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RaHoWa!!! Good to be back! 🤚🏻


2023-07-29, 02:08:13
Edit: WE BEAT 'EM! F.T.V!


2023-07-24, 01:07:37
White Rights Right Now!
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Another Win!
She was Rehired


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2023-02-21, 15:17:30
Are you reading NER? You should be. It's Founding Day. ;D RaHoWa!!! Hail Ben Klassen!!!


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2023-02-20, 18:48:05
75 flyers out this month. This is the last week of February. Are you getting your flyers out? R!


2023-02-13, 14:38:06
Put a flyer on or near a town sign. Take a pic & upload it to our Gallery.

Spread the Word of R!


2023-02-11, 05:32:36
25 flyers a week is all it takes, my fellow Prospects. Show your dedication and march forth with pride. RaHoWa!!!


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2022-08-19, 22:07:58
Call out the Jewish menace daily.


2022-03-10, 09:28:45
March 10 RaHoWa Day
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The Church of Creativity thanks Sister Kerry's generous donation to PM Joe. RaHoWa!


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Happy Holy Days! RaHoWa!


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Feb 21 Founding Day
1st Publication of NER
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Feb 20 Klassen Day
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The Church of Creativity thanks Sister Kerry's generous donation to PM Joe. RaHoWa!


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Happy Ray Day!


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PM Joe just called and wishes everyone a

James Earl Ray Day



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Happy to help. :ok


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P.M. Joe thanks @Br.FelixRex for his latest donation. R! :ok


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Today is the Seventh
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Today is the Sixth Day
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Today is the Fourth Day
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Today is the Third Day
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We need more nigger free holidays! Happy Festum Album >:D


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Today is the First Day
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2021-10-16, 02:25:32
Notice from PM Joe: The Zionist Swine are now rejecting mail with "Rahowa" included in it. Advises to use alt-:
R! 18! 23/23 31/23 W23


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2021-09-28, 15:02:24
I agree with you Rev Cambeul. Fags must be killed using pneumatic cattle stunners and thrown into the trash compactors of garbage trucks before being thrown into the furnaces of waste-to-electricity power plants to be used as fuel for electric power generation and the production of ash fertilizer and fly ash concrete strengthener. RaHoWa! White Power!


2021-09-28, 15:00:09
It is great news to know that high testosterone badass Rev Joe Esposito is being released in 2023. He is a great asset to the White Power Movement! RaHoWa! White Power!


2021-09-07, 09:10:12
Kiddy fuckers are the worst kind of Faggotry. Gassing is too good for them. They need to be crucified.


2021-07-31, 07:34:02


2021-07-30, 06:37:18
R! Rev. Joe free in 23!


2021-07-29, 13:18:16
P.M. Joe sends @Br.FelixRex his thanks for his latest donation. RaHoWa!

Australian Prime Minister Refuses to Back Israel or Palestine - Hated By Both!

Started by Rev.Cambeul, Mon 30 Oct 2023

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Australian Prime Minister Albasleasy is already hated by the majority of the White population for pandering to Aboriginal Supremacists and attempting to install a third tier of government - a House of Aboriginal Overlords. Thereby formalising the division between "Blak" and White; the primacy of a "Blak" Australia vs no rights for Whites. Well, had Albasleasy got his way, they would have left us with one right: The right to be deported by order of the Abo Elite.

Now that same Abo Elite have partnered in solidarity with Brown bruddahs of the Jihad to turn on the Prime Minister - all because he will not support Palestine. Of course the Muslims have denounced the PM as well.

And typically, the Jew too has denounced the PM for not backing Israel.

So, that's one P.O.S. that will soon be out of work.

The Obvious Related Question Is: Since the Jew is behind every Abo Rights and MultiCULTi Marxist Revolutionary group, will they suddenly cease in their century long attempt at White Genocide in hopes of using Whitey as cannon fodder for yet another War for Israel? My guess is no. However the Jewish Supremacist will nevertheless continue looking for his White cannon fodder. White Genocide remains the firm position of the Downunder ADL.


Outrage after Australia abstains from United Nations vote calling for ceasefire between Israel and Hamas

Excerpt: The Albanese government has sparked backlash after abstaining from a United Nations motion calling for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

The non-binding resolution, drafted by Jordan, called for an immediate humanitarian truce in the bloody conflict between the Jewish state and the terrorist organisation.

A UN General Assembly vote in New York saw the measure pass with 120 countries backing it, 14 countries voting against, and 45 abstaining, including Australia.

The move has sparked backlash on both sides of the political party with members of the Jewish and Muslim community also left unhappy.

The Australian Jewish Association accused Mr Albanese of 'weak' leadership.

'The Albanese government should have stood with Israel, the USA and the 14 countries who voted against the shameful resolution, including many in our region,' the lobby group wrote on X.

Australia's Muslim community is also signalling its displeasure with the stance.

Federation of Islamic Councils Chief Executive Kamalle Dabboussy said there was even talk of blocking Labor MPs from mosques and community centres.

'There is anger in the community and there is talk of questioning the value of engagement,' Mr Dabbousy said.

Islamic Council of Victoria's Adel Salman said Labor's 'one-sided' support of Israel was rankling community leaders to the extent that centres were closing their doors to government MPs.
Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E.
Church Administrator, Creativity Alliance
Church of Creativity South Australia
Box 7051, West Lakes, SA, Australia, 5021

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"In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated, and scorned.
When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."
Mark Twain.


Peter Dutton finally went too far.

On first assuming the job of Opposition Leader, Dutton said he had a good relationship with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese

"He would say that we've got a respect for each other," he said.

That goodwill has run down progressively over the past 18 months, especially during the Voice referendum.

But it took until Wednesday for Dutton to make the Prime Minister visibly, incandescently angry.

Dutton came into question time with a grab-bag of issues and an unreasonable request rolled together in a motion he intended the government to vote against.

His first concern was about the "extreme social disharmony" and displays of alleged anti-Semitism that followed the Middle East crisis and called for Albanese to "bring our country together".

But Dutton was also concerned about the landmark High Court decision that found holding refugees in indefinite detention was illegal, forcing the release of 83 people into the community.

So concerned was he about both issues that Dutton called on Albanese to delay leaving a few hours later for a meeting with US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping until he had brought together all premiers and chief ministers.

"The Prime Minister should not leave this country until the national cabinet has convened to provide assurances and support and comfort and support to the Jewish community," he said

"That is the first priority for this Prime Minister not to get on yet another plane."

The suggestion was not taken on board.

'I didn't think that he could go this low'

"The weaponisation or attempt to weaponise anti-semitism in this chamber and make it a partisan issue is frankly beyond contempt," Albanese said. "Frankly beyond contempt."

"The opportunism of the Leader of the Opposition has been exposed for all to see here today. But I didn't think that he could go this low as to link these two issues.

"I make no apologies for standing up against anti-Semitism and I will do it unequivocally ... I have a track record on this and I'm proud of it, but I also have a track record of standing up for the rights and for justice of Palestinian people.

"I make no apologies for being a consistent supporter of a two-state solution, and I make no apologies for trying to bring communities together, not divide them."

The two passed each other in the chamber before a vote that went as expected – sunk 54 votes to 86.

Dutton said he had been concerned by the threat to social cohesion.

But an MP from the crossbench accused him of doing the opposite.

"The opposition is promoting social division, not social cohesion," said Zoe Daniel, the MP for Goldstein.

"This is extremely dangerous. Anti-semitism must be condemned, so must playing games with an actual life-and-death situation. Stop it.

Sky News Australia approves Dutton's fawning over Jew$

Most Western leaders will back Jew$ no matter what happens because they will need their media when election time comes to be made to look good!

I think I know what'll happen! The Jew$ will continue with the human rights violations and get away with them (with weapons you funded). In the end the UN dumps all the Arabs in your country as refugees! A cursed people that moved to your country your ancestors built! When you had no say in voting for them to be here!

Rats that breed large families (you finance) and have enclaves that are no go zones that'll wage war with everybody else! Just suck it up... or you are "Raaaaaccciisst"!
The Price is Reich!

Find me on Stormfront as QueJumpingAfghan where I have been banned!
Formerly Based in the Northern Territory
Now in Adelaide, South Australia
The Whitest City in Australia
Click to see map of Australia


Australian foreign minister Penny Wong has clashed with Sunrise host Matt 'Shirvo' Shirvington after questions were raised whether hundreds of Palestinians granted visas under the 'normal' checks should have been more scrutinised

The Department of Home Affairs has issued 860 temporary visas to people in Gaza with Australian connections in the aftermath of Hamas' October 7 attacks on Israel

An additional 1,700 temporary visas have also been offered to Israelis as the ongoing Middle East conflict continues.

On Thursday, James Paterson, the Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, voiced his apprehension regarding the rapid approval of visas. He sought assurance from the government that a thorough and rigorous scrutiny had been applied to the entire process.

Senator Wong defended the visa process and security checks during several breakfast TV interviews on Thursday, including a fiery exchange with Shirvington and Nat Barr on Sunrise.

The interview became heated after Shirvo asked whether the minister could guarantee whether stringent background checks had been conducted on visa recipients.

She tried to assure all had gone through appropriate security and character checks.

'These people have been subjected to the normal security and identity checks, and character checks,' Senator Wong began.

'What I would also emphasise that just because has been given a visa obviously doesn't mean they're able to leave where they are.

'And we know that it has been very difficult for people, including Australian citizens, to leave Gaza. We've been working on this for weeks.'

Shirvington interrupted: 'Normal' security checks. Shouldn't it be more scrutinised than that?

'I'm not quite sure what you're asking me, Shirvo,' a baffled Senator Wong replied.

He clarified: 'There is a volatile situation and the security level is heightened.'

'Yes, we are ensuring that people who are applying for visas, both relatives of people in Gaza but also in Israel are processed with the appropriate character checks, the appropriate security checks, the appropriate identity checks, and that's as it should be,' Senator Wong replied before the interview was quickly wrapped up.

The Australian government continues to assist 69 people in Gaza after 127 Australians, permanent residents and their families fled the strip.

 :-\ Who ever though ?! Muslims and Jew$ will come to you?! We shouldn't be taking either we should be offloading our pesky Jew$ and Muslims back there to fight and die on both sides!
The Price is Reich!

Find me on Stormfront as QueJumpingAfghan where I have been banned!
Formerly Based in the Northern Territory
Now in Adelaide, South Australia
The Whitest City in Australia
Click to see map of Australia

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