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Help! / .mp3 files?
Sun 16 Jul 2023
I can't seem to figure out how to get the .mp3 file extension to work? Is there a proper way to be formatting them?
RaHoWa racial brothers and sisters. I decided to join the forum in order to look into the Creativity Alliance in a better context and get to know some of you guys better. A little bit about me, I'm from Western Canada, in my mid twenties and have been a devoted racialist for about eight years now. I've looked into Creativity off and on over these years, but most the time I strayed either non-religious or that of paganistic ways. I've realized that the pagan ways are reconstructed from Christian scholars in the medieval days, which in my eyes have only tainted the religion with a Jewish tinge that is anti-White. We can see this today with the adopting of faggot right and niggers now accepting the worship of Odin, Thor and Freya.

So, eventually I had a falling out with this religion and ended up purchasing a copy of Nature's Eternal Religion and decided to look into Creativity a lot more deeper than just a quick look at websites and talking with the odd Creator on other pro-White web forums. The more and more I read, the more sense that it made. I found it interesting that Ben Klassen was raised in the same part of Canada that I was raised in; and reading Nature's Eternal Religion I could see that this man was wise beyond his years. Creativity is the racial creed that us White Aryan people need for our survival and expansion on this planet; a creed that has been lost to most White people today. This is something that is fundamentally correct about Creativity, it is created for and by the White people and is according to Mother Nature. I found the book to be most erudite and looking forward to reading the White Man's Bible next.

I've adopted a vegan diet according to Salubrious Living as well; eating mostly fruits and vegetables. I've heard some people say this is not a Commandment to eat vegan all the time? I don't mind eating vegan, as I find it more healthy than your typical Western diet which is full of fried fatty foods. I've been looking into the paleo diet as well which I think could work within a context of Salubrious Living and still includes meat. I think it was very wise of Klassen to advocate a much more healthy and back to the Earth way of eating as I feel this is the proper diet for the White Aryans on this planet. This was exemplified by many of the leading figures in the Third Reich as well, as Hitler (one of the greatest White men in world history) was vegetarian and did not smoke or drink. Me, myself, have never been a big drinker and Creativity has inspired to say NO to drinking. Creativity has made me a better person as a whole, and adopt a more healthy eating and straight edge lifestyle.

Some other hobbies I have is finding obscure RAC music to listen too, especially from Europe. I also enjoy classical music. I think that we should listen to proper music that displays White culture and talent rather than dumb nigger music that is of low culture. I prefer my music high culture and White that promotes proper ideals.

I look forward to participating on these forums and getting to know some of y'all. I work on the road so sometimes I may not be active as life can get in the way and I won't be able to post everyday because of this. Either way, I'll be reading and lurking.