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Author Topic: 2020-01-06 Canada: Resistance Records Investigated by FBI

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Resistance Records investigated by FBI, records reveal

Julie Kotsis | Winsdor Star (Canada) | 6 January 2020

Recently released records show the FBI investigated Resistance Records, a white supremacist label founded in Windsor in 1993 by George Burdi, shortly after its sale to American owners in 1998.

BuzzFeed News senior investigative reporter Jason Leopold revealed via tweet last Thursday that the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation responded on New Year’s Eve to a Freedom of Information Act request filed five years ago for documents on white supremacist bands and record labels.

The heavily redacted, 71-page document reveals that the probe into the record label began in June of 1999 after an informant from the Detroit field office provided information to the FBI.

By that time, Resistance Records was owned by William Pierce, the founder of the white-nationalist, neo-Nazi political organization National Alliance, and was operating out of a building in Hillsboro, W.Va.

Burdi, also known as George Eric Hawthorne, is a musician who performed with the white power band RaHoWa, short for Racial Holy War. He was sentenced in 1995 to one year in prison after a conviction for assault causing bodily harm {while defending himself from a rabble of rowdy reds}.

He was also convicted in 1997 for contravening Canadian Criminal Code provisions against promoting hatred but avoided a jail sentence for that conviction only after agreeing to disassociate from RaHoWa and Resistance Records.
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