offended you so much) and less on what I actually write each week.

Now, I suspect the aim of your email was to hurt my feelings.

You thought “I’ll show her”, switched on your PC, belted out some elementary words, chuckled to yourself as you gulped down your cold bevy thinking you’d have me sobbing into my souvlaki by now.

But the thing is Ian, you haven’t hurt me.

Because you see, women with opinions — or in fact women with any type of public profile — are seasoned to attacks on the way they look, sometimes more so than what they actually have to say.

We are critiqued on what we wear, how our hair looks, how old we appear, how much weight we have put on.

We are judged more on our appearance than on any accolades that may have come our way in our professional lives.

A fellow journalist (you might have heard of her — Lisa Wilkinson, she heads a TV morning news program called Today) gave a sensational Andrew Olle media lecture almost two years ago where she spoke about this very thing (you should look it up sometime).

Now let me expand on that, Ian, because for someone who is a “wog” like myself, well, let’s just say the attack is sometimes two-pronged.

Throwing my ethnicity into the sexism mix must feel like sheer genius to keyboard warriors of your ilk.

And when I say of your ilk, I mean racists.

But you see Ian, as a child I dealt with far worse from 13-year-olds. Although admittedly their vocabulary was a bit more imaginative than yours.

“Greasy wog” and “go back to your country” and “moussaka muncher” mixed with the occasional elbowing in the corridor was par for the course.

I have plenty more colourful examples — not necessarily confined to the playground either — but I don’t really want to contribute to your arsenal of insults more than I already have.

Racism was not unusual in Darwin in the 80s.

Evidently it still isn’t, and you, Ian, have illustrated this point perfectly.

If you think I am overreacting, perhaps have a read of a previous opinion piece of mine on the treatment of Adam Goodes. Maybe even have a look at some of the vile social media responses Miranda Tapsell received last week after admitting how Australia Day made her feel.

I’d never suggest that I’ve copped anything as hateful nor to the degree that these two Australians have in their lives.

Nonetheless, do you know what people like you have given me, Ian?

Thick skin.

You have also empowered me with a voice to stand up to bullies.

Like yourself.

I have written this as a public letter for two reasons.

1. Who knows if that email you sent your message from was legit? I mean who’d even be daft enough to do something like that?!


2. I want to encourage people — particularly our younger generations — to call out behaviour that is unacceptable, disrespectable and unjust. Whether it’s happening to them or if they see it happening to someone else.

I also want our youth to know that for all the decent people in this world, occasionally life will throw them a few *ty ones. People who use barbed words to bully, mock and intimidate.

But these low-rent words won’t be what define them in life. Not the way they define people like you, Ian.


* I have not published your last name as I have not done this as an exercise in public humiliation.

* No, she has published her anti-White and anti-male garbage as an exercise in racial and gender humiliation.

My Comment (Which will be deleted the moment it's noticed by the censors.)
Abbreviated version with link posted on the NT News page. Full version on the Telegraph/Adelaide Advertiser page.

Maria, you are a sewer-stirring, self-righteous, over-paid Marxist hack of a journalist that doesn't deserve the right to live in Australia - or even Greece for that matter. What you deserve is to be stripped of your ill-gotten gains and shipped to a Black Marxist republic where you can live under the care of your wonderful Black beneficiaries. Live with the poorest of Whites in the so-called "Rainbow Nation" of South Africa for a few months and you'll soon be banging on Australia's door with fantasies of an easy life with the occasional "Wog" thrown in your direction.

Or how about you take a trip to Europe and go protest in favour of the Third World invasion of Europe, then take a walk through the streets and wait to be set upon by those very same Middle Eastern thugs you adore so much ... Or go to the US and protest in favour of the Black Lives Matter movement and get viciously bashed in the face with a hammer by another of your beloved, down-trodden Blacks that see you as nothing but a "White Ho."

Or, since you are unfortunately in Australia, try taking a walk through what you would consider the more cultural regions of Australia's cities where marauding Aboriginal gangs are likely to cave your head in with a bottle just to get their jollies bashing a "White Bitch!" Then try finding a copper to complain to, because the moment you describe your attackers as Aboriginal, the case is closed and if you push it, it's you that will be wrongly threatened with charges of Racial Vilification. Why? Because that's life for White people in Australia today thanks to degenerate journalists like you that present the news through a red sieve of Lefty social and political agenda. Anyone who does not know that does not know the real "Racist Australia" - the land of political correctness and wrongfully earned entitlements where the typical response to White victims of Aboriginal (Middle Eastern, African, et al ...) violence is to scream "RACIST!" in the face of the victim, mock them, tell them to "Harden the **** up!" and leave them ostracised, suffering alone until they are willing to believe your brainwashing bullcrap that they deserved to be brutally bashed, because they are White.

"Black people good; White people baad ... Baa, baa."
Noli Nothis Permittere Te Terere
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