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Author Topic: S-African Visits Ireland

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S-African Visits Ireland
« on: 17 September 2009 at 16:18 »
Found this post by a S-African that went to Ireland, Cork to be precise.

"What I found amazing was the attitude of the locals. So genuinely nice. And the food on display at the farmers’ market was a sight to behold. What trusting people they are - so its no wonder that they are ripe for the plucking. All the Africans, etc; immigrating there and draining their resources. Comparing them to our bunch of Whites in Arsezania who have had to contend with the anti-White racism and the scourge of crime beating down on us, they come across as almost angelic with their strawberry and cream complexions.

Observing them and their lifestyle, I can well understand them totally failing to comprehend what is being done to Whitey in SA. It must be just so totally alien to them. Whilst in Scotland, I was met with similar disbelief by the locals. You could literally see the surprise in their faces, and I’m pretty sure more than one thought I was talking crap. For that matter, concepts such as transformation, AA, BEE must be insane to them - if you think about it, it actually is. We however tend to have become inured to them because it is being relentlessly shoved down our throats. Many  Whites actually believe its the right thing to do. So whats my point ? Simple - they live a type of life that we ought to be living. Their areas are clean, their public infrastructure works, crime is almost non existent and they are getting on with the important things - the things that we can only wistfully dream about.

Whatever makes them different from us ? Why can we not have the same ? The answer, regrettably, is that we are a multi-racial society. When the number of blacks so vastly outnumber Whites, one cannot expect European standards to apply. Or should I say Eurocentric ? The word so deeply resented in the New ! Improved Arsezania … The proof is everywhere in the world you care to look. It is a simple, yet tragic fact that when blacks outnumber Whites in any given area, irrespective of whether it is a neighbourhood, a town or state, that particular area falls apart. Why does this phenomenon occur ? The answer to that I think is also pretty self evident.

Some years ago somebody wrote that when visiting an African country which was previously colonised, you could spot the year in which the colonisers left. How so ? Well, there was no development afterwards. Everything ceased. As for the Irish - I could not spot one single black face throughout the entire program … and not a scrap of trash to be seen anywhere … "
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