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Author Topic: Jews Push for Mass Immigration

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Jews Push for Mass Immigration
« on: 06 September 2016 at 01:20 »
Jews Push for Mass Immigration

Each and every Jew shown in this picture is pushing for mass immigration from the Third World into formerly White Western Nations via open borders policies and the acceptance of faux refugee invaders.

Those same Jews also cry that it is ANTI-SEMITIC for Europe, America, Australia ... to demand that Israel have the same open borders policy and accept refugees like the formerly White Western Nations do.

Incredulously, they go even further than that in demanding that formerly White Western Nations accept every non-Jewish Third World refugee or immigrant to Israel. Refusal is ANTI-SEMITIC. As incredulous as that may be, what is absolutely astounding is that your so-called democratically elected government is in total agreement with all of it ... and you do absolutely nothing about it.

So, why don't you begin by telling these criminals what you think about them; that you will not bend over and take it for Israel; and that they can take their cry of ANTI-SEMITE and shove it up their hairy, spotted brown sphincter.

Here's one: David Manne of Australia
Manne interfered in the Brexit, interferes with and promotes the Black Lives Matter terrorism, and interferes with the US presidential election claiming that Trump and his supporters are "neo-Fascists." Every cry of ANTI-SEMITE above is his.

How many others can you find?
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Re: Jews Push for Mass Immigration
« Reply #1 on: 24 September 2016 at 14:25 »
George Soros should have attended the ovens of Auchwitz, like all jews they should have been burned alive.  ;D


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