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A reality check!  And yes it's the same everywhere.

Alexa Galbani@AlexaGalbani
If Trump did die in the assassination attempt, his company would have become worthless. It's stock would have become Zero in a day. The people who bought Put Options would have made billions in profits.
Trump's death would have crashed the Nasdaq and Dow Jones for a week. According to our estimates, anyone who had this knowledge beforehand would have made an estimated $696 billion to $1 Trillion in profits.
Austin Private Wealth LLC's largest investors primarily include a mix of institutional funds and individual high-net-worth clients. Some of their top holdings, as reported in their latest 13F filing, include The Rothschild Family, BlackRock, Vanguard, Meta, George Bush and the Cheney Family
How did rabid anti-Trumper Cheney, Bush and the Jew-run Blackrock and Vanguard know in advance?
Marina Knife@MuseHunter

South Africa has a government run by black Africans
so why is he a 'refugee' ... well claiming to be a 'refugee'


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