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Author Topic: Man targets Asians with baseball bat in University attack

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POLICE are investigating why an ANU student struck a female lecturer and four classmates with a baseball bat, as witnesses recall the horrifying attack.

Four people were injured in the incident and the alleged attacker, who is also a student, is now in police custody. He has been described as an 18-year-old caucasian male and was “not known to police or intelligence agencies”.

ANU Deputy Vice-Chancellor Marnie Hughes-Warrington said the students showed “incredible bravery to protect the lecturer”.

“All indications are at this stage is that it is an isolated incident,” she said.

“The student stood up at the back of the classroom and approached the lecturer, and other students intervened, and that is how the injuries occurred.”

The male student entered an ANU tutorial room in the Copland Building and allegedly assaulted four students and their lecturer at around 9.15am Friday.

The students were taking a class in statistics at the time. The classroom is near the student union building.

Early reports suggested the attacks were random in nature, but ANU student newspaper Woroni reported that the man “appeared to attack students of Asian appearance”.

Second year student Zhuangzhuang Niu found out about the attack through a group chat.

“I heard it was a Chinese girl who got hit in the head with a bat. It’s quite serious,” he told News Corp.

“I don’t think the attack was targeted. Most of the students in the class were Asian.”

Guess he wanted a little "Chinese takeaway"?!
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Re: Man targets Asians with baseball bat in University attack
« Reply #1 on: 25 August 2017 at 20:25 »
If they say baseball bat, it was a baseball bat ... unless a softball bat is any different?

Cricket bats are bloody awful, unwieldy things. They don't have the same psychological feel as a weapon that a baseball bat does, thanks to a lifetime of American TV.

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