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Author Topic: Patriotic Hungarians Launch New White Nationalist Movement

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Patriotic Hungarians Launch New White Nationalist Movement         

A new nationalist alliance called “Force and Determination” was formed in Hungary over the weekend. They held an inaugural rally protesting the third world invasion of Europe.
They also had a few things to say about the gypsies who have been a constant plague throughout Hungary and Eastern Europe.
Three small, far-right groups in Hungary formed an alliance Saturday to fight liberalism, which they say has made Europe “unlivable and indefensible.”

About 300 supporters attended an inaugural event of Force and Determination. Organizers said they represent “the white European man” and want to spread the idea of “ethnic self-defense” in the face of immigration and Hungary’s growing Roma community.
Gathered in the town of Vecses on the outskirts of Budapest, speakers at the event said they wanted to build a “new right-wing” and fight against political correctness. The meeting was held near a statue commemorating a Hungarian victory in 907 against the Franks near what now is Bratislava, Slovakia,
“We have to declare war against the force which represents Satanic darkness and which has made Europe unlivable and indefensible,” said Zsolt Tyirityan, leader of the Outlaw Army, one of the groups in the new alliance. “This is called liberalism. It makes people lose their awareness of nation, their racial identity and, slowly, their sexual identity, too.”
“I am proud to belong to the white European race,” Tyirityan said. He said “Third World races” trying to take over Hungary need to be confronted and sent “to the garbage dump of history.”
These guys are definitely saying all the right things. On the surface they seem to be legitimate Neo-Nazi White Supremacists.
In Hungary, the Jobbik party has been making compromises on their political platform thinking that it will help them take power from Viktor Orban and the Fidesz Party. Despite being the most nationalist of the major parties, they are losing their political base by trying to attract moderates. Orban is still in power largely because he adopted the Jobbik party’s stance on third world migration. Everything is swinging to the right, not left.
We need parties and alliances that are uncompromising on all racial and immigration issues. It is the only winning strategy in the long term. It’s also where the political momentum is. It looks like the people at this rally have recognized this fact.


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Re: Patriotic Hungarians Launch New White Nationalist Movement
« Reply #1 on: 26 July 2017 at 08:29 »
I've been there.  A couple times. They are proud,nationalistic people. Yes Gypsies are the Aboriginies of Europe! Just dirt bags.
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