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Author Topic: Bondi Rapist: Nigger Sex Monster Rapes At Least 27 Women

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NSW Police have released two identikit images as part of a global manhunt for a sex predator who preyed on women in Sydney's eastern suburbs for more than a decade.

The man is accused of stalking his victims, breaking into their homes and is suspected of committing a number of sexual assaults, leading to him being dubbed 'The Bondi Rapist', The Daily Telegraph reports.

The suspect is accused of preying on 27 women from 1985 until 2001 when the attacks came to an abrupt stop.

Sex Crimes Squad Detective Sergeant Eugene Stek said even though the man's reign of terror is believed to have come an end 15 years ago the hunt for him never stopped.

"We're asking the public to look at the identikit, the dates of the ­attacks and perhaps they might be able to remember something which may help identify him," he said.

The identikits were only released today but in 2005 strike force Doreen was set up to investigate five rapes committed in Sydney's eastern suburbs in 2000 and 2001.

The Bondi Rapist was linked to five attacks in the area.

In 2007 hundreds of unsolved crimes were reviewed using the latest DNA and fingerprint technology and officers were shocked when they were able to link the Bondi Rapist to an attack in Thompsons Bay at Clovelly in 1985.

It was not the only match the cold case justice ­review project discovered.

Detective Senior Constable Melissa Cridland said hundreds of attacks were reexamined, allowing police to establish how the rapist operated and how his methods developed.

"He is very cunning and has evolved his modus operandi over the years as his age and maybe circumstances have changed," she said.

"In his early attacks he always had a knife but that changed in later years where he would tell his victim he had a knife without showing it."

A number of his victims were stalked at length before they were attacked, with some of the assaults taking places in victims' homes, some of which were accessed by their balconies.

The rapist's favourite hunting ground was said to be the Bondi to Bronte walkway.

Police believe he is aged between 45 and 64 and has dark curly or wavy hair, brown eyes and a broad nose.

He is estimated to be 160cm to 180cm tall with a thin to ­medium build but has also been described as "fit and muscular".

DNA samples have been sent to the UK and New Zealand and will now be sent to other countries.

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