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Author Topic: American Websites, Australian Websites, British Website

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Due to the fact that the United States of America is made of far too many states, I will be redesigning the American local site format next week - after I complete the new German site (foreign language websites are not to be confused with duplicate, local English language websites). To be honest, I'm fed up with the maintenance nightmare of too many sites and the lack of effort from people in general to post. The site will also be automated in whatever way I can set it.

So it will be a single local site for all the US states which will be situated at It will be set up in the same format as the CoC Britain and Ireland website we already have at

Any future Canadian site will be built into the American. The same will also happen for all current Australian and any future New Zealand websites.

Of course, this is all considering I just don't consider the British and American sites as abandoned and shut them down, and forbid them being reopened. After all, having local sites is merely a courtesy hold-over from my time as a brother with the WCOTC. And the efforts I see from you lot regarding your site updates are frankly an embarrassment!

This has been a long time coming - twelve years as a matter of fact. I know I've mentioned my plans about this to a few of you, but if anyone is genuinely shocked then you just have not been paying attention. Remember, you are supposed to be Militant, White Racial Activists. I'm not here to hold your hand.

You've all got a week to pull your fingers out. After that, the choice is mine, and I may just delete your websites as I said. We have no room for free-loading passengers!

Noli Nothis Permittere Te Terere
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