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My Awakening:
It was a process over years, rather than an abrupt "ah-ha" revelation.  
And I keep writing a first chapter to a book, so I'll try to keep it short.

Save it to say, I've had some pivotal and key seeds dropped along my path, which has always been an inquisitive one, starting at a very early age.  I've also always been an interested observer and student of the natural world, its laws, its cycles, its patterns.  When I learned the scientific method, I felt refreshed, and have intuitively applied it to my observations of the world around me, with what factors I've had at my disposal.
Well, at some point I realized that there seemed to be a lot of factors missing from the equation "how does the 'civilized' modern world work", with a lot of suspect factors in their place.  I just didn't know where to find them, and at times fell into apathy and even despair for being at a seeming loss to locate what seemed to be missing from the 'equation'.

In a stroke of fortunate mis-fortune, I injured myself in a skiing accident in 2005, and found myself suddenly endowed with a surplus of time on my hands, being unfit to perform the functions of my job at the time.  So, given the opportunity, I determined to get to the bottom of things, and committed myself not to stop until I did.
It took about 3-years of shedding layers of my indoctrination while sifting and sorting through layers of disinformation, but I reached the point where I could clearly see that what all the disinformation was obscuring was the role of the jews.  As soon as I started looking there, I found the missing factors to the 'equation', and then some.


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I'm a lazy bum and can't be bothered to fill this in.

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