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Messages - Rev.Cambeul

David Irving was right when he said: "If the British soldiers on the beaches of Normandy in 1944 could look forward to the end of the century and see what England has become, they would not have bothered to advance another 40 yards up the beach."

You'll notice whenever you look into this topic that it's only former military Officers/the upper classes that believe the world today was worth fighting for. ~ @Cailen.

Do British Veterans Regret Fighting World War 2?
Video from @ZoomerHistorian

De-Nazification Explained by a Shocked Normie

Quote from: Jimbo on Sun 22 May 2011*did you read the stuff @ the link....?.....the main-stream media are a bunch of lying shouldn't they be lying abt ciggies & sh*te too, eh?

It's been 13 years and the link still works. Unusual for that bunch of lying maggots called Main-Stream Media lying about ciggies and shite too. Eh?

Forget ciggies! Teenagers these days are getting hooked on an 'invisible' form of nicotine

Excerpt: A new nicotine product is becoming increasingly popular with young people and parents will not be able to tell if their child is using it because they are basically invisible.

Nicotine pouches - called Zyns, snus or little lip pillows - have become fashionable thanks to social media.

They look like tiny tea bags filled with nicotine, with flavours including mint, bubblegum and mango.

Placed discretely between your lip and gum, the nicotine is absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

They'll be Sucking on Tampon Next

University of Sydney associate professor of public health Becky Freeman, who has been studying vape use among teenagers, says she is worried about the pouches.

'The whole goal is that it's discreet, smells good and gets you addicted to nicotine,' she said.

'Pouches keep getting mentioned by kids in the focus groups.

'They're buying them from tobacconists, that they're buying them online that they're sort of the new trendy thing.'

She said they were not legal products in Australia.

Chewing tobacco was banned in Australia in 1991.
General Jabber / Re: Got a New Fridge
Yesterday at 11:26
Quote from: G.L.R. on Yesterday at 5:53Personally I'm a minimalist, and never even owned a couch or lounge chair, just my swivel computer chair.

I'm much the same. I lived for more than a decade in my own caravan - which was only 18 feet long, but long enough to offend most people with my militaria collection and personal style. It's taken me more than two decades after to relax and spread, escape my past living in flats and my house. Although I tend to stick to my desk with a decent chair for work (Creativity), leisure and eating, I do have a lounge room directly behind me that I tend to use as a path to and from my bedroom. Although it is really an L shaped Kitchen, Dining/Desk, Lounge. I do need to get myself a comfy chair that is good for my back and to relearn how to sit and stare at a TV - albeit watching videos I downloaded rather than the old Cathode Ray Jew Tube. I don't need much. My home is quite small, but it's mine until I die. I like it. And I've never liked living anywhere before this in my life. My home, like my life, is dedicated to CREATIVITY. I do what I can to assist my brothers. Including running this website, I've donated around $40K to the CHURCH and CREATOR CAUSES and INDIVIDUALS. I also opened my home so one could go from Highschool to graduate from University. That took a lot of years, but it was the right thing to do. It means I'm poor. That is my sacrifice for the White Race. That is the CREATOR way.

My needs are simple. People like that need a comfortable, stable home giving them the understanding they deserve as a proud young White Man, that their parents SHOULD have given them and not thrown them out in the street as homeless for asking questions. That is why my home should be better than my required personal needs. 14 Words.

Quote from: G.L.R. on Yesterday at 5:53So what's the advantage of a larger fridge, other than more room to paste stuff on?

Actually, I don't know. I liked the colour. I was planning to paint mine silver or grey.

Also, the person who offered the swap has dementia. She has a tendency to overfill her fridge with food that's months old. She's already been hospitalised due to food poisoning and drastic weight loss - 88 Kilos to 48 Kilos in about six months. (Forget Ozempic! Try Food Poisoning! It's Cheaper and you can Eat What You Like!) A smaller fridge means less opportunity to stuff it full of ham and salami eight months past its Use By Date.

When you look at the reasons behind the fridge swap, @Br.IanVonTurpie and I did a favour for an older lady - which happens to be my mother. I wasn't planning to say anything, but ... a question from a brother deserves an answer.

As we found while swapping the fridges over, my mother was keeping unopened tins and jars in the fridge, because her cupboards are stuffed with tins and jars. She's a hoarder. And since the dementia has kicked in, I'm always finding new issues to deal with. This is just one of them.

Now you know why @P.M.JoeEsposito and others keep asking how my mother is. They knew her from the old days.

So, what does a new fridge mean for me? I like the colour. I can add more pictures. And I may have to change the fridge seal. My mother gets a smaller fridge that works perfectly and suits her lifestyle. It is what she wanted, and it was a total pain in the arse for Br.IVT and I, but she got what she needs and wanted - even if she complained about the lack of space. And I gave her a not-Smart TV for her bedroom which I will nevertheless fine a way to hook up to YouTube so she can watch Bonanza, documentaries and The Bee Gees. Meanwhile, I have more fridge space than I need. Or perhaps I have exactly what I need for those extra pictures and to store food to feed my dog, should some nig-nog try to break in? Can anyone tell me, does WD40 get nog flesh off chainsaws?

Anyway, I have a duty to my mother (there is nobody else). Br.IVT does not. He too knows her from the old days and has seen her decline. This topic is to thank Br.IVT and remind everyone that ultimately, helping a White Brother or White Sister in need is what the Brotherhood of the Church of Creativity is all about.

R! 23 Words.

Do Whites have more serotonin, and are therefore more calm and logical than non-Whites? Is this what gives Whites the empathy that drives social cohesion?

For example: Blacks typically have no social cohesion other than an outward tribalism utilised to fight outsiders, while they continue to kill their own.

Another example: Asians have moderate social cohesion and have higher IQ's than Whites, however, they have little empathy for the children of others. While the typical White man or woman will risk their own life to save any child - even a child of mud people. On the other hand, Asians prefer to live like ants, obeying their masters, while Whites prefer the freedom to think and act for the good of the individual and the community.

Serotonin or 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) is a monoamine neurotransmitter. Its biological function is complex, touching on diverse functions including mood, cognition, reward, learning, memory, and numerous physiological processes such as vomiting and vasoconstriction.
Quote from: N567 on Fri 01 Mar 2024
Quote from: Rev.CambeulI've got a question: What is a supercharger supposed to do? Is it meant to make takeoff faster? Or just add to the top speed?

The supercharger uses some of the power from the engine to run a compressor that increases the amount of fuel and air pumped into the combustion chamber, increasing the power output and power-to-weight ratio of the engine. It was invented by British inventor Dugald Clerk in 1878.

That also explains why my car wants to really take off now that I changed the stock air filter for a Growler Cold Air Intake. A CAI really lets the car breathe as it naturally should. The standard air filter choked it, forcing it to reach for more fuel. Both automatically drop down a gear, but the stock air filter wants to jerk and jump forwards, while the CAI is a much smoother acceleration with less fuel needed. So that combined with the new iridium spark plugs saves fuel as well.

And it also sounds a lot better. More GRUNT! :D
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