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Author Topic: America: "Lots of atheists, more Muslims, fewer Christians and Jews"

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Lots of atheists, more Muslims, fewer Christians and Jews: this is the new America
You think Protestantism is holding its ground? Take another look at the map. Many counties in the Bible Belt and Midwest are uniformly Protestant – 70 or 80 per cent – if only in name. That makes them red. But this article from an evangelical Christian website reports widespread scepticism among researchers about the much-quoted figure that 40 per cent of Protestants are weekly churchgoers. That's what they tell pollsters. Try other systems of measurement – an old but effective trick involves counting cars outside congregations – and you're looking at 20 per cent. Much like the Catholics, in fact.

Not sure how believable this is.
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An interesting report, and it's probably true in a general sense but not in specifics. Something to note: they may be counting secular Jews as atheists. If that's the case, they're underreporting the true number of Jews. While the secularization of Judaism is good for us, we must never confuse a secular Jew for an atheist.

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It can only be good that Christianity is fading within the White Race. The Christian is so deranged that he is practically insane and non white. The sad thing is that I regularly come into contact with muslims. I've even picked up a few Arabic words.. "Salam effendi"they are very impressionable when a White person doesn't act like an animal , gives them a modicum of respect and confides that we know the Jews run everything. After a short conversation it regularly becomes apparent that our common enemy is the Jews and the ruling wealthy multi-cultural elite...i think by word of mouth it is not going to be hard in time to get the muslims to target them instead of innocent whites and off duty soldiers.

I've pondered if I'm violating any commandments by speaking to them but I suppose it is professionally unavoidable. I'm not scared of muslims even though I fought with them physically in my teens. I guess if it is good for the White Race to get the muslims at the jews, fags and liberals then it is OK.

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More than ten years ago, we had a local Creator in South Australia that was employed by Muslims. As interaction was unavoidable, we decided to test the waters and open a little bit of dialogue with them. Basically, the same thing was reported as by the rest of us over the years in stores and other places ... as we each gradually dropped all social intercourse with the inferior mud races: Basically, the Muslim wants to supplant our way of life, corrupt the already demented Christinsane and either convert them to Islam, or to turn them into dhimmis. i.e. A more honest Arabic word meaning slaves in perpetual bondage to Islam. History shows us that dhimmitude is the Muslim's preference for White people; while non-Whites are recruited into Islam itself. This was proven time and again in every conversation reported back by the Creator Brother on the inside of the Muslim community as well as by the rest of us in our own time: The Jew is the problem and the Muslim is blind sided when he finds a White man with the gumption to knowledgeably speak out against the hypocrisy that is inherent with Jewish methods of domination. They even applaud our RaHoWa as they gleefully describe their Jihad .... but any solidarity is a dire misconception on our part. The Muslim always thinks that we Creators are part of the Christinsane flock on their side and fears our biological racialism and our militant religion more than he fears his Devil itself.

Why? Because a Jew that leaves the Hebrew faith rarely strays into the realm of reality and usually takes either the Marxist road or the Christinsane one and then becomes susceptible to direct Islamic manipulation - therefore every Jew, every Christian, and even the modern faux Pagans like Odinists and Wiccans are open to dialogue, tolerance and understanding, and given enough time, will eventually be overwhelmed, surrender and humbly accept their dhimmitude. We Creators, with our militant, White Racial Religion and refusal to bow before the non-existent spirits and demons of the superstitious are the only threat to global Muslim domination. The Muslim naturally understands that we neither want nor need him at our side in the RaHoWa. He understands that we have neither care or consideration for either him or the Jew. He knows full well that we would dearly love to see both rip each other's hearts out in their Holy War. In the end, both the Jew and the Muslim desire a return to the Dark Ages, where each lived in relative peace with each other and both had their eyes firmly fixed on the far East and our Mother Europa. We Creators are the very embodiment of the White Race Awoken. We Creators are the future because we already understand that we live in an ongoing Racial Holy War; we understand that IT IS UNITE AND FIGHT OR DIE! That is the Muslim's fear, as it is the Jew's and the Christinsane, because it is we Creators that will inherit the Earth.


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