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Topics - Br.IanVonTurpie

General Jabber / “Sheeple”
Today at 2:41
Jew puppets vs Puppeteers.;sa=view;id=4010

ZOG hates it when you know what's going on.
Where Western nations are headed when Muslims move in;sa=view;id=4009

... But who'd have thought?
Kebab removal service;sa=view;id=4008

Brenton T and the last crusade.
Meanwhile in Melbourne.;sa=view;id=4007

So... we all know Niggers are trouble there...
No matter what the Govt alway has $ for sports.;sa=view;id=4006

Keep the people out of politics! Distract them!
Don't buy the Haji doll!;sa=view;id=4005

Things that make you go BOOM!
The Simpsons what to expect when Disney buys this.;sa=view;id=4004

It was already racist because Apu ran a 7-11!
Who else does these days?


Just look at this! Bloody subcontinentals just go all over the place! Is India and Turkey so dangerous that they need to try get into the US as either illegals or refugees?
Guess the US is going to have more:- petrol stations, cabs and convenience shops now? Do you need more?

Chinese illegals !they are the cûnts supplying Beaners to go poison the US with drugs!

What a "free for all"! If Trump doesn't win , it's make or break!
America Beats China in Maths Contest;sa=view;id=4003

They wouldn't win if the Blacks tried rioting in south central LA again?!

The US needs re-enforcements?
Comedy/Humor / Nigger Monopoly
Tue 21 May 2024
Nigger Monopoly;sa=view;id=4002

Brought to you by Australian Police Services.

What else goes on in their world?!
Netflix Documentary on Hitler 2024;sa=view;id=4001

Netflix put Uncle Adolf in a Solarium!

Expect that behaviour when you subscribe to Netflix.
English Channel Crossing Simulator Training;sa=view;id=3999

They wanna get to the theme park ok?!

If it's shut they'll try an Irish one?
Empire Strikes Back 2024;sa=view;id=3998

Daft Vader! 44 years later and we'd get this?!
Comedy/Humor / Arab Strip Club
Tue 21 May 2024
Arab Strip Club;sa=view;id=3997

This is what they do when Allah isn't looking!

Cultural Differences Between Muslims and Westerners;sa=view;id=3996

Careful how you word things with them! Are they compatible in our community?
When a Mosque Pops Up in Your Area;sa=view;id=3992

Who needs guns to get the message accross!?
Using Pronouns Correctly;sa=view;id=3991

Getting sick of this rubbish?
Use a universal language to fix this!
This One Time at the Banned Camp...;sa=view;id=3990

You may have seen American pie. But check out the Jew Lie.

They loved to "get baked"
A Daring Stunt for a Kike During the days of 3rd Reich;sa=view;id=3988

Walk around .. jump! jump up and get down!
Black Lives vs Still Art;sa=view;id=3986

What do you want hung on your walls?

I couldn't stand the smell trying to draw there!
Can't have a "White Power Ranger";sa=view;id=3984

"Because I Sieg Heiled, coz' I Sieg Heiled, coz' I Sieg Heiled!"
 - Mr Bond
Europa News / Irish Lives Matter
Tue 07 May 2024
'Irish Lives Matter' — Thousands Protest Against Mass Migration in Dublin

KURT ZINDULKA7 | Breitbart (USA) | May 2024

One of the largest anti-mass migration protests to date took place in Dublin on Monday as protesters decried the open borders agenda of the neo-liberal Irish government.

Bearing signs reading "Ireland belongs to the Irish", "Irish Civil Rights", "Mass deportations", "Economic Migrants are not refugees", and "Irish Lives Matter", among others were seen as thousands took to the streets of Dublin as anti-migration sentiment continues to grow across the Emerald Isle, The Journal reports.

The crowd hailed demonstrators from local protest movements such as in Newtownmountkennedy, Gript media reported, who gained national attention after Irish police used shields and pepper spray to break up a protest against reported plans to create a migrant camp in the small County Wicklow town.

The scale of alleged asylum seekers flooding into the country has forced the government to admit that it no longer has any room to house migrants while they apply for refugee status, forcing hundreds to sleep rough on the streets of Dublin in what Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris has described as "shanty towns".

Strikingly, the protests also saw demonstrators lash out against the IRA-linked Sinn Féin party, with chants of "Sinn Féin are traitors". The pro-Irish unification party has increasingly come under criticism for broadly aligning itself with the government on migration, rather than backing stricter controls or opting out of the EU asylum policy.

Speaking from the protest, Irish Freedom Party leader Hermann Kelly told GB News: "I think Sinn Féin have been exposed as an open borders mass immigration party. And now that leaves room for a nationalist party like the Irish Freedom Party, which believes in democratic self-determination for the Irish people.

"They believe in the EU membership, subservience to the European Union. And we're opposed to all that.

"Ireland has an opt-out on justice and home affairs so they can say no to the EU migration pact, for example, but because they want to be the best boys in the class and get a pat on the head from the real masters in Brussels, they would never say no to Brussels."

While Ireland has long been one of the most pro-migration countries in Europe, massive demographic changes have seen the public turn against the open borders agenda favoured by liberal elites in Dublin. A survey conducted in April by Amárach Research found that eight in ten in Ireland believe that immigration is too high, with 20 per cent of the population of the country, or over one million people, being foreign-born, up from 420,000 in 2006.

Anger over the mass migration agenda boiled over in November as riots broke out in Dublin following a mass stabbing at a school teaching the Irish Gaelic language, in which an illegal migrant allegedly stabbed five people, including three young children.

Following the riots, Fianna Fáil councillor Azad Talukder  :monkey  the chairman of the Metropolitan District of Limerick, sparked outrage by saying of the rioters: "I'd like to see them shot in the head or bring the public in and beat them until they die."

Mother Teresa Fighting Poverty!;sa=view;id=3983

Teresa had an advantage over them already for being white!

Get ready to Humble!
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