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Author Topic: Libtard Rules for Racism: Only White People Can be Racist

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Re: Libtard Rules for Racism: Only White People Can be Racist
« Reply #5 on: 20 Mar 2017 at 13:42 »
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  • Racial nationalists whites in all states must become polarized because they are minority with such views and put race on first place. In such situation someone whites can say "oh,this is in Australia and i do not live in Australia, so it is not my problem, I will fight just for my state". I will support first state who will be racial awaken.

    That's right brother, and that's how all Creators from Founder Klassen's time and in ours feel it should be.

    There was once a time that was thankfully quite a short one, where Creators were ordered to abandon the rest of the world and move to a particular town in Illinois in the US. For those of us that wouldn't or just plain couldn't move to the US, we were ordered to ignore our own local laws and obey only US laws, while waving one or another version of the US flag. The result of Creators overseas living their lives by US laws only were a lot of arrests and prison sentences ... with the fool that had made the proclamation declaring that it wasn't his problem. Thankfully he's gone too.

    Fortunately for us we got rid of the crypto nationalists with their small town America ideas in favour of real White Racial Loyalists. WRL's that don't give a damn for artificially imposed borders that divide the White Race. What we Creators want is all the good lands of the earth ... The best way to say it is: This Time the World. A literal Creator Nations


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    Samuel Clemens.


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