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Author Topic: Anti-Whites Reported by MSM as Anti-Semitic

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Anti-Whites Reported by MSM as Anti-Semitic
« on: 29 March 2018 at 05:30 »
In Australia, we are told MSM that former Israeli Defence Force officer, Avi Yemini is the leader of the so-called Right-Wing or Alt-Right. In truth, he's just another Kosher Conservative that fellow Kosher Conservatives look to in order to dispense with the "Nazi" and "Racist" tags that everyone White (or in this case, with white skin) to the right of hardcore Left-Wing Marxists is lumbered with. It doesn't work.

And just to be sure everyone understands, if Yemini were to apply to join the Church of Creativity, or even attempt to act as a Supporter of the Creativity Alliance, we would reject him. A Jew is a Jew, is a Jew, is a Jew. As much a Semite as any Arab, a Jew is not a White Man. Nevertheless, there are subjects we Creators and the Kosher Conservatives do agree upon; however, when all is said and done, it will be the Kosher Conservatives pointing the finger at us and shouting "Nazi!" Why? Simply because the Kosher Conservatives are merely Conservative when it comes to Islam, but they remain as liberal in every other respect as any libtard.

In the following article, Yemini is interviewing people in Melbourne (in the state of Victoria - Australia) about their attitude re the invite to White South Africans to migrate to Australia. According to MSM, the amount of anti-Semitism Yemini receives (while wearing his Jewish diaphragm of a hat) is appalling. However, blatant racism against White People by those very-same people is only reported in context with the story.

MSM once again proves that it is philo-Semitic and anti-White ...

'You're Jewish, forget it': The moment a pro-refugee protester tells a former Israeli soldier at the rally that she won't speak to him because he's wearing a yarmulke as others join in on abuse

* Conservative activist Avi Yemini interviewed people at Melbourne refugee rally
* He asked the activists if Australia should accept white South African farmers
* One woman said she wouldn't speak to the former solider because he is Jewish

Stephen Johnson | Daily Mail (UK) | 29 March 2018

A woman at a pro-refugee activist has told a former Israeli soldier she would refuse to speak with him because he is Jewish.

Conservative activist Avi Yemini was in Melbourne, wearing a yarmulke and interviewing people on the plight of white South African farmers, when he encountered the anti-Semitic remarks by a woman.

'You’re Jewish, right. You’re Jewish, forget it,' she told him.

Earlier, she had denied white farmers in South Africa were being targeted with violence, despite 400 such landowners being murdered in 2017 alone and before parliament voted last month to seize their land without compensation.

'Yes, I'm denying it,' she the Hippy-Degenerate Race-Traitor said.

Yemini, a former Israeli soldier who this month joined the right-wing Australian Liberty Alliance [ALA or is it ALLAH?], encountered some hostility at the Bourke Street mall in the city as he vox-popped protesters at Justice for Refugees rally on Sunday.

'Drop dead, you're a fascist. Drop dead, you're a fascist,' one man shouted.

Another man physically jostled with the former soldier and gym owner as he asked him about South African farmers.

'I don't want to talk to you man because you're a f***er,' he said, before grabbing his arm. 'Go away, don't threaten me.'

Despite being clearly identified as Jewish, Yemini was asked by one woman if he was associated with Nazis.

'Why are you hanging out with your Nazi mate over there?,' she asked.

On the issue of refugees, another woman slammed Immigration Minister Peter Dutton for wanting to give special visas to white South African farmers when he should be helping Muslim Rohingya refugees in Myanmar instead.

'He's a racist and a fascist and a murderer,' she said.

'That's Peter Dutton, sums (it) up for me.'

Although there is no suggestion Mr Dutton actually is a murderer, when asked how he could be one, the woman said he was 'allowing them to die' in Myanmar.

Avi Yemini: A Jewish-Australian Kosher Conservative Multiculturalist with a dislike of Islam
We may agree on some points, but we will never be friends
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