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Author Topic: Adelaide, South Australia: Highest Use of Meth in World

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Adelaide, South Australia: Highest Use of Meth in World
« on: 25 October 2019 at 01:00 »
Adelaide has the highest use of meth in out of all the cities in the world that have been tested ... And do you know why? Because the state government decriminalised cannabis in the early 90's, and people - as well as police - then began to treat meth as they once did cannabis. The average pot smoking piece of shite was used to the risks of smoking and dealing cannabis - to them it was just part of life - so when meth took the place of cannabis as the introductory drug, the stigma suddenly dropped off meth and being a pin-head became the norm.

Ever wondered what a real zombie apocalypse? Between rampaging darkies out to get whatever Whitey has, lunatics and meth-heads, that's the real zombie apocalypse - all looking to profit from the perceived privilege of Whitey.

Meth Brings Racial Equality
* When they are Black, their anti-social behaviour is Culture ...
* When they are White lunies ...
* When they are White drug addicts ...
Now everybody is equal!

The Bullshit from MSM: We, the ordinary - the NORMAL - White citizen is supposed to feel sorry for them. It's not their fault. They are the victims of a modern unfeeling/intolerant/prejudiced/racist society. Then we are told: It's so good when - after beating your loved one to death for the shear fun of it - they are soon rehabilitated in prison.



A worldwide study monitoring the use of illicit drugs in more than 30 countries has revealed Adelaide is a meth hotspot with the highest level of ice use of all the countries sampled.

Welcome to Adelaide, the city that consumes the most meth on the planet per capita
Study looked at 120 major cities in the world and Adelaide topped the list of use

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