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College Station, Texas
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Mon 25 May 2015
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Fri 15 Apr 2016
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      "Siege" by James Mason


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      (This was posted in the "Introductions and Awakenings" section of the website)

    My name is Leon I am from the United State and am located in Texas. I come from both Irish/Scottish and German/Austrian heritage, my mother's side immigrating from Germany after the second world war and my father's side coming to America during the from industrialization age of Scotland in the 1800s.

    My family is fairly right winged and I myself naturally gravitated away from their conservative mindset at an early age seeking out a self identity, which I suppose is where my story begins. As I was entering my 14th year of being alive, a series of events triggered an anti-Semitic phase I went through that only grew stronger until it officially became an unbreakable part of me. I was familiar with who Karl Marx was as one of my former "friends" had introduced me to him when I had entered high school. The fact he was half Jewish was enough for me to dislike him despite not understanding Marxism, and in my studies lead me to a Russian revolutionary and Anarchist named Mikhail Bakunin. Instantly, the anti-Semitic rhetoric of Bakunin and reading his debate with Karl Marx had helped establish my passion for political philosophy. I had purchased two of his books, "Statism and Anarchy" and my personal favorite "God and the State" which I find to be a better criticism of Christianity than anything Richard Dawkins ever wrote (I considered myself an Atheist at this time and still sort of do to this day). In my mind at that age I had known I stumbled across something much larger than myself and it was going to change my life forever.

    By the time I reached 15 I was referring to myself as an Anarchist, all the while I was disappointed when I would look into Anarchist literature and find crosses between Anarchism and Communism as well as flirting with liberal doctrines one would usually find with an empty headed left wing College student. Even by mentioning my prejudice towards Jews and feeling that non-Europeans are incapable of sustaining a society within the cesspool of RevLeft resulted in typical leftist bullying and a permanent ban. Not only online, but when I would bring these things up to friends at school, they would never want to talk to me about it, or resort to calling me a racist or something along those lines. Being discriminated against this way only fueled my desire to learn more. However, coming closer to 16 while it was 'fun' to refer to myself as an Anarchist, I never really could say I fully believed in it as a course for mankind. I always felt that the revolutionary should have something worth fighting for that isn't just material, and the end result should be a European empire of some sorts that conquers every corner of the Earth while ascending into a new era devoid of the current modern culture that degrades our people.

    Around the time of my 16th birthday I had come across a video on Youtube which was an interview Bob Larson did with the death metal band Acheron. I listened to it and thought it was hilarious, and noticed in the suggestions there was an interview with a fellow named James Mason. I instantly knew who that was because I remembered reading something he wrote about Bakunin, so I clicked it to check it out. I was blown away with how he destroyed Larson, and how right he was on the state of our system and racial questions. Instantly I ordered his book "Siege" and it arrived at my house that next week. I must've read the book until the spine began to come apart, and this lead to purchasing other books such as "Who We Are" by Dr. William Pierce and "This Time the World" by George Lincoln Rockwell. By the time I began to read Mein Kampf I was 17 years old, and finished the first volume of the book at 18. I was entering my senior year of high school and was no longer a phony Anarchist, but a Revolutionary National Socialist. Everything I was looking for and at heart knew was correct I found in the writings of these prominent American figures, and Hitler being one of the mentors who had forged me into the man I am. Near the end of High School the police had confiscated my books because of a run in I had with a fellow black student, which in a way was good because being slammed with a "hate crime" for something I didn't provoke or start showed me the reality of white persecution.

    That's the end of the story of how I was awakened. With Creativity I found out through hearing broadcasts Dr. Pierce did and seeing videos of Matt Hale on Youtube. While I was never the biggest fan of Matt Hale, I did like the idea of Creativity and looked into it further. I always held the philosophy that the universe is self aware, and that self awareness is the collective of mankind able to observe and study the universe, in other words if you've heard of "one with the universe" that's basically what I am getting to. However, when I say mankind, I am referring to the race of man that has been able to sustain a successful and superior civilization, which is the white race. The white race, the creators of everything we know, is the finest creation of evolution is in my view capable of reaching as close as we can get to Godliness, whether by eugenics and improving our genes until we are a super race or colonizing the solar system and eventually branching out to our galaxy or whatever theory you can come up with. This may sound far fetched, but it always made sense to me and which is why I will refer to myself as a Cosmotheist/Creator.
"Only failure is immoral."
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