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Author Topic: Germany's anti-Islam PEGIDA march cancelled due to 'assassin' attack threat

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Germany's anti-Islam PEGIDA march cancelled due to 'assassin' attack threat from Islamic State

ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Germany's anti-Islam PEGIDA movement says it has cancelled a planned march, citing a death threat against organisers from the Islamic State group.

The march was planned in the eastern city of Dresden on Monday, however local police said there had been a "concrete threat" of an attack against one of its leaders at the weekly rally. Police cited information they had obtained from Germany's BKA federal crime office and the Saxony crime office.

"Assassins have been called up to mingle among the PEGIDA protesters and murder one of the individuals leading the rally," police said.  The intercepted appeal was "similar to a tweet in Arabic calling PEGIDA demonstrators the enemy of Islam".

The cancellation was also confirmed on the Facebook page of the group, whose name is a German abbreviation for "Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West". "Unfortunately we have to cancel our 13th rally due to security reasons," PEGIDA wrote.

"An 'abstract threat', as it is called in police jargon, has been switched to a 'concrete murder threat' against one of the people in our organisation team." A spokesman for the Dresden police said that they had placed a "general ban" on all public gatherings on Monday.

Last Monday's PEGIDA rally - the 12th - attracted a record 25,000 people. It followed the Islamist attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris. The cancellation came after German security authorities said on Friday they had specific warnings of a risk of militant attacks on central railway stations in Berlin and Dresden.

The Dresden rallies began in October as a local protest against new shelters for refugees and have attracted growing numbers of demonstrators. Counter marches have taken place across Germany with far larger numbers.

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That's the end of that then. Now THAT is the reason why it is people like Creators that should be leading the demonstrations. While we have all sorts of people from all levels of society, THERE ARE ALWAYS CREATORS that have the experience and the skills to say "No! We will not back down. We will face the threat of death head on! RAHOWA!"

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 ::) What isn't going down that those Islamic clowns won't threaten? If you want the situation dealt with go to the rally and if a crazy does do something mad it'll only make the cause against them stronger. I can see the Left-Wing "Charlie Hebdo magazine" growing in subscriptions now.
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