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Messages - Jim

R!!! Brothers,

It feels great to be back in touch with like minded people. Its been a long time since I have been online. I can say I have not forgot about the Church. 

How has everybody been and is there any good WHITE news or happenings I may have missed? 

Thanks BrJim
I just seen this on the news this evening on the news.  I live in the upstate of SC.  The last few days that all that is on the news remove the flag. Everyone from Wal-Mart to NASCAR wants it removed.  It is a shame that they tell you to be proud of who you but then say the you cant say WHITE Pride or show the flag that your great-great-granddad die for. ONLY IN AMERICA.
General Jabber / Re: New Site?
Tue 23 Jun 2015
I joined your site few mins ago.  This site is alot like your- working wise. If you need anything feel free to ask Brother
General Jabber / Re: New Site?
Tue 23 Jun 2015
Great work there Br.MikeG.  R!
General Jabber / New Site?
Tue 23 Jun 2015
  I do think its a new site/forum but not sure 100%.  Has anyone heard of the AAA-Aryan Advancement Alliance?  I am not sure but I think Mike G is running it.  I was doing a little rescearch and ran across the site.  I also noticed the book collection and there are HOLY books on there.  Is this site CA friendly ???