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Author Topic: Activist Strategy Manual

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Activist Strategy Manual
« on: 01 April 2010 at 07:36 »
Activist Strategy Manual
by Alex Curtis

Activist Strategy Manual


Since the advent of the printing press the use of printed flyers, tracts and pamphlets have caused historical change.  It has raised armies, fought theological battles, and torn down Kings.  The Protestant Reformation and American Revolution are indebted to the fiery rhetoric of the condemning rebels like Luther and Paine.

In 1999, we are White Aryans living in a country that has been usurped by the very racial enemies that have threatened our Race and Europe many, innumerable times.  The nonwhite racial aliens are exploding in numbers, sometimes by immigration, sometimes by high-birth rates and, most abhorently, by the interracial race treason by whites who have defiled themselves with mud.

Presently, we are in the cold war of a race war that has potential for the most fierce and desperate fighting ever seen on this globe.  The United States, created by the blood and sweat of the Aryan, was made to last.  It is amazing that the US Constitution of 1787 is still in use.  We still have at least a higher degree of free speech than any other country and have enough guns to, if we had the guts to use them, to overwhelm our own ZOG military hundreds of times.

We have our rights (ostensibly) and economic prosperity, due to our exploitation of every other nation, and, so things are actually quite calm.  This is the time that the use of racial literature should be used in massive portions, spread across the continent and in every last place.  This White Activist Handbook is to familiaize you with the ins and outs of distributing massive amounts of racist "hate" literature.



Libraries are of limited importance, but they very easy to hit and should be, often. One may like to start here, although I didn't. The problem of libraries is that books are passe and can sit on shelves for years. Hit them too hard and the librarian will go through all the books in the area you hit. The plus of libraries is that they are usually desolate places and you can insert literature in books for hours and not bring attention on yourself. Here are some pointers:

  • Go when not crowded.
  • Hit types of books that would interest those of the White race and right persuasion (the Third Reich section should be inundated with hate literature always.)
  • Don't waste literature on rarely used books, which are sometimes not checked out for decades or never.
  • Best way to hit libraries is to pull the top of books towards you and slide a small piece of literature from the end of pages toward you and the binding of the book.
  • You can also put the literature simply between the books, so that when they are pulled out the literature is found or falls in the floor.

Parking Lots

Parking lots are of high importance. It is legal to hit any parking lot open to the public. Store or mall security guards must be watched for, and it is imperative that once you realize that they are on to you, you must leave without saying a word to them. Parking and mall security have no right to stop you, detain you, touch you or question you. When they ask you what you're doing, don't respond with even a single word. Don't even look at them, just walk away. Their intention is to slow you down so the fuzz can get there. You will spend possibly hours being detained and be making yourself open to further investigation if you don't leave before they show. You may be ticketed by actual police or sheriff for something along the line of "distributing on private property," but you can beat this in court most likely and even if you pay instead of going to court you will only pay a small fine. This is why you must immediately leave private or semi-public property the moment you are spotted by security or someone likely to call the pigs. You will not likely be arrested for simple paper distribution.

  • Walk to the other side of a parking lot before hitting it, that way you can scope it and so when you come back hitting it your car will be on the side you finish on.
  • In crowded lots, place literature under windshields upside down so as to slow people's perceptions as to what is happening.
  • There are many different patterns of parked cars and ten times the number of ways to hit them. Use your judgment on that one.
  • If done right no car owners will pick up on what you're doing. If they do your purpose as an activist is to not confront or agitate the subject in any way. Keep moving and only respond in whatever ways necessary to diffuse a possible confrontation. Do not work with any single individual who can't control themselves in such a situation.

Residential neighborhoods

Residential neighborhoods are ranked as of the highest importance. This is because hitting someone at their house is felt in a much more personal way than anywhere else. It takes a high degree of racist dedication to spend entire cold, black nights canvassing neighborhoods with "hate" literature. This type of literature dispersement should be your number one outlet. If not, you're doing it wrong.

  • The lone wolf can transport himself by foot or bike. On foot the problems are that your movement is slower and dogs. But it does give your hands greater mobility to place literature. When on a bicycle it is harder to find fast hiding spots from police.
  • One person should go down streets and hit the side that looks better in regard to number of cars parked on the street and the number of dwellings. This one person should alternate between sides, crossing the street, based on these criteria. Two people should hit each side of the street.
  • Literature can be placed under windshield wipers and basically thrown on porches and lawns.
  • The best places to hit are white and Jewish middle to upper-middle class suburbs. These areas will definitely result in more media coverage and community reaction than lower class white areas.
  • But you will receive much more popular support from lower class areas and almost all people who will help you, or put out literature on their own, will come from the lower classes.
  • A single person can strategically place up to 1000 flyers in a single night if you work from 11pm until 5am. You can distribute several thousand seeds, if you sprinkle 3 or 4 small flyers on every car or lawn.


Campuses are of limited importance. Most are well tended by grounds keepers, so randomly scattered flyers are usually picked up. At night even the smallest community college has a security guard. We believe that except for the library, the rest of the campus should not receive a much of a douse of literature, but a hefty one of stickers.

  • Stickers can be placed in areas that college students will see. On handrails, windows and anywhere large numbers of students will pass by. Most of the students are the fast-moving types too, so they won't invest the time it takes to scratch them off with their fingernails. But their tender eyes will surely see it, won't they?
  • Campus parking lots are OK. Apply same rules as the parking lot section of this book.

Schools (elementary through high schools)

These typically do not have any night security. Once in a while a janitor maybe working late night or early mornings. Certain workers, like food delivery people, show up around 4 AM. In CA it says, "You must have permission to enter school grounds during class time." I don't believe it is actually illegal to go on an "open" campus (that is one not surrounded by fences) during the night. It is illegal to jump any fence, so be forewarned. The trick here is to make it so the early arrivers at a school aren't able to pick up/clean up your handy work before the students get there. They usually have about one and a half hours to do this. Most or all of the randomly scattered lit will be gone before students arrive. Throw a lot in brushes and hard to pick-up places. Put them under the doors and through window slits in individual class rooms. This way each teacher gets one and some "activist" teachers will want to make a big deal of it even if much of the staff wants to cover it up.

A golden opportunity opens up when the school uses lockers that are on the outside of buildings and are in use. Lockers always have slits and you can quickly pass flyers through them. Then every student gets one. It is probably the most perfect form of lit distribution. Some schools might try to open up the lockers with their master keys. La Jolla High made that mistake once and made it far worse. They were accused of invasion of privacy and had parents screaming for their heads!

On the heels of the election involving Prop. 187, the CA initiative to deprive aliens of welfare, schools, etc. thousands of pieces of literature was spread in the Mexican dominated San Diego School System. The lit had a small swastika and said "187: Si! Pete Wilson has the right idea. White Power." That week the students in the schools hit had mass "walk-outs" and marched through the streets burning US flags. And there was a nice, healthy White backlash. See how this method is far more productive than voting and denying that your favorite conservative politician isn't racist?


The fastest way to gain publicity is to place flyers in food packages in supermarkets. The supermarket is a nice place to distribute racial literature. If done properly it is possibly the most rewarding venue for the distributor. The founder of the art of supermarket distribution was Eric Alan Carlson of Los Angeles who persisted in placing many thousands of hate fliers in area markets. Eventually a law passed by the City Council forbid it, but it is possible it would not withstand a First Amendment defense and be ruled unconstitutional.


The best conditions of the supermarket would be:
  • not crowded
  • none or few cameras
  • hidden aisles with privacy


  • Grab a hand held basket
  • Hold basket and fliers (1/16th of page) in left hand while using right hand


  • Allow yourself and at most one other associate 10-15 minutes per store
  • Adhere to time limit
  • Split up and appear as shoppers placing at least one large, light item in basket Put fliers in and behind all items while not remaining in one place
  • Place fliers under 2 liter bottles so the next person who picks it up reveals flier Fold flier once and slide it in top of cardboard food boxes, such as Cheezits and cereal boxes.  A good way to block vision is to open the glass doors to the freezer section and proceed to slide fliers in frozen food boxes. The glass fogs and provides you privacy.
  • Put the fliers behind small package items that stand up like Kool-aid or taco seasoning.
  • Put them under items like candy bars, noodle packages and between closely packed items like six packs and paper hand towels. (When hand towels or wrapping paper have ends that are open put one in there. If an employee, or shopper who appears he is going to show an employee, finds a flier immediately abort and leave store.

Do Not:

  • Eat the food
  • shoplift
  • buy anything

Note: Negro areas are especially sensitive to "hate" propaganda found in their food packages.

Avoiding Difficulties

First Rule

The police are the soldiers of the establishment, the Jews, the wealthy white traitor class, and the protectors of race-mixing. There are no exceptions to this rule. Never cooperate with police and when the police ask you any question your response must always be, "I have nothing to say." The same goes for any representative of government.

  • When approached outside of home simply say "I have nothing to say," turn around and leave.
  • When approached at home say "I have nothing to say," and close the door in their face. (If they put their body or foot in the way--use a little force to push them out. This has happened to me once and another time to an associate by the same cop.)
  • If they approach you at work or somewhere that you can't leave say "I have nothing to say" and don't look at them. Even if they ask you a million questions, give the same answer. You have a constitutional right not to talk to police.
  • If you are subpoenaed to appear in court use this right and say "I assert my Fifth Amendment (right to not incriminate yourself)." If you are being tried, consult your legal counsel for what should be done.
  • Never give law enforcement examples of literature.
  • Even if they ask you, "Are you Alex Curtis?" say "I have nothing to say."
  • A person who gives even the slightest amount of information to authorities is, by definition, an informant. They must be removed from your circle of associates immediately. Make damn sure anyone you have to work with knows this.

(During my first arrest in 1993, at age 17, I made the mistake of sitting down with the infamous racist sheriff Tim Carroll and tried to give him some answers that I thought wouldn't tell him anything or maybe even throw him off-track. Never do this. Thankfully, I was operating on a pure lone-wolf basis and I didn't jeopardize anyone else.)

Second Rule

Associate only with people who you have an actual, serious racial activist reason to do so. The optimal way to operate is on the lone-wolf basis. Unfortunately, the person who can be racially active completely on his or her own is extraordinarily rare. People almost always need someone to hold their hand, or a leader, or most commonly, someone to witness their activism which they want "credit" for. I like when George Burdi said "To thine own self be true--" in other words, the only person you should try to impress is yourself. My advice is that all illegal activity be done alone. Two COTC members are facing 20 years in prison because they decided to "hit" a porno store with two girls waiting in the car. The girls gave themselves up to the police. Avoid drinkers, druggies, talkers, and all basic losers.

Keeping Unknown

When extreme, non-right-wing literature starts showing up in the community the police will become very interested. Jews and White race-mixers will want them to put a stop to it. Many sheeple even believe racist lit is illegal. All people who know that you put out racist lit are possible police contacts. Family members shouldn't know of your dealings. Nor should co-workers or friends. Depending on how active you are, of course, much of it will be impossible to cover up. The cops will probably look into who opens a PO box and if you don't want them to know who you are, then you might have to find a way around this. They might be able to find out who owns a phone line or voice mail, but I think they're technically not supposed to. But cops always bend rules. For the most part, don't fret too much about the JOG pigs knowing who you are. In most places, especially cities with lots of crime, like mine, the heat won't be too hot unless you begin to engage in illegal acts.

Be prepared to have the police leak info about you to the media. The media will then try to catch you somewhere and expose you, but use your ingenuity to thwart them. If you don't want to talk to them say "No comment" and leave.

Illegal Activity

Some forms that activism takes are clearly illegal. Among these are vandalism, graffiti, assault and threatening a person. My advice is that all illegal activity in our present Police State be done 100% alone. If you work with others your chances of detection are many times higher. Be sure that if you commit an illegal act that it is worth the risk. Very rarely will this be the case.

The most common form of prosecution of White racists is the result of hanging around the wrong, usually drunken, people. If you are simply "with" a person or group that, say, stomps a nigger and you took no part in the actual physical violence you are still as prosecutable as the ones who did the violence. In other words, you are completely responsible for every act of every associate you are "hanging with" at a particular time. This is why it is so crucial to choose the right contacts or to remain a lone-wolf. Never condemn racist illegal acts. That just makes you look like a wuss and sap.

New Contacts

It is possible to waste a huge amount of time on new contacts. When people come to you via your phone line or by word-of-mouth and want to "help," be very cautious. There is a small chance they are infiltrators. Most likely they want to help, but are more of a burden than not. At the most, mail them some literature, or master copies, and tell them to put the stuff out. My advice is to not meet anyone. I presently do not meet with anyone, because I have enough experience with it to know that it very, very rarely pays off. And about 10 hours ago someone called my personal number and said they wanted to buy some videos from me and meet me at my school. After telling him "I don't do meetings," he started accusing me of being a terrorist and other things. The main reason I elected to write this guide was so I could send it to new people and they could act on it if they had the ability, or not. Meeting with new people can take a lot of your time. So can talking to them on the phone. At any one time there may only be a single activist for every million people in your area. I can think of only about four real activists of the four million people in San Diego County. LA County is a wasteland of virtually zero activists. Don't waste time on newcomers, who work out about 1 in 20 times. Make the person prove themselves to you. Then you can choose to become associates, but the best associates should recognize that contact should be minimal for security reasons.

Carry a micro cassette recorder at all times

I carry one everywhere I go. I have one in my breast pocket now. When I take off my jacket I typically remove it and put it in my pants pocket. Check its batteries everyday. Turn it on whenever you are approached by any representative of government. Even then, remember, the only thing that should come out of your mouth is, "I have nothing to say." No matter what they say, accuse you of or insult you about, the only way to protect yourself and others is to say those five words.

If you believe you are being followed check it out by taking a strange route. If you are, lose the person/s before going to your destination however innocuous you think where you are going is. Otherwise you may be accused of bringing the heat on someone- and you'd be guilty. There is not much you can do if your residence is being staked out aside from, again, losing your tailers when you leave. Don't have any associates meet you at a staked out location. Last year I was being tailed and lost them. When I returned home I parked half a mile away and when I got back to my car the tires were deflated. Another time I was being followed and needed a jump so I went up to the car that was following me as it was parked in a dark lot behind some stores. It was a young blond girl about my age who was sitting there and she said she'd help me when her "boyfriend" got there. Next to her in the car was a bunch of surveillance equipment with beeping and flashing lights. After she called someone on her cell phone she said she had to go and sped off.


Literature should be small. For a long time my standard was a quarter sheet, but it is now 1/16th of a page. You can even cut this again and make 1/64th size "seeds" that can be sprinkled from buildings like confetti and just dropped here and there.

The mistake most people make is to make their literature long and rambling. And the size makes it difficult to distribute and print up cost effectively. The content should be extreme, simple and pull no punches. I always use either the swastika or an A. Wyatt Mann cartoon. Then simply place your local hotline number on the flier under your swastika or cartoon.

Your purpose is not to educate when you mass distribute literature, but to provoke a reaction among those who pick it up and the media, and to possibly attract people who are already extreme racists.

Check around and see where you can get the best deal to produce your racist literature. You definitely want to find a place that you can copy the literature yourself so no one can peg the racist literature on you. Use coupons and you can often make your copies for 2 or 3 cents each. If you put 16 flyers on one page you can then make 1000 flyers for less than $2. That's enough for an entire night for one person.

You can also buy sticker paper in some of the larger paper specialty stores, such as Paper Plus or Kelly Paper (in San Diego). This is rather expensive and costs about 15 cents per sheet. I discontinued selling stickers since the cost of production plus postage was too high. Once you have the sticker paper, simply replace the regular paper in the copy machine with it and make your stickers.


The media is a fickle industry. It is true that media outlets, even on the local level are swarming with kikes, but we have to use their system to destroy themselves.


The best way to get your message to a news company is to fax them. Call the TV, radio and newspaper companies in your area and ask for their fax number. I usually work with 10 different numbers. Put all the faxes in your "broadcast" fax software so the program will send all at once without you having to send each one individually. Keep the fax either factual or as if it's coming from an anti-racist source. Make up any name like "Human Rights Coalition" or "Jews Against Prejudice." Then just write whatever information you want the news company to publicize.

Web Pages

The web is actually highly overrated, but is very successful on a national or international level. Don't waste time getting a free web page on weak Jew-frightened servers like Geocities, Tripod, Angelfire and the like. I was one of the first 1000 users on each of those networks when they were young and idealistic. That changed very fast as soon as the Hebes sank their fangs in them. You can get inexpensive and relatively secure web service at Stormfront, the world's most successful racist Internet network at Also at [Also at] There may be a few others. Check around.

When you get it up be sure to only put out useful information and not just "I'm white and proud" and a few links. Give us your ideas on strategy and what we have to get done. Only concrete ideas- and avoid the dead, stupid issues of Holyhoaxian and conservative causes. Go for the throat--this is the freest expression you will ever hold. Don't hold back. If you don't like the fact that Jews exist, go ahead and say so. And even people in JOG-entrenched nations like Germany and Canada (and Israel) can access your page any hour of the day.

Email Magazines

The Nationalist Observer publishes the movement's largest and oldest edited racist e-zine (that's a magazine distributed by e-mail). I have over 1,300 addresses and I can send any message I want to these addresses anytime of the day and as often as I want. You get an email software like Eudora or Eudora Light and find an ISP that will allow you to send the number of messages you want at once. I would clear this with the "engineer" at the ISP company before setting up, because otherwise you will be booted and be wasting time and will get frustrated. Then scour the Internet for email addresses, ask your friends for their addresses and set-up advertising for your e-zine on your web page, other web pages and in printed literature. Then you can format your e-zine anyway you like.

Printed Literature

Aside from the creation of flyers designed for the local level (as described in the chapter "Resources" in this handbook) you can attempt to publish other printed materials, such as magazines, books and pamphlets.

It is an amazing amount of work to publish a regular magazine. No one who hasn't tried to put out their first 3 or 4 issues can understand the major difficulties that arise. Don't get involved in the magazine "struggle" unless you are serious and can devote a lot of time to editing.

Your best bet is to create a magazine on Adobe PageMaker or QuarkXpress. Print out masters and find a place to print up how many copies you want. I suggest you shoot for at least 200 copies of the first issue. Then get a bulk rate mail permit from the Post Office which gives you a discount of mailing 200 of the same thing. Send any time sensitive material first class.

Most people seem to try writing a book sometime in their life. I have never tried, except for this attempt at creating this activist handbook, but I would strongly suggest you make the subject matter something that is firstly, interesting to people other than just yourself (not too much personal reminiscences) and that the material is new and not another rehashing of Talmudic quotes or inane descriptions of niggers you've met. I'm a believer in pamphlets, but again make the subject matter very pertinent and updated. Books and pamphlets will have to be financed. Don't scream because racial "leaders" aren't helping you or some movement sugar daddy isn't throwing cash at you.

Phone Lines

To put up a phone line you will need an extra phone line in a residence or place that can't be pressured by kikes (no businesses for example). You will need a good digital answering machine that can usually be purchased for less than $50. I'm fed up with voice mail lines. I have been kicked off everyone of them in San Diego County. There are two types of hotlines: one is short and meant only for initial contacts. These should be at least two minutes long and include the fact that our Race is facing genocide, possibly with some facts about the local area--such as San Diego's schools being 81% White in 1980 and are now less that 20% White. Then leave your PO Box address and leave the rest to them. See the chapter "Avoiding Difficulties" on how to handle new contacts. The other type of racist hotline is a longer, preferably weekly message that offers news and views on both a local and national/international level. This latter option is another project that can take a lot of time to get it done right.


This guide needs your input for future editions. I would like your thoughts on parts that should be added and on parts that you think I am mistaken on. Thanks.

[Alex Curtis is now locked up by ZOG for the crime of loving his Race. Death to ZOG. Hail Alex Curtis! RAHOWA!]

"United and organized the White Race is ten times as powerful as the rest of the world combined."

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Re: Activist Strategy Manual
« Reply #1 on: 02 April 2010 at 00:55 »
Web PagesThe web is actually highly overrated, but is very successful on a national or international level. Don't waste time getting a free web page on weak Jew-frightened servers like Geocities, Tripod, Angelfire and the like. I was one of the first 1000 users on each of those networks when they were young and idealistic. That changed very fast as soon as the Hebes sank their fangs in them. You can get inexpensive and relatively secure web service at Stormfront, the world's most successful racist Internet network at Also at [Also at] There may be a few others. Check around.

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