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HardyLloyd Account Banned

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Pennsylvania, USA
Place of Birth:
Castries, St. Lucia
Gaulic-Latino family
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100% (cannot post)
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Wed 19 Jul 2017
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Sun 09 Dec 2018

  • Anything Else:
      Reasons Lloyd was Ejected from the Church of Creativity

    * Refusal to disassociate/conspiratorial behaviour with non-Whites/anti-Whites

    * Referring to the Church of the Creator as Church of the Faggots

    * Referring to the Creativity Alliance as the Communist Alliance

    * Abuse of Church Members and Supporters

    * General anti-White American behavior

    * Presenting a pro-Mexican stance

    * Adoption of Arabic terms

    * Adoption of ritualistic Islamic form of the Five Fundamental Beliefs

    * Threatened a Jihad on the Church of Creativity

    * Has since began concocting bogus stories of his time with the Church and Church Members which he is publishing in public on his blog.

    We believe Hardy Lloyd to be a RACE TRAITOR whose intent was to sabotage the Church of Creativity due to his loyalty to his Mestizo/Mexican Fascist brothers.

    The RACE TRAITOR will receive a notification via Email.

  • More of My Favorite Things:
      Mexicano Supremo Fascismo

    Hail Russia!

    Death To Amerika!

  • My Awakening:
      Our awakening was to Hardy Lloyd - RACE TRAITOR.

    Time Spent with the CA:
    2 Months in 2017 + 2 Months in 2018

    Time Spent with the WCOTC:
    2 Years

    Time Spent Publicly Abusing Creators:
    2003 until sentenced to prison.
    Paroled in 2017 - Re-incarcerated 2 months later.
    Paroled in 2018 - Declared JIHAD 2 months later.

    Judgement: Just another typical dumb skinhead with no sense of honor.

    Quote from: Rev.Cambeul on Tue 11 Dec 2018I had to constantly monitor and censor their posts for repeated abuse of Church Members and Supporters, attempts to hide abuse of Church Members and Supporters in Spanish (which I can read), the Lloyds' promotion of faggotry and dykism, sabotage of Forum Profiles, sabotaging the recruitment of Prospective Church Members and attempting to drive off long serving Creators, demanding respect and obedience but giving none in return, promotion of illegal activities including murder, their promotion of multi-racial causes - most especially pro-Mestizo Fascism for muds, constant use of Arabic (even calling himself a Mujahideen) and Mexican Spanish, their intense hatred of White Americans and fantasy Russian Nationalism, and of course their over-the-top general lunacy.

    I mistakenly thought that they were improving - that we were setting the Lloyds' mind straight - but any signs of improvement were merely attempts to deceive. We baited a trap, gave them the rope and the Lloyds hanged themselves. Good riddance.

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Admin Note: Hardy Caroll Lloyd is a self-declared enemy of the Church of Creativity and as such has been dismissed from the Creativity Alliance. Lloyd no longer has any further right to the use of titles and paraphernalia as used by the Church of Creativity or to speak for or as a Creator.

Lloyd's threat of a Jihad on the Church and it's Members and Supporters means that any Creators or Supporters meeting Lloyd in person are entitled to subdue him on site.

Signed: Church Administrator, Reverend Cambeul.