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I agree with you Rev Cambeul. Fags must be killed using pneumatic cattle stunners and thrown into the trash compactors of garbage trucks before being thrown into the furnaces of waste-to-electricity power plants to be used as fuel for electric power generation and the production of ash fertilizer and fly ash concrete strengthener. RaHoWa! White Power!


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Kiddy fuckers are the worst kind of Faggotry. Gassing is too good for them. They need to be crucified.


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Elon Musk:- Branded as an “Anti-Semite”

Started by Br.IanVonTurpie, Fri 17 Nov 2023

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Elon Musk is accused of promoting anti-Semitism after agreeing with a post that claimed Jewish people have been 'pushing hatred against whites'

* The Foundation to Combat Anti-Semitism is currently airing an advert showing a father confronting his son about online posts he made, praising Hitler

* A man with 1,875 followers on X responded to the post, and said that Jewish people have a 'hatred against whites' and welcomed 'minorities' who hate them

* Elon Musk replied to the man's post: 'You have said the actual truth'

"Hitler Was Right!"

The White House tore into SpaceX founder Elon Musk for 'abhorrent' promotion of antisemitism after he seconded an antisemitic post and called it 'the actual truth

We condemn this abhorrent promotion of anti-Semitic and racist hate in the strongest terms, which runs against our core values as Americans,' Bates said. 'We all have a responsibility to bring people together against hate, and an obligation to speak out against anyone who attacks the dignity of their fellow Americans and compromises the safety of our communities.'

His posting came days after Musk commented on a post that echoed 'replacement theory,' writing, 'You have said the actual truth.' He later backtracked on the comment.

It follows IBM suspending its ads on X following a report that its adverts had been popping up next to pro-Nazi posts.

'IBM has zero tolerance for hate speech and discrimination and we have immediately suspended all advertising on X while we investigate this entirely unacceptable situation,' the company said in an announcement of its suspension.

The White House statement invoked the Holocaust as well as the Oct. 7 Hamas attack inside Israel.

'It is unacceptable to repeat the hideous lie behind the most fatal act of antisemitism in American history at any time, let alone one month after the deadliest day for the Jewish people since the Holocaust,' Bates said. 'Like President Biden said weeks ago memorializing the victims of the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting, the October 7 "devastating atrocity has brought to the surface painful memories left by millenia of antisemitism;" and under his presidency "we will continue to condemn antisemitism at every turn."

The posting that Musk commented on alluded to a conspiracy theory that American Jews have a secret plan to bring in 'hordes of minorities' to dilute the white population. 

The mass shooter who carried out the shootings at the Tree of Life Synagogue espoused similar views.

After posting the initial statement, Bates retweeted a series of press accounts about the White House condemnation, indicating the White House wanted to amplify the message.

The White House condemnation comes after the SpaceX founder withdrew from an APEC event on Artificial Intelligence, in a move that was so abrupt that his stand-in John Kerry wasn't even told the reason for the cancellation.

Musk pulled out of a planned on-stage 'armchair conversation' slated for Thursday on the emerging topic despite visiting an event at the San Francisco gathering with Chinese President Xi Jinping Wednesday.

Kerry told he didn't know why Musk had to suddenly withdrawal.

'I have no idea' why he couldn't attend, the former secretary of state said outside the Moscone Center, where President Biden was hosting world leaders Thursday.

'Mark just asked me' to participate, Kerry said of SalesForce CEO Marc Benioff.

Musk was in San Francisco Wednesday and attended an event where CEOs including Apple's Tim Cook and Executive Vice President of Boeing Stanley Deal rubbed elbows with XI.

The world's richest man was seen shaking hands with Xi on Chinese state TV hours after President Biden said he still considers Xi to be a dictator.

He did not leave APEC empty handed. Xi told him he supports Tesla's development in China, according to a statement on the firm's Weibo account.

APEC said Musk's name was removed from the 4:45 pm event due to a scheduling issue that prevented him from attending in person. He offered to give the speech online, but the APEC declined.

APEC's meeting is a high-profile summit of 21 countries, expected to bring as many as 30,000 people to the Bay Area this week, including China's President Xi Jinping.

APEC CEO Summit 2023 said in a statement: 'The session, 'A Summit Spotlight 1:1 Conversation on AI and the Future,' will now feature Marc Benioff, Chair and CEO of Salesforce, in conversation with John Kerry, U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate.

'Elon Musk had a schedule change that prevented him from joining the APEC CEO Summit 2023.

'We're thankful for his offer to join the session remotely, however it was agreed among all speakers that participation would be in person.

'We look forward to Elon joining us at a future APEC CEO Summit.'

Joe Biden hosted a $40,000-per-seat gala last night in San Francisco with Chinese President Xi Jinping as the 'guest of honor.'

Among the top leaders at the dinner surrounding the APEC meeting with Xi were Apple's Tim Cook and Executive Vice President of Boeing Stanley Deal.

Elon Musk backtracks on his post appearing to promote anti-Semitism after being dubbed the 'world's richest bigot' - and claims any Jewish genocide is 'unacceptable to any reasonable person'

* Elon Musk on Wednesday told an X user who wrote an antisemitic post: 'You have said the actual truth'

* Musk, currently in San Francisco for the APEC summit, then clarified; ''decolonization' necessarily implies a Jewish genocide, thus it is unacceptable'

* But he reiterated his long-running criticism of the Anti Defamation League, which campaigns against antisemitism, and accused the ADL of racism

The Price is Reich!

Find me on Stormfront as QueJumpingAfghan where I have been banned!
Formerly Based in the Northern Territory
Now in Adelaide, South Australia
The Whitest City in Australia
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Our enemies the jews are worthless bastards who wrongfully hate us; be all the more motivated to defeat and silence the scum.
Jewish Supremacist Quote: "The goal for which we have striven so concertedly for three thousand years is at last within our reach. I can safely promise you that our race will soon take it's rightful place in the world with every Jew a King and every Gentile a Slave." - Rabbi Rabinovitch, Budapest Conference of European Rabbi's - 12 January 1952. [More ...]


Elon Musk has vowed to file a 'thermonuclear lawsuit' as major advertisers including Apple and Disney desert X after the tycoon agreed with an anti-Semitic post

The billionaire, 52, has promised to hit back against what he claims is a 'fraudulent attack' on his company by media watchdog non-profit Media Matters for America

It comes after he sparked a firestorm on Wednesday by responding to a man who claimed: 'Jewish communities have been pushing dialectical hatred against whites.'

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, Musk said: 'The split second court opens on Monday, X Corp will be filing a thermonuclear lawsuit against Media Matters and ALL those who colluded in this fraudulent attack on our company.

'Their board, their donors, their network of dark money, all of them...'

Media Matters earlier this week said it found that corporate advertisements by IBM, Apple, Oracle and Comcast's Xfinity were being placed alongside antisemitic content.
The billionaire, who has 163 million followers on X, said the user, who referenced the 'Great Replacement' conspiracy theory, was was speaking 'the actual truth.'

On Friday Axios reported Apple would pause its advertising on the platform after 164 rabbis and activists called on Apple, Google, Amazon and Disney to stop advertising.

IBM, the European Commission and Lions Gate Entertainment have also suspended ads on the platform in response to Musk's post.

In the bombshell letter, Musk called for his followers to 'Stand with X to protect free speech', as he claimed Media Matters 'misrepresented the real user experience on X in another attempt to undermine freedom of speech and mislead advertisers.'

The company had reported that X was placing adverts companies including Amazon, IBM and NBCUniversal next to content with white nationalist hashtags.

But Musk claims the non-profit alongside 'legacy media outlets' have been trying to 'undermine freedom of expression on our platform because they perceive it as a threat to their ideological narrative and those of their financial supporters'.

The post racked up more than 45,000 likes in the hour after it was first posted, with 10,000 reposts.

In a series of posts following his vow to file a lawsuit, Musk has called Media Matters 'pure evil' and claimed the 'discovery and depositions will be glorious to behold.

He claims their research was to 'manipulate the public and advertisers'.

Media Matters monitors print, broadcast, cable, radio and Internet media outlets criticising inaccurate and unreliable news or commentary 'that forwards the conservative agenda'.

Major companies who have suspended their advertising on X includes Warner Brothers Discovery, Paramount Global, Disney and Lions Gate Entertainment.

It comes as a crisis public relations guru claimed Musk was endangering his companies with his personal scandals.

In their investigation, the outlet found X had placed adverts next to posts promoting Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Party and hashtags including 'KeepEuropeWhite', 'white pride' and 'WLM' (White Lives Matter).

They claim promotions for leading companies were also found on the page of a white nationalist streamer who has endorsed killing politicians and LGBT advocates, a neo-Nazi group and conspiracy theories about Jewish people orchestrating the 9/11 attacks.

Oh man! This is gunna get interesting! Could Elon be the next "Henry Ford"? This guy has the Power and $ to actually make a dent in ZOG!
The Price is Reich!

Find me on Stormfront as QueJumpingAfghan where I have been banned!
Formerly Based in the Northern Territory
Now in Adelaide, South Australia
The Whitest City in Australia
Click to see map of Australia


I think that so-called term as "ZOG" do not exist. Only who exists are multiracial pantheist New age organization who want all races together inside their hierarhical strucure with controlling all religious organizations. Creativity do not want it and we must distribute our thinking to White libertarians especially last two chaptures in NER and in last Racial Loyalty stays one article on libertarians. New age want to enslave other races,we do not want to enslave anyone. They want end of White civilization,we want our White civilization for next thousand's generations. Stoddard book Rising Tide Of Color Against White World Supermacy and Madison Grant The Passing of Great race have more credibility than conspiracy theories.
I am still learning English. Please forgive any errors you may see.


Quote from: Br.Rebel on Sat 18 Nov 2023I think that so-called term as "ZOG" do not exist. ... conspiracy theories.

You need to shut up about your personal belief that the Jew is a harmless individual that is just another cog in the globalist machine. You probably don't know, because your country has just escaped from Marxist control, but for the rest of us, Americans, Canadians, Australians, British and other Europeans, our countries have never been under Marxist control.

Once upon a time we had the freedom to think, the freedom to say, and the freedom to do. Today we have very little freedom. The only people that do have the freedom to think, say and do whatever the hell they please are Jewish people. And they won that freedom through the manipulation of religion, guilt and dollars.

Every politician that is elected into a position in America's Democrat and Republican parties, and Australia's Labor and Liberal parties is required to take a trip to Israel where they are given their instructions as per their duties towards Jewish people. Any politician that refuses to attend these Israeli indoctrination seminars is removed from the party.

Thanks to Wikileaks, we also know that when the Israeli Knesset wants something of Australia, they give orders to the US Ambassador to Australia, and he then passes those orders to the Australian Prime Minister.

That is not Conspiracy. Those are not Theories. Those are Facts. And there are plenty of others that can be cited without going into Conspiracies or Theories that Prove the Fact that the Australian and American governments are Zionist Controlled Governments or Jewish Controlled Governments - ZOG or JOG.

Another Fact is what Elon Musk is doing. He's resisting paying Donations/Blackmail to Jewish Supremacist organisations. He's refusing to put his money at their dispense for their pet projects. To the Jewish Supremacists, that's a crime.

Look at the other big businesses following the orders of the Jewish Supremacists and cutting ties with Musk's business. That's not Theory, that's Fact.

Musk is not an anti-Semite because he hates Jewish people; Musk is an anti-Semite because Jewish Supremacists hate him.

We would not be in this predicament today if more, if all of our politicians and leaders of big business were more like Musk. However, the businessmen do as they are told in order to keep the money flowing in. And politicians carry out the orders of their financial masters, because that is the way of the world.

The Jew doesn't need to Conspire. The Jew openly Dictates - And is only able to do so because of White Race Traitors and Profiteer Politicians and Businessmen. I emphasise that the Jew is not to blame - the Jew is just protecting its own interests; the blame lies solely at the feet of the White Man. Our so-called anti-Semitism is not about eradicating the Jew. It is about Straightening out the White Man's Mind - and that includes White Businessmen and White Politicians.

Learn the Facts, and then you can decide what is and what isn't Jewish Conspiracy Theories.


* * * *

Just Following ADL Orders!

Full list of companies that have boycotted Twitter/X social media app after owner's anti-semitic tweet

Apple has paused all advertising on X after owner Elon Musk agreed with the post.

On Friday Axios reported Apple would pause its advertising on the platform after 164 rabbis and activists called on Apple, Google, Amazon and Disney to stop advertising.

IBM, the European Commission and Lions Gate Entertainment have also suspended ads on the platform in response to Musk's post.

The companies who have so far paused ad spending on the platform also include Disney, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, Sky and NBC Universal owner Comcast.

"Free Speech Absolutist"?
Elon Musk Bans Everything He Considers "Nazi"
~ @Cailen.
Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E.
Church Administrator, Creativity Alliance
Church of Creativity South Australia
Box 7051, West Lakes, SA, Australia, 5021

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