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Author Topic: How do you put into practice the credos of Creativity in your daily life?

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I am asking this question as I am an independent Creator who hasn't had the opportunity to meet (yet) other creators.  How do you, in a practical everyday way, practice the beliefs of Creativity. Christians, Jews, Muslims and Pagans have their own ways but what about Creators?

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Here are some things that I am doing (or try my best to do) daily:

1. Set aside time each morning to read Creativity material and other Creativity friendly books and articles.

2. As I have a chronic health issue I am really trying to incorporate some salubrious health ideas into each day. I try to walk or visit the gym every day and improve the quality of the foods I am eating. My goal is to become as healthy as I can help myself to be and hopefully ditch all of my medications. Won't that be a joyous day!

3. I try to create that whitetest environment around myself that I can. From the music that I listen to the people that I associate with.

4. I try to have a goal each day to talk to at least one person about creativity.

These are just some of the things I try to do. I am still learning and growing and it gets better. I have hope for a whiter and brighter future.

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I thought of letting others answer this question, but none did. Thank you Sister for answering your own question.

Anyway, if they are black and they are not your neighbour and you are not forced to be polite to keep the peace, then the only thing you need worry about are non stereotypical looking jews. After all, if you don't know their name is Cohen or Lipschitz, how are you, how is anyone to know that a mixed raced jewish being has infiltrated your life?

So, the response from me is that I do not think of Creativity's Credos. I live them unconsciously as part of my life. Give it a while Sister, and you'll be doing the same. The RaHoWa within oneself cannot be won in a day.

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The RaHoWa within oneself cannot be won in a day.

Yes that is very true. I like to think that real wisdom is knowledge plus experience.

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You are doing beautifully as you are. I was so impressed to read how much you have incorporated Creativity into your life. Once you convert others to Creativity - as you undoubtedly will with your admirable attitude - you will be able to meet up with fellow Creators and enjoy Creativity inspired social occasions, etc. I look forward to seeing more from you, ScotiasChild. Perhaps talk on Skype some time? I do hope your health improves as quickly as possible. :)
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