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Author Topic: Bloody Boat People!

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Re: Bloody Boat People!
« Reply #70 on: 29 June 2015 at 07:55 »

Bill Shorten has left the way open for Labor to endorse asylum seeker boat turnbacks, as a former senior Indonesian official slammed the policy.Labor's national conference to be held in Melbourne next month will debate changes to the party's asylum seeker policy.

Mr Shorten said Labor's policy would be compassionate but he was determined to 'make sure that never again do the seaways between Java and Christmas Island become the opportunity for people smugglers to put unsuspecting people into unsafe boats and drown at sea'.

Labor for Refugees convenor Robin Rothfield says turnbacks needlessly put asylum seekers and boat crews in danger.'What it stands to lose is it makes itself out to be a cruel, opportunistic, shameless party which has completely forgotten the values of the party,' he said.
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