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Author Topic: Anti-Islam march on Victorian State Parliament

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Anti-Islam march on Victorian State Parliament
« on: 27 March 2010 at 09:27 »
Far-Right white supremacists planning anti-Islam march on state Parliament

Padraic Murphy, Nick Leys From:Herald Sun March 27, 2010

POLICE are monitoring a group linked to far-Right white supremacists who are planning an anti-Islam march on state Parliament.

The march, scheduled for next month, threatens to further damage Melbourne's reputation, already battered by attacks on Indian students.

A group linked to far-Right white supremacists has set up a Facebook page promoting a mass rally against immigrants and Islam.

There are fears it might descend into a Cronulla-style riot.

"Listen Aussies, it's time to harden up, close the gate, look after our own and keep our country as our country," the Facebook page says.

Premier John Brumby slammed the rally, and said the matter had been referred to police.

"Racism is unacceptable in Victoria and will not be tolerated," he said. "It is highly distressing when people seek to abuse their right to freedom of speech."

The president of the Islamic Friendship Association, Keysar Trad, condemned the rally. [Trad has previously been condemned in court as an anti-White and anti-Semitic racist]

"It's their democratic right to rally against anything they like, but it gives a very bad image of Australia to our neighbours, and doesn't do much for internal cohesion," he said.

"The organisers should realise the majority of Australians do not share their view and can see the benefits and contributions Muslims have made to Australia.

"My message to the community is that Australians will not buy into this type of action.

"We've moved on from Cronulla, and they need to realise that."

The Facebook group has gathered about 40 members and has received support from interstate.

Some posting messages have criticised the event.

"Cronulla comes to Melbourne. Another sad day for Australian history," one message says.

Police are concerned about the event and have warned organisers not to break the law.


"A police response will be decided on once all of the information and intelligence is assessed," a spokeswoman said.

"Police will be in touch with the organisers of the event in the near future.

"Victoria Police will not tolerate any breach of the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act."

A man listed on the Facebook page as being behind the rally said he had no connection to it. However, his own Facebook page links to several white supremacist groups.
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