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Glasgow Scotland
North East Scotland
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Wed 24 Sep 2014
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Sat 17 Oct 2015

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      "Creativity is new to me but i have been eager to pursue its greatness since the day i discovered it! having been raised from a family that shares already similar beliefs i felt no difference in my day to day life apart from the exception of now wanting to help my race even more! immigration is a growing concern in the uk and i feel the fight for white survival is a real battle! i seek to prevent this so future generations have a better day to live in."

    That's what he wrote.

    Bullshit! He lasted three months and then ran off with some pommie twat to join a gang of drug smuggling, gun running skinheads. Like all of them, he'll hang around a bit and run. Be ashamed of your own behaviour. TRAITOR! ~ Cailen.