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Author Topic: The Latest From Bill White in Jail for Defending Matt Hale

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First some background for any non-Creators who may be reading this post:

On February 20th, 2013, the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois announced that former American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) Commander Bill White was sentenced to an additional 42 months in prison for soliciting violence to the foreman of a federal jury in Chicago that convicted another white racialist, Matthew Hale, in 2004. White stood trial in Chicago in January 2011 and was convicted by a jury of one count of solicitation after prosecutors successfully convinced them that White had used his now-defunct website to solicit violence against the jury foreman, Mark Hoffman, who White had exposed as a gay Jew in a relationship with a black male. Media stories published by WDBJ Channel 7 in Roanoke and the Roanoke Times.

Bill White is able to communicate to his chosen contacts via prison email and he has suggested the following to be published:

From April 2nd

"Hello all:

Please publish the following, if you publish:

I just received news from my mother that the Supreme Court refused to hear my Writ of Certioari.  I am surprised and somewhat shocked by this.  As much as I have criticized America and its institutions, I guess there had still been, somewhere in my heart, some hope that the things I had to say were not true, and that, in the end, truth and justice and all of those things would conquer all.  I was wrong, and I am really still absorbing this.  One of the terrible things about this world is that when you are raised well, among people who are good and who treat each other properly and who respect things like others' rights, the fact that you live in a world that does not do this can be hard to make sink in, even when all of the evidence you encounter is to the contrary.

There are really two things I can say about this.  On the one hand, there is no question that much of my behavior and many of the things I said which gave "context" to this case were immature and foolish and way over the top.  Now, I don't believe I would make statements of that type.  In fact, at the time I made the supposed "solicitation", I would not have made statements of that type, either.  When I made these statements about Mr Hoffmann, I actually considered my words carefully and believed strongly that I was within the constraints of the law.  Clearly, I was wrong.

I can say, in all honesty, that I never intended that Mr Hoffmann be harmed, and it never occurred to me that Mr Hoffmann would be harmed as a result of my words.  In fact, Mr Hoffmann wasn't.  I did believe someone would contact Mr Hoffmann -- as people had told me they contacted Leonard Pitts (and I was not aware of the actualy threats Pitts received at the time) -- and perhaps discuss with him his role in the Hale case.  I thought someone might prank him.  It never occurred to me that anyone would harm him or cause him any sort of injury.

This "intent" was really the only issue in the case, and, as I am the only person who knew my intent, I can say that I was completely innocent of these charges.

My mistake was all of the rhetoric and atmosphere I created around these words that allowed them to be interpreted "violently".  I can't say all of this is my fault.  We live in a society which, as Savitri Devi notes, is not less violent but merely less honest about violence.  People here are trained to believe that so-called "extremists" are "violent" -- when there is very little violence linked to actual "extremists" -- whereas what they and their society do in actually murdering millions around the world is "non-violent."  There were, I believe, some people who understood what I was doing when I was behaving outrageously -- that I was mocking the stereotype of the so-called "extremist" by, essentially, play-acting in a way the media stereotyped and, thus, exposing the essentially fraudulent nature of the entire thing -- but, clearly, in doing so, I left myself open to being portrayed by the government and the Jews as the very thing that I was, in fact, not.

What hurts me so much with this case is that, after the first few efforts by the federal government to frame me and after the first civil action against me -- which I won -- I stopped, at least, I had thought, the kinds of things that were so upsetting, and had taken on a new approach -- one that pushed limits less and was less open to misinterpretation.  When this post happened, I was married, I had just had my daughter eight months before, I has just recovered my business, and I was certainly not, in any way, attempting to do anything which would cause me to be arrested.  Had I thought that I was in any way, shape or form pushing that line, I would not have done what I did.

Clearly, I made a terrible mistake.

It also hurts me that this decision justifies, in a way, all of the violence and abuse I have suffered at the hands of the government.  I understand this fellow Hoffmann was quite frightened -- for a day or to -- and some resources were sent in, quite unnecessarily, to "protect" him.  Was I the real cause of this?  When people who have a history of violence publish my address on the internet and threaten me, no one is deployed to my home to protect me.  I had no history of violence, neither did any organization I worked with -- so, why was Mr Hoffmann so afraid?  In my view, he was made afraid by the FBI and the police, who created an unnecessary and irrational level of fear.

On the other hand, maybe I was wrong.  Maybe I was unaware of who was in my audience.  But, the fact that no violence occurred at all makes me think that I don't think so.

So, what does one make of this?  Well, either America and its governing bodies are correct, in a moral sense, or they are not.  Factually, I know they are not.  Morally?

Well, the Jews sent to analyze me from time to time would call this a "personality disorder" -- an "anti-social" one at that -- but I don't believe that the United States, its government, and its system of law have any moral legitimacy.  The Supreme Court would rather consider whether homosexuals have a "right to marry" -- an utterly ridiculous proposition that can only be understood as a manifestation of mental illness at a societal level -- then whether political dissidents have a right to criticize legal institutions that are unquestionably corrupt an behaving in an utterly bizarre and immoral manner. 

I consider this.  Everywhere in the world, a murder is a crime.  A theft is a crime.  A rape is a crime.  There is no question that these are breaches of the societal agreements that human beings have with each other.  But, where in the world would my statements be a crime?  My acts were only a crime in that they challenged a specific legal and political system, and could only be seen as a crime by proponents of that legal and political system -- and those proponents are hardly worldwide.  True, most countries do not let political dissidents criticize their system of law -- but, the ability to criticize the legal system and its acts was supposed to be a cornerstone of American "democracy."

Anyways, I am sorry I did something so foolish that I brought all of these problems down on me.  I was certainly immature, years ago, when these acts occurred, and I, and those around me, are paying for my foolishness and inability now.

So, I am very sorry to all of you.  I think this case says more about what America is right now than me, but it also says that, in my late 20s, when I should have been taking a much more serious approach to the world, I made the mistake of enjoying tweaking my nose at the system a bit too much -- and made the foolish mistake of thinking myself much more able to challenge the world than I really was.  I should have realized precisely how powerful and evil the men and women I was facing were, and conducted myself accordingly.  The problem is that I was never brought up to be afraid of evil men and women in power, and that is a lesson I should have learned young.

Thank all of you for your support, and, hopefully, for your continuing support.

The next email:

"Hello all:

I arrived this morning in Oklahoma City.  My unit team must have done their job, since the flag on me that was causing me to be SHUed here is gone -- as far as I can tell.  Alternately, the BOP made yet another mistake.  What do I know about it?

The journey here was terrible -- the worst I've ever had it, including the time the plane broke down and stranded me in Milan.  I told Dave Gahary on his podcast Sunday about the way that the BOP abuses people, but I really didn't touch on the casual abuse that is part and parcel of housing in the BUreau of Prisons.  For instance, yesterday, I was summonsed to prepare to leave Chicago about 8:30 AM.  In transit, they shackle us in very uncomfortable handcuffs, chains, and ankle-cuffs.  We were left sitting shackled until the bus left, sometime after noon.  We sat on the bus at the airfield until perhaps 1 PM.  We sat on the plane, through a flight into South Dakota, until, perhaps, 6:45 PM, when we arrived in Oklahoma.  Because Oklahoma was understaffed and unprepared for us -- perhaps as a result of the sequester -- we sat until 9:30 PM on the plane before we entered the building.  Once there, we were unshackled, but sat in various bullpens until about 5:30 AM this morning when they finally sent us somewhere we could lay down and go to bed.  About 80 people were affected.

This kind of casual abuse of human beings -- hurting people because you just don't care about their welfare -- is the norm within the Bureau of Prisons.  And, being crowded into a relatively small room with eighty people all night without sleep or the possibility of sleep is abusive.  The fact that some of the people are truly turds and might deserve some abuse notwithstanding -- there is no particular reason for this kind of treatment except a mixture of incompetence and lack of feeling.

This is the same incompetence that causes the Air Marshals to mock inmates on the plane -- I heard plenty of that yesterday.  One fellow was in a wheelchair -- no legs -- that was his fault for inconveniencing them.  Another fellow could barely walk to the toilet and, being very old, had sat so long waiting for a bathroom he had to be cathetered to go.  There is simply no concern and, really, contempt when people like this are handled.  In my own, humble, case, some idiot confiscated half of my glasses.  They are broken and I have them repaired with a staple.  This fine Negro gentleman determined that the staple was a "wire" and thought it might be used for nefarious purposes -- so he confiscated it and the piece of glasses it was securing while I was on the plane.  (I did get it back and did repair it).

This kinds of petty things are what makes custody in the Bureau of Prisons difficult to tolerate.  And, if you complain, you deserve it because you did something to result in being in prison.  These people have no idea what and, when they have an idea, have no idea of the truth of the matter, but they are assured of that.

My thoughts for the morning.  I'm here today.  I expect I shall be here unti Monday, since it does appear they are shipping me, erroneously, to Loretto.

16 emails this morning.  I shall respond as soon as possible.  Other than my complaining, I am doing well.

If anyone wants to post this, they can.

Bill"   That one is from 2nd April also
Formerly a Reverend with the Premier Church of Creativity under Ben Klassen, PM.

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Re: The Latest From Bill White in Jail for Defending Matt Hale
« Reply #1 on: 12 April 2013 at 08:31 »
I remember a couple of years ago a a thread about Bill White on the TCM forum. Some Creators were for bill and some against. I know he made a pretty good national socialist magazine at one point and advertised Creativity. I'm even pretty sure bill White was also on the TCM forum for a while.
I always suspected personally that he may have thought that Creators might actually do some political violence as opposed to the rest of the far right are just talkers. He was mistaken because none -violence is actually part of the Creativity Credo.

 I did however notice one Creator on the TCM forum blatantly lie about Bill Whites situation. I expect that Creator was an FBI informant because his misinformation was merely the state department case that bill had threatened to kill Obama.

Now the actual magazine in question ran a headline next to Obamas picture saying  "Kill this nigger?" which because of the question mark is obviously  a debate not an instruction. The article inside the magazine answering the question debated the question and concluded "No, obama should not be killed."
When this got to court bill was aquitted as no offence had been committed.

What Bill White was arrested for and is still being punished for - was for publishing the name and address of a juror that had committed perjury ( a serious criminal offence) at Matt Hales trial; RE the judge Lefkow case.
The juror in question- presumably this Hoffman,- was a communist, jewish anti-nazi activist who had declared himself impartial and unbiased in the Matt Hale trial. It was therefore Hoffman who was the criminal. Why hasn't he been arrested for perjury! Why hasn't he been put on trial and Matt hales case been declared a mistrial!

Now years ago when Ben Klassen was mentoring Rudy Stanko to take over Creativity I had some exchanges with Rudy myself. ( I must admit I liked Rudy and thought he was ok- it is sad he and Ben fell out over just where to locate the HQ.)

But Rudy had published a good book called "The Score" and had written some essays and one thing that stood out that he said was that "America was transforming from a nation with a legal system based on Roman "habeas corpus" law (where is the body?- if there is no body where is the crime? and anglo saxon law- "rights of the free man")

America was transforming into a society based on Talmudic Law "what is good for the jews is the ultimate good- what is bad for the jews is the ultimate evil"
Under Talmudic Law thinking bad about Jews is a crime, criticising Jews is a crime. Under Talmudic law Jews are incapable of crime and everything they do is legal. (imagine the mafia being beyond criticism). Under Talmudic law everything a jew says is true and legitmate as they are the font of all wisdom, knowledge.
Under Talmudic law A Goy( gentile, animal, livestock) who pries into the Talmud deserves death. Under Talmudic law a gentile that is not a total slave, is intelligent and thinks for themselves is a dangerous criminal and a "terrorist".

Unfortunately for the Jews and America most of the world are gentiles and America has now brought into coalition almost the whole world against it- russia, china, islam, africa and europe.
Formerly with the Premier Church of Creativity under Ben Klassen, PM.

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Re: The Latest From Bill White in Jail for Defending Matt Hale
« Reply #2 on: 18 May 2013 at 22:40 »
Note O'Sullivan seems to hate Bill with an almost Talmudic vengeance! personally I regard White as a genuine political prisoner & the ANSWP was probably one of the few serious efforts to build NS in America since Rockwell's death.
On a negative I note HAC seems supportive of White, Bill must be astute enough to realise that this is the kiss of death.
Reverend Gregg E. Imperium. Formerly WCOTC Northern Ireland.

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Re: The Latest From Bill White in Jail for Defending Matt Hale
« Reply #3 on: 19 May 2013 at 02:18 »
Note O'Sullivan seems to hate Bill with an almost Talmudic vengeance! personally I regard White as a genuine political prisoner

Yes, I remember that very well. O'Sullivan - who was finally booted from TCM just over a week ago, but leaves a viral legacy with his old gang, who remain unchanged - was in prison at the time for stabbing a skinhead. This was circa 30/31 AC (2003/2004 CE). According to Bill White, someone was phoning the White House handing out death threats to George W ... or something like that, and claiming to represent or be Bill White. Bill tracked it down, found it had something to do with his ex wife and a person connected to her going by the name, "Reverend Pat O'Sullivan. After doing some checking, Bill announced that the phone calls from this "Reverend Pat O'Sullivan" had been traced to a loony bin in Australia, and proceeded to denounce the World Church of the Creator (which was on its last legs and totally dead by March of 31 AC) as being chock full of JOG agents. Regrettably, some of us who didn't know better rallied in support of Paddy. Knowing Paddy as I do now, I wouldn't put it past him getting permission, or being encouraged by prison authorities to screw over anyone. There's a lot I know about Paddy's time in prison, but I wont waste my time going into it. So ... at a stretch, Bill may have been right about Paddy making the calls, but even taking into account what I know, I still doubt it. However, there is another in Australia whom Paddy's former gang calls one of their own and has spent the last thirty years in and out of loony bins. His name is Robert Leys; a total fruit cake who also has a hatred for Paddy ... although being a loony, Leys will side with Paddy the moment he comes across somebody he hates more than Paddy. The Creativity Alliance is on that list by the way.  8) So if Bill was right and the calls were coming from someone calling themselves Reverend "Pat O'Sullivan" in a loony bin in Australia, there's the answer for you. But since Paddy can't add two and two, Paddy will hate Bill White until the day he dies. Who the hell cares ... let the loonies stew in their own juices.

Bill later more than made up for the damage he attempted to cause Creativity, and we learned that he was partly correct anyway; but more so with thick headed, greedy, often unintentional agent provocateurs than the actual JOG agent and his helpers who kept close tabs on Hale, and fill the poor bastard's head with garbage to this day - but they are the kind that Hale prefers, and since he refuses to accept advice from anyone but his JOG agents and agent provocateurs, there's nothing that can be done for him. It's a shame really, but it happens.

Bill was right to leak the details about the homosexual foreman of the jury with a black lover, but maybe if he had known as much as we know, he would have done it in a different way and still be free today.

Noli Nothis Permittere Te Terere
The only way to prevent 1984 is 2323

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