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Messages - Rev.Cambeul

Edit: Find and Restore sacreator/media/1-Krudd.wmv

I created this video while KRudd (then Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd) was in the middle of delivering his his "Sorry" speech to the Abos (short for Aboriginal Australians) for all the evils that White people do with our mere existence. The video was on YouTube for a while but was eventually deleted for breach of copyright ... yeah, right.  :-\ About half of the original comments from the video have been saved and uploaded here as a PDF for your entertainment.

I made this video for three reasons:

  • KRudd has legitimised White guilt in Australia for all time. Self hating Whites and Black Supremacists will use KRudd's apology like a hammer of guilt on every self respecting White man, woman and child.

  • Saying "Sorry" actually does nothing for the Abos. All it did was make them feel good for a few minutes, before gangs of Abos started attacking Whites at random while shouting "Say sorry ya White *."

  • All KRudd did was make life harder for Whites, and assist the growth of the already engorged chip on the Abo's shoulder.

Since common sense has been deemed "racist" in this country, the only response could be a complete mockery of the agenda of the KRudds of this world via some shocking (to some) truths combined with a bit of humour. I do not apologise to anyone who is offended by this video. As far as I am concerned, they can suck it up and live with it, just as we proud White men and women have to live with the daily outpouring of immoral and insulting words and actions that come from the so-called offended.

And yes, it is an intolerable stench.

Did you make a comment on the original YouTube video?

Quote from: jimbo on Sun 13 Jul 2008
Quote from: Trouble on Sun 13 Jul 2008
R! Welcome to the forum.

Do you live far from Cailen in SA?

not sure where that is .... i live near Ballarat in Victoria!

It's the next state to your left.

WA's most notorious sex offender - Abo, Gary Michael Narkle - is living in a park frequented by children.

Police say that Narkle, once described by Attorney-General Jim McGinty as a ``serial sex monster'', is homeless, drinking heavily and has been living in an Armadale park.

They believe Narkle, 53, whose sex offences stretch back 20 years, is a high risk for re-offending.

But they say he is being monitored and they are trying to get him housed through the Department of Housing and Works.

But council workers who spoke to The Sunday Times said they were extremely concerned because children played in the park where Narkle was living.

Rob Fry, president of peak parent group the WA Council of State School Organisations, said Narkle should be removed from any possible contact with children.

``In the case of Mr Narkle, the community needs to be assured that he has no contact with minors,'' Mr Fry said.

``If he's wondering around parks, obviously they don't have that assurance. [More ....]

1967 - Aggravated assault on a young boy
1969 - Attempted Sodomy
1970 - Aggravated assault
1972 - Aggravated assault
1972 - Robbery in Company
1980 - Assaulting a police officer
1980 - Aggravated assault on a female
1982 - Aggravated assault on a female (2 counts)
1982 - Abducted a girl under the age of 16 years
1982 - Carnal Knowledge (2 counts)
1984 - Assault occasioning bodily harm
1985 - Break and Enter
1985 - Deprivation of Liberty
1985 - Rape (2 counts)
1989 - Assault occasioning bodily harm
1990 - Deprivation of Liberty
1990 - Aggravated sexual assault (2 counts)
1999 - Aggravated sexual assault
2000 - Deprivation of Liberty
2000 - Assault occasioning bodily harm
2000 - Assault with intent to commit a crime
2000 - Assaulting a police officer
2002 - Aggravated sexual assault
2005 - Aggravated assault on a female
Adelaide woman Laura McKenzie reveals US detention centre hell,22606,23956865-5006301,00.html

AN Adelaide woman who was stuck in US detention centres for nearly three weeks says she was treated worse than the illegal Mexican immigrants with whom she shared a cell, Messenger News reports.

Laura McKenzie, 21, says she had to eat food with her hands, sleep on a concrete floor and, unlike the Mexicans, was not given a proper chance to explain her situation - which she says resulted from an entry card mix-up.

Ms McKenzie is waiting for a US court hearing next week when she is expected to be issued with documents to allow her to fly back to Australia. She was released from the Willacy Detention Centre, Texas, on June 11.
Rev Molyneaux did his best for some years - and his best was a lot more than most would ever have even attempted with many books, games, speeches, rallies and phenomenal personal activism under his belt. He left after Matt Hale's arrest and Creativity began turning on its own people.

Rev Molyneaux is the one in the gray wooly pullover, bald head and goatee beard that moves in and out of focus on the right hand side of the video below.

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