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StephenMasten (P.O.W.)
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P.O.W. Pennsylvania
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Former Church of Creativity Philadelphia, PA
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18 April 2010 at 22:04
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24 December 2010 at 05:02
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania U.S.A.

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FromMasten Jr, Stephen
Date Received03/23/2020 01:57 PM CDT
SubjectMy conversion...
RAHOWA! Hail to you comrade. Well, I feel weird about sending this missive after being involved in Creativity for 18 years; and a minister for over half of that time. I have been doing an intense study of Wotanism for the past 6 years and I have grown to firmly believe that the White man descended from the gods, have the blood of the gods in our veins (hence the Aryan being god), and our descendants have the spark of divinity that makes us Creators of all worthwhile culture and civilization. We are the present link, with the female of our race possessing a large amount of holiness and sanctity. To the point, I've converted to Wotanism. Creativity is still the basis for my racial foundation but the structure itself has become Wotanism. Therefore, I am resigning from the Church of Creativity. My resignation has absolutely nothing to do with the actions or structure of the Church or any practitioners of Creativity. I will always espouse the Church of Creativity as the true activist "Church of the Creator" and will still bring adherents to the Church as I stay active in the struggle for the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race. I still have The Little White Book and am getting NER and WMB soon, so I will be able to gauge the individual and see what works best for them, with literature on deck. Creativity was my first love... and I still love it... but I've come to love Wotanism. Ron McVan converted from Creativity to Wotanism and didn't waver in his activism. I would like to still correspond with you and maintain a rapport with the Church of Creativity. With that said, may you please remove me from the rahowa directory? I am becoming a Seeker in Gallows Tree Wotansvolk and cannot have dual membership. I would like to have all the loose ends tidied up before I take my blood oath. alright comrade... for a Whiter and brighter world, -Wolf a.k.a. Stephen Masten.

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* Currently serving 40 years in prison because of lying Skinhead police informants.

* Remains a Friend of Creativity but chose to worship childish spooks whilst in prison.

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Rev. Stephen Masten #MK3933
Benner Township State Correctional Institution
301 Institution Dr, Bellefonte
Pennsylvania U.S.A. 16823
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