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Author Topic: Wrinkly nigger cosby admits he used drugs to get sex

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Bill Cosby's controversial conservative lecture to black parents on how to raise their children might have been his downfall.

Judge Eduardo C. Robreno shed light Monday on why the 2005 deposition where Cosby admitted to giving women Qualludes in order to have sex with them was unsealed.

"The stark contrast between Bill Cosby, the public moralist and Bill Cosby, the subject of serious allegations concerning improper (and perhaps criminal) conduct, is a matter as to which the AP -- and by extension the public -- has a significant interest," Judge Eduardo C. Robreno wrote on Monday.

Cosby's attorney argued the case didn't feature a politician, public official or public company, and celebrities are entitled to the right to privacy.

"It was a private dispute between two individuals over their personal relationship," attorney George Gowen argued.

The Judge wasn't having any of it.

"This case, however, is not about [Cosby's] status as a public person by virtue of the exercise of his trade as a televised or comedic personality. Rather, [Cosby] has donned the mantle of public moralist and mounted the proverbial electronic or print soap box to volunteer his views on, among other things, childrearing, family life, education, and crime."

Robreno added, "He has voluntarily narrowed the zone of privacy that he is entitled to claim" and that Cosby lost his right to privacy by addressing the allegations made by dozens of women: "By joining the debate about the merits of the allegations against him, he has further diminished his entitlement to a claim of privacy."
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Re: Wrinkly nigger cosby admits he used drugs to get sex
« Reply #1 on: 08 July 2015 at 22:49 »

THE happiest place on Earth no longer includes Bill Cosby after Walt Disney World removed a bronze statue of the comedian and distanced itself from him. 
The move comes after unsealed court documents from 2005 released on Monday showed that Cosby admitted giving a woman Quaaludes before sex.
At least 40 women have come forward saying that Cosby drugged them with Quaaludes and then raped them.

You know all this reminds me of this one joke?

There is a guy walking down the road and he looks in the window of an old antique dealer. He admires a statue of a brass rat and goes into to buy that. The shop keeper told him that who ever owned the rat had a curse on them and it wasn't advised to buy that. He told the shop keeper he didn't believe in curses and bought the rat. As he walks away a screeching noise becomes apparent, as he walks another block it gets louder.

He walks another block and it seems a huge mob of rats are after him, so he throws the rat statue in the river and all the rats go in after it. He returns to the curio store and the shop keeper said "So you find out about the curse?"


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