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Author Topic: Good News Everybody: Another Nigger is Dead

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Re: Good News Everybody: Another Nigger is Dead
« Reply #70 on: 29 March 2020 at 12:46 »

Civil rights icon Rev. Joseph E. Lowery dies at 98

The Rev. Joseph E. Lowery, who has been called the dean of the civil rights movement, died Friday, The King Center said.

Lowery, 98, was a co-founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference with the Rev. Martin Luther King.

The Joseph and Evelyn Lowery Institute for Justice & Human Rights said he died peacefully at 10 p.m. surrounded by his daughters at home.

"Hailed as the 'Dean of the Civil Rights Movement' upon his receipt of the NAACP's Lifetime Achievement Award, Dr. Lowery had assumed and executed a broad and diverse series of roles over the span of his nine decades: leader, pastor, servant, father, husband, freedom fighter and advocate," the institute said in a statement.

Lowery, who delivered the benediction in President Barack Obama's inauguration in 2009, was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Obama later that year.

"Born and raised in Jim Crow Alabama, preaching in his blood, the Rev. Joseph Lowery is a giant of the Moses generation of civil rights leaders," Obama said at the ceremony. "It was just King, Lowery and a few others, huddled in Montgomery, who laid the groundwork for the bus boycott and the movement that was to follow."

Rev. Dr. Joseph E. Lowery attends Grounded in History, Soaring into the Future: Rev. Joseph E. Lowery's 94th Birthday Celebration at Delta flight Museum in Atlanta, Georgia on Oct. 6, 2015.Paras Griffin / Getty Images file

He was born in Huntsville, Alabama, on October 6, 1921, and in the 1950s, he headed the Alabama Civic Affairs Association, the organization that led the movement to desegregate buses and public accommodations, according to the Joseph & Evelyn Lowery Institute.

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In 1965, King picked Lowery to chair the delegation delivering the demands of the Selma-to-Montgomery march to Alabama's governor, George Wallace.

When activists crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge, they were attacked and beaten by police in a pivotal moment for the civil rights movement that's become known as "Bloody Sunday."

"Our thoughts and prayers are with his family," The King Center tweeted late Friday. "He was a champion for civil rights, a challenger of injustice, a dear friend to the King family."

King was the first president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, but Lowery served as president for 20 years. He restored the organization’s financial stability and pressured businesses not to trade with South Africa’s apartheid-era regime before retiring in 1997.

He never wavered in his efforts to urge blacks to exercise their hard-won rights by registering to vote.

“Black people need to understand that the right to vote was not a gift of our political system but came as a result of blood, sweat and tears,” he said in 1985.

His wife, Evelyn Lowery, died in 2013. She founded SCLC/WOMEN Inc. in 1979, which is a group that works to empower women, girls and families.

Bernice A. King, King's daughter, tweeted that it was hard to imagine a world without Lowery. "I’m grateful for a life well-lived and for its influence on mine. I’ll miss you, Uncle Joe. You finally made it up to see Aunt Evelyn again," she wrote.

In a 1998 interview, Lowery said he was optimistic that true racial equality would one day be achieved.

“I believe in the final triumph of righteousness,” he said. “The Bible says weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”

He is survived by his three daughters, Yvonne Kennedy, Karen Lowery and Cheryl Lowery-Osborne.

The family spokesperson told WXIA that Lowery's death was not related to the coronavirus pandemic and that the family was asking for privacy Friday night.

Sherrilyn Ifill, president and director-counsel of NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, was among those paying respects Friday, calling Lowery a "towering figure."

"A towering figure and icon has left us. Rest in Power," she tweeted.

Clark Atlanta University, one of several institutions that awarded Lowery honorary doctorates and home to the institute named for Lowery and his wife, said in a statement that he was "a voice for sometimes voiceless."

"We shall forever hold within our collective memory Reverend Lowery as the epitome soldier for justice who devoted his life to helping the least of God’s children," University President George T. French, Jr. said.
I urge every White Man, Woman, and Child to do your part and save our beautiful White Race. Stand up and fight in the Racial Holy War, become a Creator today.


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Re: Good News Everybody: Another Nigger is Dead
« Reply #71 on: 30 March 2020 at 03:33 »
Another nigger dead, but this one I'm kind of ambivalent about. Not that I care, it's just that I'm not as pleased. It's a murdering nigger that only murdered other niggers. That nigger sure got his reward when - to use a phrase the Jew loves - he cheated the hangman.

Still, I'm sure that deep down he's a good nigger - that's six feet down  :ok

'Grim Sleeper' Lonnie Franklin, 67, who murdered 10 in 23-year killing spree, dies in California prison after four years on death row

* California corrections officials said Lonnie Franklin was found unresponsive in his cell at San Quentin State Prison on Saturday evening
* An autopsy will determine the cause of death; but there were no signs of trauma
* Franklin had been on death row since August 2016 for the deaths of nine women and a teenage girl 
* Franklin's killing spree began 1984
* He earned his moniker because of an apparent hiatus from late 1980s to 2002
* Police have said he may have had as many as 25 victims

Quote from: Hidden to Guests
Police have said he may have had as many as 25 victims

If every nigresse murdered bred a total of 3 to 5 nigglettes, that's a short term average total of 25+ 100 + 1 DEAD NIGGERS.

Think about it. How many White people are alive today, just because that Grim Nigger had a fetish for killing nappy headed 'hoes?

Noli Nothis Permittere Te Terere
The only way to prevent 1984 is 2323

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Re: Good News Everybody: Another Nigger is Dead
« Reply #72 on: 09 May 2020 at 20:39 »
White-Hating Little Richard Dead

Little Richard, the self-proclaimed “architect of rock ‘n’ roll” who built his ground-breaking sound with a boiling blend of boogie-woogie, rhythm and blues and gospel, has died at the age of 87.

Richard, whose electrifying 1950s hits such as Tutti Frutti and Long Tall Sally and flamboyant stage presence influenced legions of performers, succumbed to cancer, according to Rolling Stone who spoke with his son Danny Penniman.

Dick Alen, his former agent, confirmed the US musician died at his home in Nashville, Tennessee

The music drew in both young black and white fans at a time when parts of the United States still were strictly segregated. Many white artists, such as Pat Boone, had their own hit versions of Richard’s songs, albeit considerably toned down and “safer” for the pop audience.

Quote from: Hidden to Guests
Little Richard interview: 'If I had been white, there never would have been an Elvis Presley'

Little Richard's portrait used in "Racist" Campaign
We aint afraid of sayin' "No Spooks!"

“I’ve always thought that rock ‘n’ roll brought the races together,” Richard once told an interviewer. “Although I was black, the fans didn’t care. I used to feel good about that.”

Richard’s career took a turn in 1957 when he decided to abandon rock in the middle of a two-week tour of Australia.

Richard told a biographer that he saw a fireball shoot across the sky during an outdoor performance in Sydney and took it as a sign from God to change his life. He said he later determined the fireball was the launch of Russia’s Sputnik satellite

A few months later, however, Richard was a student at a Bible college in Alabama. For a while he played only gospel music but slipped back into rock ‘n’ roll, sharing a bill with the young Beatles in Hamburg, Germany, in 1962.

It was a pattern that persisted for years as Little Richard moved between rock ‘n’ roll, alcohol, cocaine and heroin abuse and Christianity and gospel music. He would go on to become an ordained Seventh Day Adventist minister and eventually worked gospel and rock both into his shows, along with a little preaching

Good Gollywog Miss Molly!

The Price is Reich!

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Re: Good News Everybody: Another Nigger is Dead
« Reply #73 on: 14 May 2020 at 19:07 »
Any time a nigger dies, it's definitely a good thing. But it would have made my day if the chink flu had killed off White hating Rep. Maxine Waters instead.

Rep. Maxine Waters says her sister died from coronavirus

By Shawna Mizelle
Updated 11:00 PM ET, Wed May 13, 2020

(CNN)Rep. Maxine Waters' sister recently died from coronavirus, the California Democrat said Wednesday.

"While I'm sitting here, my sister's viewing is going on today in St. Louis," Waters said during a hearing of the House Oversight Committee's new select coronavirus committee. "Many families have been touched, and so I'm hopeful that we can all get together, Democrats and Republicans, and deal with this pandemic."

Waters initially confirmed the death of her sister, Velma Moody, 86, last week in an interview with TheGrio saying, "It is one of the most painful things that I've ever had to experience in my life."

"She had suffered. And so we are going through a very difficult time. It was not easy, but in many ways, I'm so glad she's out of pain."

In TheGrio interview, Waters also highlighted the risks of the elderly contracting coronavirus in nursing homes, since her sister was living in an assisted care facility. "The nursing home is the only place we have for many of our seniors, many of whom have outlived their families."

"That's where they go. And now these nursing homes are like a petri dish for the continued development of this virus that is killing us," she told the outlet.

Waters had signaled her sister was in dire condition in April, when she spoke on the House floor ahead of a vote on Covid-19 response package worth more than $480 billion. "I'm going to take a moment to dedicate this legislation to my dear sister who is dying in a hospital in St. Louis, Missouri, right now, infected by the coronavirus," she said.

Waters, the chair of the Financial Services Committee, has been a staunch critic of President Donald Trump, including his handling of the coronavirus response. In late April, she slammed the President on Twitter, saying, "Trump, when are you going to say a word of sympathy & condolences to the families & friends of the 50k coronavirus victims who've died in our country & even the others who've died around the world? Have you no empathy? Have you no compassion or decency?"

I urge every White Man, Woman, and Child to do your part and save our beautiful White Race. Stand up and fight in the Racial Holy War, become a Creator today.


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