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Quote from: Rev.FrankSmith on Thu 23 May 2024Right on- we're superior to the inferior mud races
take a look at the American contestants.
I am alive and cancer free.

@Br.IanVonTurpie Insert Twist4d Sister Under the Blade

Have expected pain. Dizzy from fentynal. They changed it to oxycodon. Difficult to type. R!
There was only one US-American who had the guts to do something against the Fed R B., namely James von Brunn, friend and ally of Ben Klassen, while the rest of the USA including his family did not back him up!

In 1981, he tried to place members of the Federal Reserve Board under citizen's arrest, but the attempt ended in his own arrest and imprisonment.

When James Von Brunn tried to arrest the Fed
This video is made by British Liberal Conservatives. Private schoolboys. They may say much of what we say, but beware, their goal is to just move the world back ten years to when it was perfect for them. That is, while poor Whites fought to survive amongst the inferior mud races, the White Middle and Upper Classes were left to their devices, where money and class separated and protected them from the very same inferior mud races.

Just remember, as much as we can agree with them, these educated twats believe themselves to be your future leaders. YOU however, are not permitted to say a single word in your own defence, because hey, "THAT'S RACIST!"


White English vs The Global Majority: Just Say You Hate White People

Video from @ThePodcastoftheLotusEaters

Total White Victory!
Aut Vincere Aut Mori!
Congratulations to our newest Minister, @Rev.FrankSmith for passing the Church of Creativity Ministerial Exam.

RaHoWa brother!

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