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Author Topic: White murder

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Re: White murder
« Reply #5 on: 18 November 2009 at 17:09 »
Quote (selected)
Why don't the White farmers go on strike
Whites in this country do not strike ... they work. Farming is how they make a living, its their job, they produce food to make a living ... they give a crap who buys it, as long as they can make a living. It should also be said that I will stand with White christians in the war on the nigger in SA, unless a Creator army can be sent here ASAP ... I cant go around hating White christians simply because I dont agree with their philosophy ... they are White for crying out loud ! I`ll rather fight with White christians before I fight with white race traitors or idiots for that matter. Attack and hate their philosophy ... not the Whites person !

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Because most of them are damn Christians
When I did riots in the townships I was with these same White christians you refer to ... I saw them shoot and maim niggers ... I saw them shocking the living day lights out of muds to get information out of them ... and I saw them rolling joints and smoking their holy book to forget what they did yesterday. Like robots they follow the christian philosophy ... but put them into a corner ... entrap them ... christianity flies out the window ... and you have a killer ... a nigger hater ... a mud murderer. Where are these White christians you are talking about ? I dont see them and I live here ... the churches are empty ... christianity is collapsing ... most White South Africans worship sports. Its no use trying to change their philosophy in a few months ... forget it ... it must start with the new generation ... and is going to take a while. No matter how much you hate them ... that is not how you are going to change them ... you are only going to make enemies.

"Keep it subtle. Don't hit 'em with anything too hard right off the bat or you will shock them. Find a chink in their armor and make friends. If you are too radical, they won't listen." 
"We go back to the basic Laws of Nature : Take Care of Your Own, Love your Own. Hate your Enemies, Destroy your Enemies. The Law of Survival of your own kind is the Highest Law of Nature and Transcends All Others" - Ben Klassen


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Re: White murder
« Reply #6 on: 18 November 2009 at 18:03 »
South Africans = Australians twenty years along.

Like Australia refusing White immigration from South Africa (but accepts the same people from Britain), Australians will be refused by the rest of the world and will be left for extermination.

Noli Nothis Permittere Te Terere
The only way to prevent 1984 is 2323

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"In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated, and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot." Mark Twain.

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Re: White murder
« Reply #7 on: 21 November 2009 at 17:18 »
Sorry everyone,  the site removed the video but  I have another:

RAHOWA ! is  INEVITABLE . It is  the ULTIMATE  and ONLY  solution !

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Re: White murder
« Reply #8 on: 28 November 2009 at 23:43 »
How can they remove that video. The Jews are just hiding the truth. That we The Great White Race are being exterminated. Lets hope the author posts it on pod blanc or some othet video hosting network.
I think in South Africa it must be so bad now that retaliation must be legitimate.
Formerly with the Premier Church of Creativity under Ben Klassen, PM.


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