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The Church of Creativity Illinois U.S.A.
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Thu 19 Jan 2023
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Sat 10 Feb 2024

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      I watched an interesting documentary this evening with a "scholar" who explained there can't be White Pride. Rather there can be Irish pride, Scottish, British, etc. I thought this to be queer take on race and racial pride: he was simply breaking down the White Culture by nation of origin. But there could be black pride. I couldn't stop thinking of this statement as there are multiple mud nations in Africa each with their own culture. Why the double standard? It's that white guilt propaganda we've all been subliminally subject to our entire lives. We cannot fall for it and we need to recognize this propaganda comes for the traitors currently sitting in seats of government. We must create abolish these current politicians and put a government in place who will advance the White race, just the same as they bow to mud races. RaHoWa!!!

  • Favorite Book/Author:
      Mein Kampf Nature's Eternal Religion


  • More of My Favorite Things:
      Watching documentaries
    Survival training
    Martial Arts

  • My Awakening:
      My awakening happened when I was 13 and met Matthew Hale. He gave me 3 books: Nature's Eternal Religion, The White Man's Bible and Salubrious Living. I read them and found there was so much I agreed with that I knew then, I was a Creator.

    Later on in life, my sister hooked up with 2 niggers: The first one beat her and raped her. The second nigger married her and used her for 8 years to basically bring up his daughter from a previous marriage. I. Was. Livid. I could not believe she would bring shame upon my family and our community, which up until recently was all White.

    Now mud race crime plagues my home town and I aim to show my community a better way. RAHOWA!!!
Prince of Charlemagne.